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10 Things You Didn’t Know about Arasch Jalali

Arasch Jalali

B2B marketplaces have been sluggish to digitize when it comes to e-commerce compared to their consumer counterparts. However, ProfiShop has been a frontrunner startup that seeks to transform the B2B marketplace. The company that sells equipment for industry and business directly from manufacturers and its CEO recently hit the headlines by announcing a $35 million new funding to expand its platform and business in Europe. So, what do you know about the CEO of ProfiShop, Arasch Jalali? Here is a review of 10 things you didn’t know about Arasch Jalali.

1. Arasch Was Born in Tehran

Arasch Jalali was born in Tehran, Iran, in 1985. This was during a war and shortly after the Islamic revolution. As a result, his mother decided to go back to her home country, Germany, with her two young kids. This is how Arasch ended up settling in Bremen. Together with his siblings, he attended primary and high school in Bremen, Germany, before pursuing his passion in university.

2. Arasch Jalali Went to The University of Bremen

The University of Bremen is one of the top eleven universities of excellence. It is the science hub of Northern Germany, reputable for its strength in engineering, science disciplines, and social sciences and humanities. He was always enthusiastic about technical inventions and innovations. Jalali graduated as an industrial engineer from the University of Bremen in 2010. During the holiday breaks, Jalali worked as an intern in several companies.

3. He Is the CEO And Founder of ProfiShop

Together with his wife, Arasch Jalali moved to Bremen, where they founded the B2B platform PROFISHOP company in 2010. Based in Bremen, Germany, ProfiShop is currently active in 13 markets, with the largest storefront located in Germany. The company provides a broad range of equipment, industrial durables, materials, and consumer goods via a single platform in a well-structured and transparent way. This makes the customers enjoy the benefits of favorable pricing for minimized transaction risks and warehousing costs. According to BusinessTraverseb, Tiger Global recently partnered with Arasch and Anna, funding them with 35 million dollars to be used in expanding the business internationally.

4. He Got the ProfiShop Concept When Working for A B2B Company

Jalali claims that the thought about ProfiShop first crossed his mind when he worked for a B2B company. This was the first job that he got after finishing college. Here, he observed firsthand what old-fashioned processes were like for buyers and sellers in the marketplace. It was in 2010, but even the big companies in the B2B space in Germany were still utilizing print catalogs to inform potential customers of everything they had for sale. Purchasing a product was analog, with the process involving contacting a company to get the price estimates with stock checking done by fax. The laborious process typically involved middleman-type players who slowed things down and added expenditure into the system. Arasch saw the opportunity to digitize these catalogs or set up an online payment system that he incorporated to establish ProfiShop.

5. Arasch’s Wife Is the Fellow Co-Founder and CTO Of ProfiShop

Arasch Jalali co-founded the ProfiShop company with Anna Hoffmann, who also happens to be his wife. These two company owners are married couples. Arasch and his wife remain professional and are a well-coordinated team with a vision of building a unique B2B procurement platform with high speed. The company has already listed 1.2 million products offered by 675 manufacturers and ordered by more than 150,000 buyers at Together, they have a vision of overseeing the company’s development.

6. Arasch Can Speak 3 Languages

Another thing you probably didn’t know about Arasch is he can speak three languages; English, French and Persian. He can speak English and Persian with professional working proficiency. On the other hand, he can speak French with limited working proficiency.

7. He Found It Hard to Market His Idea to The Manufacturer

In the early years of starting ProfiShop, approaching manufacturers and selling his idea was very challenging. Jalali claims that nobody believed in them, with some even laughing at them, saying it would never work. In the first year, they only managed to add 20 manufacturers. However, he persistently pursued his dream with more and more manufacturers believing in his idea. Today, the ProfiShop has more than 1600 manufacturers and provides 1.6 million products for dropshipping. Funny enough, one of the earlier pessimists is currently one of the biggest partners.

8. He Has a Dream of Taking ProfiShop International

As the CEO of ProfiShop, the goal of Arasch Jalali is to accelerate the onboarding process to be able to provide many more products than today. At the same time, he hopes to internationalize into many more countries in the coming years and realize the company’s vision of a multi-billion-euro turnover. As stated above, with ProfiShop receiving a $35 million funding, it will use it to expand the business to Europe and other countries.

9. Jalali Is Only 34 Years Old

Now that you know a lot about Jalali and his career journey, you probably want to know the age of the CEO of the profit shop. At what age has he accomplished all these to become the CEO of one of the trending B2B institutions. Astonishingly, Arasch Jalali and his wife are relatively young, currently 34 years old for both of them. Having established ProfiShop in 2012 means that Arasch became a CEO and co-founder at around 24 years. Remarkable, right?

10. Arasch Is Among the Top Rich Young People in Germany

As the CEO of profit shop, Arasch Jalali has seen the company’s revenue increase and grow gradually. With Jalali being among the top employees in the company and CEO of the company, he is one of the top richest young people in Germany.

Bottom Line

These are the several facts you didn’t know about Arasch Jalali. Hopefully, you now have a better idea of the current ProfiShop CEO, including his educational background and how he founded the ProfiShop company. Jalali has heard a fantastic career journey, achieving so much to become a CEO at such a young age. Feel free to comment below for any question or fact about Arasch Jalali that you might want to add.

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