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10 Things You Did Not Know About Thoughtspot CEO Sudheesh Nair

Sudheesh Nair

In this technological era, the field of analytics is vital as it makes it easy to access needed information without much of a hassle. One company that embodies this vision is ThoughtSpot, an analytics company. It is a notable company in the growing information technology sector that takes every day as a growth opportunity. At its helm is Sudheesh Nair, who has been the CEO of the company since mid-2018. So far, His tenure has been excellent, with the company moving in decent strides towards its aims. Below are ten things about the officer in charge of ThoughtSpot, that will furnish you with his lesser-known details.

1. Early Life

Sudheesh Nair is very low key, and this fact is noticeable through the scarce information there is about him. Not much information is available about him, such as his date of birth and also his family. It is a good move in drawing the line between his professional and personal life. The little information available is from his LinkedIn profile, which hints he is from the San Francisco bay area. His low key personality seems to be working perfectly for him as he is currently at the top management position at ThoughtSpot.

2. His Career And Work Experience

If you go through his bio on ThoughtSpot’s official website, you get a hint of his level of professionalism. He is well suited for the chief executive officer’s position at ThoughtSpot considering his experience factor. He started at Nutanix, an information technology infrastructure company where he was the president for seven years from 2011 to 2018. In between his term at the top of the company, he also featured as an advisor and investor for several companies. Some of these companies include Rubrink Inc., ClearedIn, and also ThoughtSpot.

3. He Is A Writer

Aside from being the senior-most officer at his current company, Sudheesh also doubles up as an article writer for various sites. On his posts, he shares a lot focusing on technology, the financial world, and also economics. It is a good move, where he uses the platforms at his disposal to share his vast knowledge of various business and technological phenomena. You can follow his medium profile to keep tabs on the various topics he covers.

4. He Is A Fan Of Ted Talk

Ted Talk is an online talk forum that focuses on a variety of topics ranging from business, technology, education, philosophy, and many more. Experts handle the issues, and watching them can expand your knowledge and comprehension of various phenomena. Mr. Nair seems to be a fan of the talks if you are to judge on how he namedrops the show on his articles. Being a follower of the show helps him keep up with technological advancements, mostly with a focus on the business element. It also aids him in benchmarking sessions to check out his knowledge extent.

5. His Thoughts On The Current Market Landscape

One aggregable fact is that technology is the key driver when looking at the present state of living. It is the force behind innovation and creates the pathway for several inventions to come through. Sudheesh has noted its influence on the market landscape, coming up with the conclusion of how competitive it is at the moment. The dynamics are the contributing factor and makes the market sector constantly changing, more so acquired skills and knowledge. The solution? Adaptability is the way to go and keeping up with the technological changes to maintain a state of relevance.

6. His Appreciation Of Technology

Still focusing on technology, Sudheesh Nair has nothing but immense admiration for this field. He views it as the link towards development and sophistication. With such thoughts, it is not hard to connect the dots and see why he is the right pick for the analytical and business intelligence company’s top spot. As per his thoughts, technology is evolving, so should we in appreciating the vast benefits it has for us.

7. Social Media Presence

In the business field, social media is an essential marketing and research tool. Sudheesh does not seem to be so much into social media, and it seems he is active on two online social platforms, Twitter and LinkedIn. His Twitter account does not seem to be active and has a handful of followers. On LinkedIn, however, he has a strong presence with over 500 connections and 12000+ followers.

8. Career Highlights

As earlier indicated, he was cutting his teeth as president of Nutanix before he joined his present company in an almost similar role. While at Nutanix, the sales value shot up from zero to nearly a billion with a market cap value of $10B. The company also grew tremendously, with the work base being an active 4000 in the number of employees as at the time he left. ThoughtSpot seeks to take advantage of his proficiency to bring his top game to boost its value similarly.

9. His Relationships

As earlier hinted, Sudheesh is quite private about his personal life, and this extends to his dating life. It is not clear whether he is dating or already married. The same applies to if he has kids or not.

10. His Skills In The Workplace

He gets the description of the perfect leader from various quarters, a fact that is evident by the role he has played in his two work stints. He is also known to be a great team worker and will lead by example to guide the rest. His intellectual capability and curiosity come in handy in coming up with efficient measures to ensure a smooth working environment.


Sudheesh Nair had his career highlight a couple of years back when he got the appointment to be the chief executive officer of ThoughtSpot. He came from a similar role at Nutanix with a projection of transferring his success to his current position. The road has so far been good to him. Above are some facts about him that you probably didn’t know. You can follow him on LinkedIn to get a hint of his thoughts.

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