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10 Things You Did Not Know About Per Vegard Nerseth

Per Vegard Nerseth

At the end of 2019, CMR Surgical made an announcement touching on its recent appointment. The news was the ushering of Per Vegard Nerseth into the position of chief executive officer. His role at the peak of the company was to begin on the first day of 2020, and so far, he seems to be faring well at his current position. If you have no idea of CMR Surgical, it is a firm dealing with robotics focusing on the surgical facet. The British firm had the right choice for its chief executive officer's vacancy when you take a look at Vegard’s impressive resume. If you are into robotics and generally technological advancements, then Vegard Nerseth is a figure to look out for. Below are ten things to know about the new chief executive officer of CMR Surgical.

1. Early Life

One thing that you will note about Mr. Per Vegard is that he is quite reclusive. He prefers to keep a low profile on details surrounding his Personal life; hence there is little information about his early life. Some sites indicate that he is 55 years old presently, making his birth year to be either 1964 or 1965.

2. His Education

For him to get an appointment to the topmost position in the robotics company, he has to be well-learned. It is a fact not far from the truth as he has schooled extensively to give him the proper knowledge to traverse the corporate world.

According to his LinkedIn profile, he had his high school studies in Valler VDG. Skole. That was between 1982 and 1984 before he proceeded to BI Norwegian Business School for his undergraduate degree. He graduated from the higher learning institution in 1989 with a BSc, Degree in Marketing and Economics. He later pursued his postgraduate studies at the University of Stirling from 1989 to 1990, graduating with an MBA in finance.

3. Work Experience

Vegard’s experience in the robotics industry was one of the factors behind his appointment to manage CMR Surgical. As evident from DOTmed, a healthcare business website, the CEO boasts of a rich 25-year experience in robotics. His business background also makes him a prominent figure in the corporate world.

He started by working at Turoteknikk AS, a pump making and marketing entity. He worked for four years from 1995 until 1999 when he left for ABB, where he upped his career and was most of the time in the robotics division. He clawed up to the senior position of Group Senior vice president, a position he left in 2019 to take up his position at the medical robotics firm.

4. His Knack For The Robotics Division

When you look at Per Vegard Nerseth’s portfolio, you get the picture that he is more inclined to robotics. His over two-decade career has seen him be behind the robotics division for like 80% of his professional life. He started dealing with robotics when he joined ABB in 2000. He helped establish ABB’s robot engineering division in China, pushing it to its limits to become the leading company in China dealing with robots.

When he was the head of the business unit robotics, he helped push sales to impressive feats. His dealing with this aspect of engineering has him as the right person to improve the performance of his current company.

5. He Writes Articles

Considering that he is knowledgeable about the business aspect of robotics, it is a prudent move for him to share his thoughts on this topic. He used to write online articles for ABB's official site, where he mainly focused on the impact of technology, more so robots. It is not clear if he will continue contributing to the site, but it was a plausible move in providing information on this complex topic.

6. Social Media Presence

Per Vegard Nerseth is not that active on social media and has working handles on some of the popular online social platforms. He has a Twitter where he has 105 followers. He is more vibrant on LinkedIn, and he boasts of over 500 connections on this platform.

7. His Family

As earlier hinted, Per Vegard is quite on the down-low when it comes to his Personal life, and there is scarce information on his family. Reports indicate that he is married but does not disclose whether he has children or not.

8. He Has Worked In Several Countries

Being the expert he is, he has been able to work in several countries during his eventful career. Among the countries he has visited for official duties include China, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom, among others. During his previous working stint at ABB is where he worked in several countries in the company’s children firms based abroad.

9. His Views On The Robotics Debate

The advent of robotics has come up with a fierce debate, with some quarters blaming the innovations for job losses. In an article he wrote on this topic, he agrees that there is a dynamic when it comes to manufacturing jobs. However, his suggestion comes strongly against putting the blame on technological advancements and instead appreciate them. For someone who has worked in the advanced machinery session, he has a point.

10. Management Skills

A look at Per Vergard's resume, you get a hint of how good he is when it comes to management positions. He was of a significant impact on ABB, where he worked for years, slowly rising to the top ranks of the company. Among his standout qualities that make him a good manager include excellent communication skills, team orientation, and practicality. The firm he works for presently is quite young, and his presence can help grow it.


The move of Per Vegard Nerseth to CMR Surgical has attracted a lot of speculation, with many picturing its accelerated growth. He is the current senior-most officer of the company, and the expectation is that he will bring his top management skills to boost the company. All is left is to wait and see how his present stint fares.

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