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10 Things You Didn’t Know About DataRobot CEO Jeremy Achin

Jeremy Achin

DataRobot is planning on making machine learning easy to enable business analysts run predictive models without experiencing difficulties. This news was announced by the CEO of DataRobot, Jeremy Achin, after successfully raising $206 million to expand the company. With this funding, DataRobot was valued by Forbes to be worth a billion dollars. This valuation makes the company to be one of the largest startup companies in the United States. With Jeremy as CEO, DataRobot has grown immensely and currently has offices all over the world. During the announcement, Jeremy Achin said that DataRobot wants to automate the traditional job of analysts. Therefore, this company will provide its clients with accurate predictive models according to the client’s task. For instance, an Airplane company can use DataRobot to ensure its modelling process for renewing seasonal tickets is efficient. Besides being DataRobot’s CEO, here are ten things you probably didn’t know about Jeremy Achin.

1. His Career Path

Before becoming the CEO of DataRobot, Jeremy worked at Travelers Insurance where he was the director of research and travelling as from 2007 to 2012. During his time as the director, he built predictive models for conversion, pricing, retention and claims. These predictive models made Traveler’s Insurance operations to be highly efficient and made the company earn a lot of revenue.

In April 2012, Jeremy co-founded DataRobot alongside his friend, Tom De Godoy. He would also act as the company's CEO. Since then, he has been on the forefront in advocating for the use of AI technology, in the analysis of data. Jeremy has transformed this company from a startup business to one of the leading companies in US, that uses AI in data analysis. To this point, DataRobot has got many high profile clients some of which include; Aegon, United Airlines, Panasonic and US Bank. According to DataRobot’s website, the company also unveiled a new product enhancement in 2018. These enhancements would allow businesses to access DataRobot via Virtual Private Cloud.

2. His Education

He attended the University of Massachusetts where he undertook courses in physics, math, statistics, and computer science. Jeremy started building predictive business models while still in the university. He attributes his success to the knowledge he acquired from learning computer science and statistics.

3. His Hobbies

During his spare time, Jeremy likes to build predictive models on,, a data platform that enables you to perform your data science work. This platform has got more than nineteen thousand public data sets and over 200,000 notebooks, to allow you to complete your analysis.

4. His Net Worth

According to Company Check, Jeremy Achin has a net worth of 319,000 pounds. He acquired his wealth from being CEO of DataRobot, and also salaries from previous jobs.

5. He is A Public Speaker

Apart from being the CEO of DataRobot, Jeremy is a public speaker. He has been called to speak on data science in various conferences. For instance, he was the keynote speaker during the Analytics Frontier Conference.

6. He is the Creator of Several Predictive Models

He is widely renown as a data science enthusiast and is a respected leader in the technology sector. According to Justia Patents, Jeremy Achin has filed for several patents to cover his designs. In total, he has invented fifteen predictive models, some of which include; Systems for second-order predictive data analytics, and related methods, apparatus, systems and techniques for determining the predictive value of a feature. These predictive models have been essential in making DataRobot to be one of the largest data analytic company in America. Additionally, some of these predictive models have also been used to determine the occurrence of wildfires in Chile.

7. He is a Risk Taker

Although he rarely talks about it, Jeremy Achin quit his job to found DataRobot. He was partly inspired by a movie, The Social Network, to quit his job at Travelers Insurance. The Social Network is a movie based on the life of the creators of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg and Eduardo Saverin. In retrospect, the decision to quit his job was excellent. His current position has not only made him lots of money but also created job opportunities for many people. It has also created much needed solutions in a number of businesses.

8. His Age

As of now, Jeremy Achin is thirty-nine years old. He was born in August, 1980.

9. His Achievements

In 2015, Jeremy Achin was named by Analytics Vidhya as one of the leading data scientists in the world. He was recognized as a pioneer who has been on the forefront in promoting the use of predictive models in business operations. Besides this recognition, Jeremy was also named among the 10% of all competitors who participated in Kaggle competitions, where one was required to create predictive models for data analysts. Jeremy has also led his company in the acquisition of major companies in the industry, some of which include; ParallelM and MLOps Pioneer.

10. He helps Other Business Start-ups

Jeremy is always passionate about helping start up business. For instance, the predictive models and machine learning models help emerging business start by making their business operation efficient. The predictive models also provide accurate reports to the clients, thereby ensuring that business owners make decisions based on reliable reports. Predictive models also eliminate the work of data analysts. Therefore, business owners can operate their startups without incurring extra costs in hiring data analysts.


Jeremy Achin is a data analyst enthusiast and an entrepreneur who is renown in the technology sector. As the CEO of DataRobot, Jeremy has facilitated the growth and expansion of this company. Currently, the company has got offices across the globe. Jeremy is also responsible for the company's growth to the point of a billion-dollar valuation. Apart from being the CEO, Jeremy's predictive models have helped transform the business operations of several companies. As of now, many Airline Companies are currently using his predictive models to improve their services.

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