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10 Things You Didn't Know About Fulcrum BioEnergy CEO E. James Macias

E. James Macias

Presently, we are facing a possible world crisis in terms of pollution, and many measures are being taken to help curb this problem. One of the ways is by reducing garbage disposal. The situation has brought up many startups that try to reduce the amount of garbage in the environment. One such company is Fulcrum BioEnergy. The company makes low cost and low carbon fuels from trash. The startup is the brainchild of its current CEO and founder E. James Macias. Let us have a look at who this CEO is, focusing on his personal life.

1. Early Life

James Macias is a very private individual; as such, not many details about him are open. When it comes to his childhood, the situation is the same, and there is no information on his days growing up. The same applies to his parents, siblings, or where he grew up. At the moment, he resides in California; hence there is a possibility that he grew up in this state.

Being private has its perks though, especially in the professional setting. It helps draw a line to separate two significant aspects of life, which are work and personal lives.

2. Education

As earlier hinted, much about his early life is in the dark, and this includes where he schooled at the elementary and high school levels. However, for his higher education, he attended the California Polytechnic State University where he studied mechanical engineering.

Once done with his undergraduate studies, he topped up his knowledge by going for the graduate level. For his postgraduate degree, he attended the prestigious Harvard University, for a business program in management development, as indicated by Crunchbase.

3. Professional Career

E. James Macias prides himself on having over 30 years of experience in the energy sector. His mechanical engineering background gave him a robust foundation to venture into this sector, once he completed his undergraduate studies. Some of the companies he has worked for include PG and E, where he clawed up the corporate ladders to be a senior operating executive. He then joined Calpine Corporation, the largest natural energy electricity generator in the United States. At Calpine Corporation, he was the executive vice president. Among his achievements at the later company was the extensive construction of power plants all over the country, with a total energy generation capacity of over 20000 megawatts.

4. Engineering Career

As of now, you know that Mr. Macias is an engineer. He practiced as a field engineer for some years before he went the corporate way. He started practicing as one in 1977, working for PG and E. A year later, he took on the job designation of an engineer as he worked his way up the ladder until he took on the job title of administration assistant of the company's vice president.

5. The Founding Of Fulcrum BioEnergy

Among the greatest career highlights in James Macias' professional life is the founding of Fulcrum BioEnergy. He co-founded the company in 2007 with USRG and has been the chief executive officer of the company ever since its inception. The company seeks to provide low-cost energy while at the same time push for environmental conservation. His stint in his previous workplaces gave him the much-needed exposure to start this establishment.

6. Projects Under His Name

As earlier mentioned, he commissioned the construction of several power plants in the country, with each contributing to a decent power threshold. While at the steering wheel of Fulcrum BioEnergy, he has also been in charge of mega projects in the country.

One notable project his company took charge of is the construction of the Sierra BioFuels Plant, located in Nevada. According to the Washington Times, the project has a $200 million cost attached to it. Once it is up and running, it is expected that it will process an average of 170000 tons of municipal solid waste annually. The result is 11 million gallons of synthetic crude oil each year.

7. His Marriage Status

Keeping up with his low key persona, there is not much information on James when focusing on his marriage or relationships. Looking at his age, there is a high possibility that he is married and has kids. However, at the time, it is just speculation.

8. His View On The State Of The Environment

From his interviews, you can pick an idea or two from his efforts aimed at environmental conservation. He is of the notion that emissions from the transport sector are the major pollutants. To curb the issue, his company comes through with low carbon fuel to beat the greenhouse effect. Fulcrum Bio-Energy does not compete with recycling efforts; instead, it takes the unrecyclable waste to create synthetic fuel.

9. Social Media Presence

Social media is the in-thing when it comes to the new-age technology used for communication. There are various social platforms in the online domain, though Macias does not seem to buy into the concept. He seems to be only present in the professional social platform, LinkedIn where he has 485 connections.

10. His Thoughts On Federal Policy

When it comes to the federal policy, James Macias is of the view that it has not been consistent in ensuring conservation measures go on flawlessly. As from his words, ironically, the measures receive immense support and are also attacked by the same quarters where the support comes from. When it comes to investments for companies focusing on controlling pollution, the inconsistency of the policies makes the situation hard.


Many companies are coming up with genius ways to simultaneously preserve the environment and make money. At the helm of the company is E. James Macias. He is an engineer by occupation and is a member of the California engineering board. He is quite a reserved individual, though above we give you a peek into his life by providing you with ten things you did not know about him.

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