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10 Things You Didn't Know about Kacper Nowicki

Kacper Nowicki is one of the three co-founders of the Polish startup Nomagic. He holds the position of CEO while the other two co-founders Marek Cygan and Tristan d'Orgeval hold the positions of CTO and CSO respectively. As such, it seems that Nowicki is the most influential of the three co-founders.

1. Based in Warsaw, Poland

Currently, Nowicki is based out of the city of Warsaw. Once upon a time, the city was a small fishing village. However, Warsaw became more and more important over time, which was helped by Sigismund III choosing it to become the new capital of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth in 1596. In the present, the city is both an economic center and a financial center. Furthermore, it is making a serious effort towards becoming a tech hub. Combined, these things mean that it makes sense for a Polish startup to be situated in Warsaw.

2. Worked For Google

Nowicki used to work for Google. Specifically, he was an engineering director for the tech giant for eight years' time. Something that is perhaps unsurprising considering what he is working on nowadays.

3. Worked For Omio

Speaking of which, Nowicki spent a couple of years working as a CTO for Omio as well. For those who are unfamiliar, CTO stands for Chief Technology Officer, so it seems safe to say that he gained a great deal of executive managerial experience during this time. As for Omio, it is one of those online websites used for travel comparison as well as travel booking. It is very focused on Europe, with the result that it operates in more than a dozen European countries. However, Omio has shown an interest in other regions as well. For proof, look no further than its expansion to the United States and Canada in 2020.

4. Became Interested in Founding His Own Company Because of a Scientific Paper

Entrepreneurs can become interested in founding their own companies for a wide range of reasons. In Nowicki's case, he became interested because he read a scientific paper from Google. In it, the researchers described a number of robots that had become capable of picking up unknown items through repeated trials. That was what convinced Nowicki that the time was right to explore the potential of robotics for repetitive tasks beyond their current roles.

5. Became Interested in Founding His Own Company Because of Machine Learning

In other words, Nowicki became interested because of the advancements made in machine learning. Generally speaking, machine learning is considered to be far from true AI. However, there can be no doubt about the fact that the advancements made in machine learning in recent years has generated a great deal of interest from a wide range of parties in a wide range of sectors. This is because machines are now capable of performing a wider range of tasks than ever before provided that they have received the proper training. Still, that means a lot of things to which the efficiency of machines can be brought to bear.

6. Agreed On an Area of Focus With His Co-Founders

Nowicki co-founded Nomagic with two other individuals. One is Marek Cygan, a programmer as well as a professor who specializes in algorithmics. The other is Tristan d'Orgeval, a one-time product director at a very successful startup in San Francisco. Together, the three agreed to focus on logistics. In part, this was because the logistics sector was expanding, which in turn, means good things for products and services aimed at the logistics sector. However, it should also be mentioned that the three spotted what they believed to be increasing struggles in the logistics sector with repetitive tasks. Something that more capable robots would be well-suited for capitalizing upon.

7. His Company Developed a Way For a Robotic Arm to Identify an Item From an Unordered Selection

Robotic arms aren't exactly a new thing. After all, they have been seeing use for several decades. However, there is still plenty of room for improvement. What is interesting about Nowicki's company is that it has come up with a way for a robotic arm to identify an item from an unordered selection. After which, the robotic arm can pick up the item before packing it into a box. This is important because for a very long time, robotic arms couldn't work unless the items had already been ordered in a specific way by humans. Something that hindered their usefulness in such tasks a great deal.

8. His Company Was Focused On Improving Hardware

Apparently, Nowicki's company was focused on improving automated hardware rather than automated software. This can be seen in how it wanted to come up with a way for the robotic arms that are already seeing use to become capable of more things than before. Having said that, this meant that Nowicki's company was still focused on software. After all, they were intending to improve automated hardware by making better software for it.

9. His Company Is Now Making Some Hardware Components As Well

Nowadays, Nowicki's company is making some hardware components as well. Even so, its R&D resources are still focused on software for the most part. Something that makes sense because Nowicki's company wants to make its product compatible with a wide range of hardware.

10. His Company Seems to Be Aimed At Smaller E-Commerce Companies

Currently, Nowicki's company seems to be aimed at smaller e-commerce companies. Essentially, the biggest e-commerce companies are already working on in-house solutions in this regard. As a result, their smaller counterparts are falling behind in the tech race, which could mean a further weakening in their position. Nowicki's company offers a similar solution that can be adopted by them even though they can't afford to spend the same kind of money on in-house solutions, thus enabling them to keep up with the changing times. Very recently, he and the rest of the company managed to raise $22 million to support their continuing expansion based on this as well as other promises.

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