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10 Things You Didn't Know About Kevin Mandia

Kevin Mandia is one of American’s top cybersecurity experts. He has been working in the information science and cybersecurity industry since the late 1990s. His contribution to cybersecurity is widely recognized in the information technology industry. Below is a list of ten things that you didn’t know about Kevin Mandia.

10. His Favorite TV Shows are Quincy and Magnum P.I.

Mandia used to watch Quincy in the late 1970s, which is a medical drama that deals with resolving mysteries. His fascination with crime-related TV dramas, like Quincy, was linked to his interest in forensic science and solving mysteries. He is also a fan of Magnum P.I., which is an American action drama TV show that has been on air since 2018. The show is about a retired Navy SEAL officer, who goes back to his home after living and working in Afghanistan. He retired officer proceeds to use his skills as a private investigator.

9. He is a Cancer Survivor

He was diagnosed with testicular cancer when he was 32 years. The diagnosis came at around the same time that he founded his company, Mandiant Corporation. In an exclusive interview with Fortune Magazine, Kevin Mandia described how he would go for his cancer treatment in the morning and went back to work afterwards. He only missed going to work on the days that were scheduled for surgery. Today, Mandia is cancer-free.

8. He Used his Cybersecurity Skills to Catch Chinese Spies

Mandia uncovered the operations of a Chinese military unit that was engaging in systematic hacking of US companies. He wrote a detailed report of his findings on the Chinese spies who were involved in stealing American trade secrets. His report uncovered the operations of the Chinese military unit and gained Mandia the recognition he deserved for his work.

7. He believes the future of Cyber Attacks will be Directed towards the Public

According to Mandia, as the cyberspace continues to change, cybersecurity threats will be directed towards the public and their daily lives. According to him, future cyber-attacks will entail disruption of the functionality of home appliances, hacking on people’s data and utility bills, and other similar attacks. He believes that understanding the changes in the cyberspace can promote the prevention and resolution of such problems.

6. He has Spent More than 20 Years in Information Security

Before Mandia became the CEO of FireEye, he worked for different companies. After his service in the military, Mandia worked for Sytex as the director of information security. He was the director of Computer Forensics at Foundstone, which is a division of McAfee. Mandia was also the founder of Mandiant Corporation, a company, which was later acquired by FireEye in 2013. He is recognized as one of the key pioneers of the cybersecurity industry in America because of his vast knowledge and experience in cybersecurity. In an interview with HBO, he discussed the current threats to cybersecurity and his passion for cybersecurity.

5. Mandia Resolves Cybersecurity Crimes for Companies

Mandia has worked with numerous business leaders whose companies have been hacked before and helped them investigate and resolve their cybersecurity problems. His services have improved company leaders’ awareness about cybersecurity. While his company attracts millions in revenue through cybersecurity, Mandia’s main focus has always been resolving cybersecurity crimes.

4. He Enjoys Challenges

Mandia enjoys working through challenges. He believes that every company has some challenges that they have to work through to accomplish their goals. In an interview conducted by the Bloomberg Markets and Finance, Mandia stated how he believed that if something was easy it would not be worth it. He also stated that sometimes working through the challenges that he goes through with his company can be a fun endeavour to overcome. He acknowledged that he gets worried when everything seems to be running well in his company because challenges in the cybersecurity business are a constant thing.

3. Served in the US Air Force

Aside from being a competitive businessman, Mandia also has a history of serving in the US Air Force. The CEO of FireEye served in the military for approximately eight years. He began his military career as a US army officer and served in that role for six years, between 1992 and 1998. He was later promoted to the role of a special toward the end on 1998. He worked as a special agent in the US Air Force for two years. Mandia role as a special agent entailed being the computer security officer at the Pentagon. His experience in the military has contributed in making him a suitable leader in his business ventures.

2. His Estimated Net Worth is approximately $125 Million

As of May 10 2021, Mandia’s net worth was approximately $125 Million. A large percentage of his net worth was linked to the shares that he holds in stock at FireEye. He owns more than 150,000 units of shares of his company, which is worth more than $74 million. Over the past seven years, Mandia has sold FireEye stocks that are worth more than $43 million. Aside from that Mandia also gets a salary of approximately $7.7 million annually from the company for his role as the CEO and the director of the company.

1. He is Passionate about Technology and Law Enforcement

He has always been passionate about forensic science and solving mysteries through science. Aside from that, Mandia also loves the thrill of law enforcement that entails unravelling complex crimes and figuring out who did what. Growing up Mandia was always fascinated by computers and pursued computer science at higher education levels. He combined his interest in forensic science, technology, and law enforcement with his passion for cybersecurity. He believes that the merger between technology and law enforcement is cybersecurity.


Kevin Mandia is one of the pioneers of cybersecurity in the United States. His accomplishments over the years, experience in working in the US Air Force and different companies, and his commitment to improving cybersecurity in the country have contributed to the successes seen in cybersecurity. While the cybersecurity industry faces new challenges daily, individuals like Mandia continue to give the country hope for better data protection.

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