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10 Things You Didn't Know about John Yozamp

If you habitually buy batteries, then chances are high you purchased one from Expion360. Expion360 produces lithium batteries that serve your golf, industrial, RV, marine, or off-grid needs. Their battery relies on Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) to run. According to Energy Link, LiFePO4 batteries help businesses cut on utility costs since they store excess renewable energy. The brain behind Expion360 is John Yozamp. He founded the company in 2016. This article will highlight ten facts you did not know about him. Through the facts, we will understand his life before Expion360 and his current position as the CEO of the company.

1. Zamp Solar Started Off as a Solar Supplier to RVs

Nearly every recreational vehicle in the United States relies on solar systems from Zamp Solar. Due to the high demand for solar energy from Zamp solar, RV manufacturers began including ports that were compatible with equipment from Zamp solar. When the company was established, he was immediately able to supply solar equipment to 50 RV makers.

2. He Intends to Introduce Solar Power to Developing Countries

He had a strong desire to provide a cheap energy source to those languishing in poverty. For starters, he would target China, India, and Pakistan. His target was to ensure that 2 million homes would have power in each of the countries. He then pointed out that each home would need 4 solar panels, batteries, outlets, and a DC distribution panel. According to him, he would need a manufacturing space of 60,000 square feet to make the solar equipment available to the countries.

3. Expion360 Announced Pricing of Initial Public Offering in 2022

Yozamp figured that a business must be diverse by offering different products to customers. As a result, he announced a share price that he valued at $7. In total, the company had a total of 2,145,000. During his announcement, he had a special offer for the underwriters from his company. He allowed them to purchase up to 321,750 additional shares of common stock within 45 days.

4. He Became Passionate About Solar Energy After Buying the Noiseless Solar-Powered System

Yozamp realized how convenient his solar-powered machine was. For instance, the machine could store enough power to charge his sleep apnea machine. As a result, he no longer needed to waste electricity charging his sleep apnea machine the entire night. Fascinated with the technology, he decided to start his first company called Zamp Solar, which specializes in solar panels.

5. He Had Sleep Apnea

Yozamp lived in a camper. However, he had a poor sleeping pattern due to his sleep apnea. According to Mayo Clinic, sleep apnea is a disorder that causes the person to stop and start breathing while sleeping. To remedy the problem, he would sleep with a sleep apnea machine. He would power it with a generator. Unfortunately, he had an irritable neighbor who would complain to him about his noisy generator. The neighbor would even switch it off. Fortunately, he bought a noiseless solar-powered system that would recharge the machine's battery.

6. His Company Makes a Product That Scares Away Birds

Yozamp has a company in Oregon that manufactures explicitly predatory bird-calling equipment. He made it, particularly for people who may have doves invading their orchards. Using the equipment, it sends out a certain call to the birds, which drives them out. Although the machine seems like a gimmicky project, it has gathered enough demand outside the United States. For instance, his company exports the equipment to Russia.

7. He Had Plans to Expand Zamp Solar Further

Together with Steve Nelson, his business partner, Yozamp agreed that the company needed further expansion. They wanted to introduce a new assembly line in the company. The line was that the line would generate 5 megawatts of solar power each year. The line was already serving some businesses, but the duo wanted it to generate more power for other businesses.

8. Zamp Solar Provided Charging Systems for Road Signs

When most people think of solar energy, they think it can only be used to generate electricity in homes or offices. However, Yozamp proved that it was possible to use them to power road signs. Some of the road signs he powers are blinking signs at highway construction projects and roadside caution signs, which show a motorist's speed.

9. He Would Import Some of the Parts

Starting an enterprise can be difficult. After the enterprise, you will realize that you do not have enough equipment. It becomes even harder when the equipment you need is unavailable in your country. Yozamp found himself in that situation. For him to manufacture the solar-powered systems, he needed to import parts like wiring and voltage regulators.

10. He Still Remained Ambitious About Expanding Zamp Solar

The assembly line was not the only project he would expand. He also had a goal of building a 20,000-square-foot room that would be used to generate power of between 40 and 60 MW. To be able to do such work, he wanted to also introduce robotic machinery that would do the work. Through the robot machines, they would be able to manufacture solar panels that can effectively trap power and also store power. Besides producing high-quality solar panels, they would also be able to produce them within a short time. Producing many solar panels within a short time would easily maximize their profits.


In most instances, entrepreneurs stop expanding their business when they realize they lack certain resources. They usually forget that you have to try your hardest to look for the seemingly unavailable resources. Yozamp learned the best way of acquiring the scarce resources was to import them. If he had not done that, he would likely not be as successful as he is now. Also, an entrepreneur uses their life experience for inspiration. His neighbor unknowingly pushed him into entrepreneurship. So, you have to identify a problem you have and come up with a solution.

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