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10 Things You Didn't Know About Tom Okman

Tom Okman

Meet Tom Okman, the co-founding CEO of NordVPN, a digital private network service. He was born on November 3, 1987, and operates his business in Lithuania. He created this company to help businesses safely use and store private passwords and files. His business works for small and large businesses, so there's no bias regarding the client base he attracts. Besides his business, Tom Okman has special attributes that we'll show you in this write-up.

1. He was born, raised, and has a business in Lithuania

Born and raised in Vilnius, Lithuania, Tom Okman has always seen a loophole for becoming a successful entrepreneur. He groomed his entrepreneurial skills by studying history at Vilnius University. While there, he earned a bachelor's degree in history. He later pursued a master's degree in e-business management at the Mykolas Romeris University, which formed the foundation of his present career. Having an IT-related business is enough to cause a brain drain. However, Okman doesn't let his work come in his family's way. He likes to spend time with his wife and children when away from work.

2. He is the brainchild of NordVPN

According to ZDNet, Tom Okman is one of the brains behind NordVPN since 2017. Before Nord Security, he was a co-founder of Tesonet in 2008, alongside Eimantas. Both of them were in the same university in Vilnius. Naturally, VPNs allow data to travel through a safe and secure tunnel. One of the main goals the company specializes in is to protect internet users' data even as they use public Wi-Fi. Okman realizes that while public Wi-Fi is inherently unsafe, some users still rely on it. Focusing on VPN security through the compromised network is why the company has been successful to date. The three services he provides through NordVPN include:

  • NordLocker- file encryption tool
  • NordPass- password manager
  • NordVPN teams- VPN solutions for businesses

3. He has earned various awards

As an ambitious businessman, Okman has always strived to give his clients an excellent customer experience. For this reason, he was named the "CEO of the year" by Verslo Zinios, one of the leading Lithuanian business newspapers. He was also featured in the annual New Europe 100 list of the Financial Times. You can see that he's not in business for the profits but to help businesses streamline their digital processes and safeguard private data.

4. He co-founded NORD Security with two other partners

Before Nord Security, Okman was a co-founder of Tesonet with Eimantas Sabaliauskas in 2008. Together, they worked on more than thirty projects before settling on network security, big data solutions, and business hosting. That's how they birthed NORD security. According to Nord Security, the other co-founding partner is Jonas Karklys.

5. He liaises with partners across all continents to run his business

Okman has business partners from all continents. His business has attracted partners from countries like Poland, Spain, France, Switzerland, the US, Brazil, Egypt, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, Croatia, Sweden, Germany, etc. By expanding his company to these international locations, businesses get high-quality solutions for network security, business hosting, and big data.

6. He has a net worth of $906,000

According to People AI, Tom Okman has a net worth of around $906,000. While most people believe he makes his money from Twitter, the truth is that his Twitter salary income and net worth are mere estimations from publicly accessible materials dwelling on Twitter's monetization programs. It might not be accurate, considering the fluctuations in market values for his products.

7. He is an advocator

Besides running a digital solution for cybersecurity, Okman is also a member of various organizations. The first one is the Internet Infrastructure Coalition (i2Coalition), where he is on the board of directors. The initiative aims to create the internet infrastructure and have a voice in public policy.

8. He's a member of the Forbes Technology Council

He's also been a member of the Forbes Technology Council since the COVID-19 pandemic started. That means he has the right to publish his expert insights on, has expert editors, and publish members to help him write insightful articles that portray him as a thought leader. In terms of growth, the Forbes Technology Council is an excellent place to help members grow through direct connections, virtual events, and informative posts. The topics they discuss at these events revolve around current affairs, who's in the community, and talks about their interests and location.

9. He was once a project manager from 2010-to 2011

Before Tesonet and NordVPN, Okman was a project manager. His duties were as follows: Defining what project tasks mean and their resource requirements; Supervising and coordinating the business process to ensure customers got what they needed and employees did their jobs right; Spearhead planning and implementation of projects; Customize an organizational structure to ensure smooth flow of business processes; To decide which resources are suitable for which particular projects; To spearhead the definition of scope, deliverables, and goals. Oakman worked for this company from Dec 2010 to July 2011, when he decided to start his business.

10. He helped his NordVPN company raise $100 million at a $1.6 billion valuation

By March 2022, Okman and his co-founding partner, Eimantas, helped raise $100 million from Novator Ventures in their first external investment. Both co-founders saw it fit to use the funds to recruit more staff, channel research, and expand its product suite. Thanks to COVID-19's social distancing and remote working restrictions, Okman believes his company will grow through its consumer and business offerings.


In a world where almost all business processes are automated, it would be illogical to shy away from the VPN security service that Okman offers. You rely on data to know how your business is fairing to know where to improve. If your private data gets compromised by someone else who wasn't supposed to access it, you risk losing out on business. In terms of helping businesses prosper after the COVID-19 pandemic, it's obvious that Okman and his team win hands down.

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