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10 Things You Didn't Know About Kevin Glynn

Kevin Glynn

Kevin Glynn is an Irish businessman and entrepreneur who leads a company called Butternut Box as CEO. He is an accomplished executive who got his start in the business world early in life. He has achieved some remarkable feats in his career that are noteworthy. Glynn is a solid example and role model for young entrepreneurs who are embarking on their new careers. If you're not yet familiar with him and his accomplishments, here are ten things you probably didn't know about Kevin Glynn that may inspire you.

1. Kevin Glynn is not only the CEO of Butternut Box

He is also a co-founder of the company. He and his partner launched the Butternut Box company in March of 2016, according to LinkedIn. He has been with the company for five years and 6 months. Butternut Box specializes in the production of freshly prepared dog food that is home-cooked and delivered in the perfect portions. The startup is based in London, England.

2. He was educated in Ireland

Mr. Glynn received his college education in the country of Ireland. He attended St. Andrews College Ireland from 2002 through 2008 in general studies. After completing his studies at this institution, he was accepted at the University College Dublin. He studied business and law. Mr. Glynn graduated with his BBL degree in 2012 and he graduated with first-class honors from the college.

3. He is a serial entrepreneur

In 2011, Kevin Glynn founded a company called the Irish Student Entrepreneurship Forum. It was his goal to foster a culture of entrepreneurship in Irish universities. He believes in helping others to gain the skills and knowledge to go out on their own and develop businesses. He was with the Forum for seven months, leaving in May of 2012.

4. He worked as a director

In February of 2012, Mr. Glynn was hired by a company called Popdeem Somnium Ltd. He served as a non-executive director of the firm for six months. He left in July of 2012 to pursue other interests.

5. He believes in mentorship

Kevin's first experience with mentorship was when he founded the Irish Student Entrepreneurship Forum. He continued to help others learn through a company called 100minds. He served as a mentor with the company from July of 2013 through July of 2014, spending one year and one month at the civic and social organization established in Dublin, Ireland. Kevin is dedicated to helping others achieve success in academe as well as in their business endeavors. He shares the knowledge he has gained with others who are interested in becoming business owners.

6. He worked for Goldman Sachs

Mr. Glynn was hired by Goldman Sachs as an analyst in July of 2012. He worked with the management of high yield and distressed debt sales for 3 years and one month, before becoming an associate in July of 2015. He continued with the company for another 8 months before leaving in March of 2016 to launch Butternut Box with a partner. Glynn has a solid background in the financial industry, with years of hands-on experience. He has put his knowledge and experience to work by branching out into an endeavor that puts him in charge of the trajectory of his business career as an owner and leader of his startup.

7. Kevin Glynn has earned distinction from Forbes

According to Forbes, Mr. Glynn has been named to one of its prestigious lists of accomplished entrepreneurs. His success as co-founder and leader of Butternut Box has resulted in his being named to the 2019 Forbes 30 Under 30 - Europe for Retail and eCommerce. The company has grown and expanded quite remarkably, and it has earned Kevin some well-deserved recognition in the business world.

8. His company caters to the nutritional needs of dogs

Glynn is an Irish citizen who founded is a company in London, England. The startup provides fresh foods for dogs that are home-cooked and served in the proper portions for each of its canine recipients. This is a unique service that provides dog owners with healthy and nutritious formulas for their dogs. It operates from a direct to consumer platform. There are no middlemen involved in the process.

9. Butternut Box is thriving and growing

Glynn is experiencing remarkable success through his company Butternut Box. So far, the business has delivered more than three million meals to its canine diets. In addition, it has raised $8 million in funding from its investors. Glynn and his partner were fortunate to attract the attention of wealthy investors who believe in the startup's ability to become successful shortly. Butternut Box is a company that uses some of its proceeds to help a worthy cause. For every new canine client that joins the company, Butternut Box donates one meal to a homeless or a sheltered dog. Kevin has a charitable heart and he is doing what he can to help alleviate the suffering that is experienced by dogs who find themselves without owners. The charitable acts encourage dog lovers from the United Kingdom to become a part of the company by joining.

10. You can follow him on Twitter

Kevin Glynn is a remarkable young businessman and entrepreneur who leads a successful startup in the pet food and e-commerce industry. If you're interested in following his career or keeping up with what is new in his life, you can follow him on Twitter. He keeps the site updated with news about what's going on with Butternut Box. Glynn also provides information on the mission of the company. He's doing a good job of keeping followers informed on special events connected with Butternut Box. We also learned a little bit more about him by reading the posts. Glynn shares useful information bout canine health and nutrition and how Butternut Box is helping dog owners feed their pets more responsibly.

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