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10 Things You Didn't Know About Vidit Aatrey

Vidit Aatrey

Vidit Aatrey is a successful businessman and entrepreneur from the country of India. Mr. Aatrey is currently the CEO and co-founder of a company called Meesho. Meesho is an online reselling platform that helps people to start a new business without the need to invest.

The company is located in Bangalore, Karnataka, India. Vidit's brilliant business helps many people in his home country to have hope for building a more successful and prosperous future. To help you become better acquainted with him, here are 10 things you didn't know about Vidit Aatrey.

1. Vidit Aatrey and a partner founded Meesho in 2015

According to Crunchbase, Aatrey has been the CEO of Meesho, the business that he co-founded in 2015, for the past 5 years. While the company is still in its infancy it has achieved remarkable success under his leadership.

He wanted to create a platform that allowed people without a lot of resources to become entrepreneurs and start their businesses. He achieved that lofty and humanitarian goal through the launching of Meesho. It's helping people to realize their potential in the business world.

2. Vidit has worked his way up the career ladder

Before Meesho, Mr. Aatrey worked at jobs that were not high ranking or at the executive level. He worked at the ICC company from June of 2012 through 2015 as an assistant manager. After that, he spent a year at the InMobi company as an associate manager. He was only at this position for 6 months before he branched out into his own very successful enterprise with Meesho.

3. He is a problem-solver

According to Your Story, Vidit and his co-founding partner Sanjee Barnwal saw a problem for people who didn't have the financial backing to go into business for themselves.

This is what led to the development of Meesho. At first, they weren't sure how to go about it. They put their heads together and developed the Meesho platform that is a social commerce site that empowers people throughout India to sell on a variety of social media marketplaces without the need to pay for anything in advance.

4. He went from ground zero to owner of the largest e-commerce platform in India

Aatrey has had a remarkable journey in his professional life. The e-commerce startup he founded has gone from an idea between two friends to a big deal in the country of India.

When he set out to launch the business he was told by others that the market was already saturated and that his plan wouldn't work. It took him four years to accomplish his goals, but now, Meesho is the largest social commerce platform in the country of India.

5. Vidit founded a charity

According to his LinkedIn page, Aatrey founded a company called Pledge. Pledge is a portal for online placements serving underprivileged youth with an interest in taking vocational courses. It Raised seed funding from Resolution Project, New York. He operated the Pledge assistance tool from April of 2011 through 2013 with its location in the New Delhi area of India.

6. Vidit was educated in India

Mr. Aatrey received his education in his home county of India. Vidit enrolled in courses at the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi in 2008. He studied electrical engineering. He completed his course of study in 2012 and graduated with his BTech degree from the institution. Vidit also received additional training from Y Combinator in 2016.

7. Vidit became successful at a young age

One of the marks of success that an entrepreneur can achieve is to be formally and officially recognized by the prestigious Forbes Magazine. He made it to the powerful Forbes 30 Under 30 list for India and Asia. This was a notable distinction and it highlights the fact that Vidit was an accomplished entrepreneur before he even reached the age of 30.

8. He received multiple accolades

Vidit Aatrey is also the recipient of numerous distinguished recognition and awards for his contributions to Meesho and the customers it serves. He was named to Entrepreneurs 35 under 35 list as well as India's Most Innovative Company for 2020 by Fast Company.

He also received the MSNBC ward from Finance Minister Smt. Nirmala Sitharaman of Young Turk Startup of the Year for 2020. On top of that, he was named by Facebook of India as the First Startup Investment, and as the Top Startup 2019 and 2020 by LinkedIn.

His business was also named as one of the Y Combinator Top Companies for 2019. Vidit garnered a slew of official recognition and acknowledgments for his successful startup as well as his competent leadership.

9. You can follow him on Twitter

Vidit Aatrey maintains multiple social media accounts to help keep his followers informed about what is going on in his business ventures. So far he has 13.5 thousand followers on Twitter.

He has made more than 3,400 Tweets about the goings-on at Meesho. He regularly makes updates to the page so you'll get the latest news on Meesho before it's announced anywhere else. It's the best resource for staying on top of what Vidit Aatrey and his colleagues have been up to lately.

10. Vidit Aatrey is a rising star

If you're keeping an eye on India's new startup industry, Vidit Aatrey is one to keep your eye on. He is a bright and shining new star in the economic world.

He made creating a new company from scratch look easy. Although it was a painstaking process to get Meesho off the ground, the business is currently thriving. It's helping him and his partner to achieve wealth and recognition, but even more importantly, it is helping people to realize their potential as businessmen and women.

He's showing people that you don't need to have a lot of money to start your own business in India.

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