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10 Things You Didn't Know About Ryan Morris

Ryan Morris is a businessman and entrepreneur. He is the CEO of Turntide Technologies, a developer of electric motor systems. The company's mission is to provide systems that reduce energy consumption. He brings to the position, years of experience with public companies and a successful track record in leadership. Research into his career and personal history gives us insight into how he came to be the leader of a dynamic and successful startup, and why he's an entrepreneur to keep your eye on if you're an investor. Here are 10 things you probably didn't know about Ryan Morris.

1. Ryan Morris is the owner of Turntide Technologies

According to Crunchbase, Mr. Morris is not only the chief executive officer at Turntide Technologies, but he is also the owner of the company. He launched the company in October of 2017. He has big plans for the business that is on a forward-moving trajectory to become a leader in its industry.

2. He is a problem solver

Morris builds companies that offer solutions to problems. He has a passion for solving difficult problems through the application of technologies. It's one of his strengths. He is a brilliant thinker who is skilled in identifying tough problems, then figuring out strategies to address them. One issue he addresses is the problem of overconsumption of energy. He uses his engineering skills to develop electrical motor systems that consume less energy while doing so in a cleaner manner that is more earth-friendly. Through Turntide Technologies, he develops innovative electrical motors to meet the rising demand with high-quality products that do more to lower energy consumption.

3. Morris is committed to ending fossil fuel use

The use of fossil fuels has contributed to the issues that we must all now face with our environment, global warming, and the catastrophic effects of changing environmental conditions. Ryan Morris is doing his part to make the use of fossil fuels obsolete, but he is going about it in a way that is both rational and economical. He realizes that it's going to be a process and to maintain a stable economy, it must happen incrementally and will technologies that more cleanly and efficiently replace those reliant on fossil fuels.

4. He is a serial entrepreneur

Mr. Morris has founded or co-founded several companies in his career. In 2008, he and a partner established a company called VideoNote LLC. This is a software company that captured and indexed college lecture videos. He also served as the chief executive officer of the business. Turntide Technologies is just one of his many entrepreneurial ventures. VideoNote was his first company and job after completing his college education.

5. Ryan Morris is a multi-tasker

According to Topio Networks, he also served as the president of Meson Capital Partners LLC. He spent ten years in the position from July of 2008 through June of 2018. From his resume, we can see that he has made a habit of wearing many hats and taking on more than one job at a time. While serving as President of Meson Capital Partner, he was also involved with up to five other companies in advisory or leadership roles. He simultaneously co-founded companies and serves as an executive leader at VideoNote, Turntid, and others

6. Ryan Morris has healthy hobbies

We also learned that Mr. Morris has a few hobbies he enjoys outside of work. While he was in college, Ryan was a part of the rowing team and he was actively engaged in the sport in competitions, becoming a champion. He is also a road cyclist. He enjoys staying active in healthy activities that give him a good workout. He initially got into both sports while he was attending college.

7. He is the founder of Belichka

According to his LinkedIn profile, Mr. Morris founded a company called Belichka in April of 2019. The business provides uncompromised and healthy keto nutritional products. He and two partners established the company to share their passion for eating healthy foods following the keto diet with everyone in the world. He is still actively involved with the enterprise and has been for the past 2 years and 4 months.

8. Ryan Morris attended Cornell University

Morris began his college experience at Upper Canada College. He was involved with the rowing team and competed to become a champion in the sport. He graduated in 2002, then was accepted as a student at Cornell Univerity where he earned his BS degree, and his Master of Engineering degrees. While there he was actively involved with cycling and was a member of the Cornell Board of Portfolio Managers.

9. Ryan believes in volunteering

Mr. Morris has a long history of volunteering his time to help others. He became a YPO chapter board member in 2016 and still serves in the volunteer position to support sustainable business principles and lifelong learning. He is a donor and volunteer for Stand Together since July of 2018, promoting the cause of education. He is also a pledger with the Founders Pledge organization since 2018 for the cause of economic empowerment. Mr. Morris is also a donor and supporter of The Guardsmen, providing funding for at-risk kids in the Bay Area.

10. He serves on two boards

Ryan Morris was a member of the board of directors for InfuSystems, Inc. He served as a board member from April of 2012 through June 2017. He chaired the board and also served as executive chairman. He also served as a member of the board of directors for Lucas Energy, Inc. from December of 2012 through October of 2014, in Houston, Texas. He offered his advice to companies concerned with making decisions to move towards greener energy alternatives, following his passion for being a part of the movement to help clean up the earth and reduce the carbon footprint that is left on the planet. He is a willing participant wherever there is an opportunity to make a positive impact on the health of the earth.

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