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10 Things You Didn't Know about Oisin O'Connor

Oisin O'Connor

What do you know about Oisin Connor, the CEO for ReCharge? Perhaps you think you know plenty or maybe you've never even heard of the CEO or the company that he presides over. Regardless of your knowledge level, here are 10 things about him that you might find interesting. By the time you're done reading, you'll have a much better understanding of not only his business ideals, but the things that genuinely make him who he is.

1. He wants people to be empowered

There are basically two types of people in the world. One type wants to empower others so that they can become independent in their own right. Others prefer to keep everyone who works for them in a position of constantly needing them. Clearly, O'Connor believes in doing things the right way. He wants other people to feel the same sense of empowerment that he has felt throughout his own life. According to him, it's the only way that people can truly ever find their own path in life.

2. He has an understanding about business that you don't often see

It isn't really all that uncommon to run into business professionals who have a thorough understanding of the business world. However, it is extremely rare to run into such an individual who is able to look at things from the perspective of an outsider, almost as if you were on the outside looking in. O'Connor does this on a routine basis. He says that he remembers what it was like when he had big dreams and was trying to find his own way to navigate through those dreams. That's something he doesn't want to lose, so he routinely takes a step back and looks at things from the perspective of other individuals who are now making their own way.

3. He's all about making those dreams come true

O'Connor understands what it's like to want to do something that not only benefits the public as a whole, but the individuals who are involved with the project. That's exactly why he works so hard to make things better for the people who work with him. He doesn't necessarily consider his team as people who merely work for him, but instead as equals working side by side. As his dreams come true, so to to the dreams of other individuals who are working with him.

4. He practically defines standing on his own two feet

Perhaps one of the biggest reasons that O'Connor spends so much time talking about making dreams come true is because he has had to find a way to stand on his own two feet without any genuine outside assistance, at least until very recently. When he came up with the idea for this business, it was anything but a sure thing. He didn't receive any money from outside sources until he had already proven that the business could be successful. He literally took it from nothing but an idea that existed in his own mind and made it a reality without any help whatsoever.

5. He wants to get back to his roots

As you might have already guessed from his last name, O'Connor is Irish-American. He's not oblivious to the concerns that exist for some of the people living in Ireland and he wants to do his level best to give people an opportunity wherever he can. As such, he's planning on opening a branch of his business in Ireland, specifically as a means of making lives better in a place that he holds close to his heart.

6. He believes in creating lasting relationships

A lot of business professionals have a tendency to build bridges whenever it is beneficial and then move on once the potential benefits have dissipated. One of the many things that makes O'Connor so different is that he genuinely believes in creating relationships that last. From friendships to business relationships, he goes the extra mile to ensure that people realize that they're being heard and being paid attention to. In addition, he doesn't simply drop the ball when he has gotten whatever he wants out of that relationship.

7. He's all about being progressive

It's easy to say that a person is progressive in their thoughts but it's more difficult to do that in a practical sense, especially when it comes to business. That said, O'Connor has utilized cutting edge technology in telecommuting and remote working for years. It might be fashionable for many people to do that now, thanks to COVID. However, O'Connor was doing this long before anyone was forced to work from home.

8. He believes in being a role model

People can never have too many positive role models. O'Connor was fortunate enough to have solid role models growing up and as such, he realizes how important they really can be. He wants to give back to his community in the same way so he spends time trying to help other people realize that they are capable of more than they might initially believe. He does this by living by example and being involved in his community.

9. He wants to leave things better than he finds them

One of O'Connor's mantras is to always leave things better than you find them. That's precisely why he worked toward creating ReCharge, a business that allows other businesses to flourish by building lasting relationships with their partners. It's all done through streamlining the way that businesses pay for things so that they can focus more on those personal relationships. He lives his personal life the same way that he lives professionally- working and striving each day to make things better in his part of the world.

10. He's fiercely proud of his heritage

Like many Irish- Americans, O'Connor is extremely proud of his Irish roots. That's largely why he wants to create a branch of the company in Ireland. It gives him a chance to give back to a place that's very special to him, not to mention providing him with an opportunity to spend more time there. Even though he was born in America, he's still very close to his Irish roots and wants to spend more time exploring them in person. Now that you know more about the man behind ReCharge, you might even be inspired to find out more information about his company. Many businesses have done exactly that. More importantly, a number of them have been able to streamline their own business operations because of it.

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