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10 Things You Didn't Know About Sriharsha Majety

Sriharsha Majety

Sriharsha Majety is a businessman and entrepreneur from the country of India. He is a brilliant young executive who leads the wildly successful tech startup called Swiggy. Majety has achieved remarkable success in business at an early age. He has become a role model for young entrepreneurs in India who are considering launching their own new startups in the tech industry. After researching Mr. Majety's personal and career history we learned some interesting facts about him that are inspiring. Here are 10 things about Sriharsha Majety that you may find interesting too.

1. Majety launched another business before Swiggy

Sriharsha met Nandan Reddy at BITS Pilani, where the two were both attending school. They became friends in addition to both being talented entrepreneurs. Reddy had launched a previous startup and was working on the development of a second one when he and Majety became friends. The two began conversing and sharing their ideas and they came up with an idea the help businesses and sellers by providing them with logistics services, according to Seed to Scale. They called the company Bundl. This was a small business that didn't function at the scale they had hoped for. It was a business-to-business operation and the two founders realized they instead wanted to work directly with consumers and not businesses, so they shut Bundle down.

2. Swiggy started under the Koramangala model

The partners launched their logistics solution and started with a group of 6 delivery partners and 20 restaurants in Koramangala, Bengaluru. they had a bit of a struggle initially convincing business owners to sign up for the service, but through persistence, soon the delivery services were being offered to their customers and in the months to come, Swiggy was in business helping delivery partners navigate the streets while making deliveries for popular restaurants. Both co-founders physically made deliveries themselves. Swiggy's popularity grew as more consumers used the services to order food for delivery. The model that Majety and Reddy developed turned out to be a winning strategy for their new startup.

3. Majety was educated in India

According to LinkedIn, Sriharsha enrolled in the physics program of study at the Birla Institute of Technology and Science Pilani in 2003. He graduated in 2008 with his M.SC degree in physics. He went on to attend the Indian Institute of Management in Calcutta in 2009, studying finance. He graduated with his PGDM degree in 2011. Majety also achieved his CFA with Level II clearance of the CF program from the CFA Institute in 2009.

4. He was also involved in extracurricular activities

Although Mr. Majety carried a heavy educational course load, he made time to pursue outside interests while in college. He was an active member and coordinator of the first school's department of photography. He was also a recruitment coordinator at the Indian Institute of Management.

5. He initially wanted to work in finance

We learned that Majety put a lot of time and energy into earning his CFA to work in the field of finance. This was his first career choice. When other opportunities presented themselves, his career path took a different direction. Although qualified, he decided to put this aspiration on hold but has indicated that perhaps at a later time in his life he will return to his original goals in this area.

6. He worked as a summer analyst

When Majety was in college he took a job as a summer analyst in between classes. From April of 2010 through June of that year, he spent his off-time at Nomura International. He used his time to advantage to learn more about fixed income and other trading strategies. There was an offer for full-time employment after graduation, which he accepted and worked at for a year.

7. He took time off to travel

Majety is honest about the fact that he took some time off to enjoy life. He referred to himself as a traveler. He had been employed at a job in the UK and took six months just traveling throughout Europe and Asia along on a small budget. He also traveled from Portugal to Greece riding a bicycle for 3 months. Next, he traveled throughout Turkey to Kazakhstan hitchhiking and using the public transportation system to help gain a perspective on the next step in his life. He spent time traveling the world along from August of 2012 through February of 2013.

8. He is also an investor

According to Crunchbase, Mr. Majety is doing well financially and in addition to running his own very successful company, he also invests in other startups. He invested $2 million in a company called Pesto Tech in May of 2019 in a seed round of funding. In April of 2019, he invested an undisclosed amount in a company called CRED in a round of Series A funding.

9. Sriharsha is recognized as one of India's wealthiest young entrepreneurs

According to Live Mint, Majety has earned some well-deserved recognition in his home country. The is listed on the IIFL Wealth Hurun India 40 & Under Self-Made Rich List 2020. This is quite a distinction. He is just 34 years old and even after taking several months off from work and school, he came back from his adventures and launched a very successful startup that makes him a very rich man.

10. Sriharsha Majety is a role model for young Indian entrepreneurs

Majety has already done a lot of things in his life and he's only in his 30s. He stands as proof that you can achieve your dreams and become successful in business if you have a good idea that offers needed solutions for people. He started out by laying a solid foundation by getting a strong education, working a little, then going on a walkabout to figure out what he wanted to do with his life. The excursion obviously paid off because he returned and launched two startup companies, one of which made him very wealthy.

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