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10 Things You Didn't Know About Chris Pavlovski

Chris Pavlovski

Chris Pavlovski is a Canadian entrepreneur, businessman, and author. He is the chief executive officer of The company provides a video platform to help clients monetize social videos through the distribution of their creations. The online service is titled

Pavlovski has achieved huge success in his business endeavors at a young age. He stands as an inspiration to other young men and women with a dream to own a business and make it successful. Here are 10 things about Chris Pavlovski you didn't know that might give you a few tips for your own success.

1. He is also the founder of

According to Discoverability, Chris Pavlovski is the founder of He not only leads the business as an executive member of the leadership team, but he also owns the company. The business brings in more than 25 million unique viewers each month. Rumble currently serves more than 18,000 clients, helping them distribute their videos and make money in the process.

2. Pavlovski has been officially recognized for his contributions

Chris has been acknowledged for his entrepreneurial skills publicly. In 2010, he was under consideration for a prestigious award issued by Ernst & Young. He made it all the way in the contest to the position of finalist for the Entrepreneur of the Year. Although he was not the recipient of the award, it is still an honor to have your hard work and skills appreciated and acknowledged.

3. isn't the only company that he established

Chris Pavlovski went on to found yet another company after getting on its feet. He is also the founder of Cosmic Development. This is a global IT business that has gone international. The business owns and operates offices throughout North America and Europe.

4. Pavlovski treats his workers well

Chris has earned a solid reputation as one of the best employers in some parts of the world. He has earned the appreciation of employees who work for his business in Macedonia. The company has earned the distinction of being voted as the second-best employer in the country, which is no small feat.

A contributor to Chris' huge success is his knowledge about how to treat people. He realizes that they help him to make his businesses successful. The Macedonian company has received several awards for excellence in various areas.

5. He has a heart for the people of Macedonia

Chris donates a great deal of his time to providing advisement and help to his local community in Macedonia. He sits on the Macedonia 2025 bord, which is a non-profit organization seeking to provide educational and economic development in the country. Although Pavlovski is busy leading, he makes time to be available to provide advisement to the community of this and other organizations.

6. Chris Pavlovski is a serial entrepreneur

According to his Linkedin page, Chris has also founded a third company in addition to Cosmic and Rumble. In January of 2001, he founded the Jolted Media group. He remained with the company as the chief executive officer from January of 2001 through September of 2013.

He spent a total of 12 years and 9 months leading the group. The Jolted Media Group was headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. We can see that Chris has a talent for starting new businesses. From his track record we can also see that he stays with the companies he starts long enough to make sure that they are on solid footing.

7. He worked as a Director for a space exploration company

Even after founding his own companies, Chris Pavlovski spent time working for other companies in the tech industry. Chris is a dedicated and hard worker who served as the director of marketing for Next Giant Leap from 2009 through 2012. He spent a little over 3 years at the job.

Pavlovski was responsible for leading corporate donations, sponsorships, and internet marketing strategies. He has a versatile background as NGL is a company that specializes in the exploration of space, and looks forward to providing commercial lunar transport services. They hope to return to the moon as a provider of these services as well as transportation to asteroids.

8. He got his start at Microsoft

Chris was employed at the Microsoft Corporation. He served the tech giant as a junior network administrator from January 2001 through June of 2001. He left after 6 months of employment, but this was also the same year that he launched his own business, Cosmic Development, in the global IT industry.

9. He is highly educated

The same year that Mr. Pavolvski founded Cosmic Development, he also enrolled in a course at the University of Toronto Mississauga in Canada. He attended the university from 2001 through 2006, spending 5 years studying.

Chris does not list the degrees that he earned at the institution on any of his commercial sites, nor does he share his program of study, but he was likely involved in some aspect of computer/IT administration or some other area of technology.

This indicates that he is a humble person who doesn't feel the need to talk about himself or his accomplishments. These are apparent in the number of successes he's had in his entrepreneurial endeavors.

10. You can follow him on Instagram

If you want to keep up with what is happening in Chris Pavlovski you can follow him on a variety of social media sites, because he's on almost every one of them.

This includes Instagram. So far he has about 600 followers on the site and he is following 351 others and has made 111 posts. You can also find him on Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. He maintains his social media pages very well and keeps them updated with news of what is going on in his professional life, as well as the causes that he cares about.

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