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10 Things You Didn't Know about Shadiah Sigala

Shadiah Sigala

Shadiah Sigala is an American businesswoman, executive, and entrepreneur. She is the current chief executive officer of a company called Kinside. The business' headquarters is in Claremont, California. Its specialty is developing childcare flexible spending accounts for automating the claims process. Sigala is a business success. We wanted to know more about her journey into executive leadership and business ownership. After reviewing her personal and career history, we learned interesting facts about her that you might find inspirational. Here are ten things about Shadiah Sigala you probably didn't know.

1. Shadiah Sigala is not only the CEO of Kinside, but she is also a co-founder

Crunchbase confirms that the leader of Kinside is also one of its founders. As co-owner of the business, she leads the team forward in its goals to achieve growth and expansion. She founded the company because of her passion for helping parents find reliable child care for their dependents. The Kinside app links parents with its partners, establishing a nationwide network of daycares and preschools. It connects parents who work with reliable child care providers that fit their schedules and budgets.

2. Shadiah Sigala is an angel investor

Shadia Sigala makes investments in other business opportunities. She is an angel investor as well as the full-time leader of Kinside. She invested in the Series A round of fundraising for a company called Collective on May 12, 2021. It's one of the holdings in her investment portfolio. The amount of her investment is undisclosed.

3. Shadiah Sigala is a serial entrepreneur

Before Kinside, Shadia co-founded HoneyBook in May 2013.

Shadiah served as co-founder and the Head of Customer Experience until June 2018, when she became involved in the Kinside endeavor. She picked up valuable experience with her first entrepreneurial endeavor and brought it with her to Kinside.

4. Shadia Sigala is a skilled fundraiser confirms that Shadia is proficient at attracting the interest and support of wealthy investors. She and her partners raised millions in venture-capital support from an opportunistic round of fundraising. The company doubled its revenues in just four months. She succeeded where many other entrepreneurs with viable business proposals have failed.

5. Shadiah Sigala can weather economic storms

Sigala launched her Kinside company two months ahead of the Covid-19 crisis that shut down childcare centers across the nation. During the quarantine period, there was not much to do other than prepare for an uncertain future in hopes that society would open soon and resume normal function. She didn't panic, but instead, prepared for the future. She continued to build the business and prepare the app for when an opportunity would once again present itself. She was correct in doing so as the childcare industry is once again in full swing. The Kinside app is thriving in the current environment.

6. Shadia Sigala's company brings parents and childcare providers together

The unique Kinside app connects parents and childcare providers in their area. It allows them to negotiate for spots in preschools and daycares in advance of the expected need. The app is much more than that. It is also included in many employee benefits packages as a part of their compensation that provides childcare expense allowances or discounts on the services.

7. Business is booming for Kinside

The Kinside app became useful when society began to open up in 2021 after a lengthy period of shutdowns and quarantines. Shadia negotiated and formed partnerships with 3,000 employers who signed up for the app as a part of their employee compensation packages. Kinside helps facilities target neighborhoods where demands are highest for new childcare centers. It's an app that is useful for creating these new businesses in addition to the other services it provides. The business has picked up significantly for Kinside.

8. Shadia Sigala is a Pomona College graduate

LinkedIn confirms that Shadia Sigala attended Pomona College from 2002 through 2006. She studied Latin American studies in Madrid, Spain, and served as a volunteer for an NGO that protected sex trafficking victims. She served as a founding member of the Students of Color Alliance. She is a recipient of the Millennium Momentum Foundation's "Best and Brightest" Scholarship in 2005, serving in an internship for US Congressman Joe Baca. She graduated with her BA in Latin American Studies in 2006.

9. Shadia Sigala is a Harvard Graduate

After earning her BA at Pomona College, Ms. Sigala enrolled in the Harvard University Masters in Public Policy program. She studied from 2006 through 2008, earning her Master's degree. During her time there she was involved with the Harvard Journal of Hispanic Policy From Harvard Square to the Oval Office. She was a student of distinction. Harvard is a prestigious Ivy League institution that only accepts the most qualified applicants to its graduate programs. Her acceptance tells us that she was in the top percentage of applicants in her academic and community experiences before applying. Harvard is selective because of the high number of applications it receives and only the cream of the crop is accepted for admission.

10. Shadia Sigala worked her way to the top

Shadia didn't start her career as an executive. Although her credentials are impressive by any standards, she started at a lower level like most successful leaders. In 2008 she accepted a job with Aetna, in charge of its strategic planning & Policy department in the Boston area. She also served as a public policy analyst from August 2008 through March 2009. She served as chief of staff for the company for 2 years and 2 months, leaving in August of 2008 to pursue other career opportunities. She was hired at a company called Earnin in December 2012. She served as market development and Operations overseer with a team that built a disruptive payments platform. She helped them in the early stages of developing the business model. Part of her job included building a plan for customer service, marketing, growth, operations, and "everything in between."

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