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10 Things You Didn't Know about Brendan O'Connor

Brendan O'Connor is an American businessman and entrepreneur. He currently serves as the chief executive officer of a company called AppOmni. Mr. O'Connor has an impressive track record for achieving success in his business endeavors. He's made the news in numerous business publications as the leader of the developer's platform AppOmni. If you're not yet familiar with this dynamic leader in the tech industry, here are ten things you probably didn't know about Brendan O'Connor to bring you up to speed.

1. Brendan O'Connor is the founder of AppOmni

Crunchbase confirms that Brendan O'Connor is the chief executive officer of AppOmni, but he is also the founder and owner of the enterprise. His launch of the company is his first entrepreneurial endeavor after spending years working for other companies.

2. Brendan O' Connor is a veteran in the security sector

Mr. O'Connor spent twenty years in the security industry before founding App Omni. Brendan worked at different companies, learning different aspects of the security and technology industry with each job experience. The years spent performing hands-on work in the field helped him to hone his skills and build expertise in various aspects of the business world as it applies to the technology business.

3. Brendan lives by a simple philosophy that is not so easy to accomplish

We learned that Mr. O'Connor has a passion when it comes to running his business. He focuses on securing technology that connects people in the world with one another. O'Connor understands the necessity of creating security in the technologies that connect us. Security measures are essential to protect our privacy from those who would steal our sensitive personal and financial information as well as our private lives and things that are nobody else's business. Brendan seeks to create a platform that will protect the privacy and rights to privacy of consumers.

4. Brendan O'Connor is an expert on vulnerability

One of Mr. O'Connor's past jobs was working as a vulnerability researcher. Part of his job was to identify different vulnerabilities in communications systems to take pre-emptive steps to prevent cyber criminals from taking advantage of the deficits to breach confidential information. He brings his years of service as a vulnerability researcher to his current job at his startup. He is also an advocate for privacy for people who use digital information. He seeks to protect consumers through the products and services offered through AppOmni.

5. Brendan started his career as an information security tech

His LinkedIn profile confirms that Brendan O'Connor didn't start at the top of his profession. The first job he lists on his curricula vitae is working for a company called Tech Electronics. He was hired at the company in the information security division in February of 2000. He worked for the business for four years and nine months before leaving in October 2004 to pursue other career options.

6. He worked at a bank

Brendan left his job at Tech electronics to accept a position working at First Bank. He was hired in the Information security division in November of 2004. He stayed at the job for three years and one month before leaving in November of 2007. We see a pattern in his work habits of staying with a job until he secured another one. His work history shows that she has a strong work ethic and is never without a job.

7. Brendan advanced quickly in his career

Brendan accepted a position with Salesforce in December of 2007. He was hired as senior vice president, chief trust officer, and CSO of the company. He spent a total of nine years and five months at the job where he progressively moved up the chain of command. He worked at the San Francisco Bay location. He made an impressive move up in his career from the time that he left First Bank. He left his post at Salesforce in April of 2017 to pursue other career opportunities, continuing to build his impressive work resume.

8. Brendan has no gaps in his employment history

Brendan O'Connor left his executive position with Salesforce in April 2017 and went to work for Service Now in June 2017. He worked as the Security chief technology officer for the firm. O'Connor spent one year at ServiceNow, before leaving in May 2018. Immediately upon leaving his job at ServiceNow, he set about to form his new tech startup AppOmni. The company launched in the San Francisco Bay area in May 2018. He has served as the chief executive officer, owner, and founder for the past four years and 2 months, and continues to lead the enterprise. Our review of his work history shows that there are no gaps in his employment record.

9. He is an expert in the security niche of the tech industry

Appomni's blog reveals that Brendan O' Connor serves as a guest speaker to share his knowledge of security in the world of technology and digital communications. He appeared as a guest on Matthew Chiodi's could Security Today Podcast. He discussed the investment required in enterprise SaaS to create security controls and processes and how it can lead to problems for companies.

10. Brendan O'Connor is a member of the Forbes Council

Forbes confirms that Brendan O' Connor is a member of the prestigious Forbes Council. The Council is an organization that includes top entrepreneurs and executives with high levels of skill and expertise in their respective professions. Membership in the organization is by invitation only. It is a place where professionals continue to gain visibility, connections, and build skills. Brendan O'Connor is a professional with two decades of experience in the security niche of the technology sector, specializing in SaaS for customers of AppOmni.

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