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The 20 Most Notable Oxford University Alumni in the Business World

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Oxford University is one of the most prestigious historic institutions of higher learning in the world. The roots of its teaching go back as far as the year 1096. It is the oldest known university among English speakers that is still in operation in the world today, and some of the most successful business men and women have attended the school. Here are the 20 most notable Oxford University alumni.

1. Rex Adams

Adams attended Merton College at Oxford, university and studied nineteenth century English history through a Rhodes Scholarship. After completing his education he went on to become an employee of the Mobil Corporation. He enjoyed a long and successful career or 31 years with the giant oil company and served as their Vice president of Administration, appointed to the post in 1988 and occupying it until 1996. He also served on the Allegheny Corporation's board of directors and was chairman of the board for the Public Broadcasting Service, also known more commonly as PBS.

2. Sergio Ermotti

Sergio Ermotti is another notable Oxford University alumni who would go on to become the UBS Group CEO in 2011 and a member of the executive board of the company. He made his career in the Swiss banking industry and prior to joining UBS, he worked for Merrill Lynch from 1987 through 2003, working his way up in the company until his appointment as the co-head of the Global Equity Markets and also appointed as a member of the company's executive management committee for global markets and investment banking. He was also the head of the markets and investment banking division of UniCredit, Milan. Mr. Ermotti served upon several large organization's board of directors as chairman or member of advisory committees including the Global Apprenticeship network, the board of the Swiss American Chamber of Commerce, the Said business School Global leadership Council at the university of Oxford, and others.

3. Mohamed A. El-Erian

Mohamed A. El-Erian earned his doctorate degree in economics from Oxford University after completing his bachelor's and master's from Cambridge University. He accepted a position as managing director at Salomon Smith barney/Citigroup after a 15 year career with the International monetary Fund, located in Washington DC. He later became the CEO and CIO of Pimco. He also serves on several boards of directors and has received multiple awards for his book "When markets Collide." He is a highly celebrated business executive and author of influential economics related books.

4. Pete Dawkins

Mr. Dawkins attended Oxford University from 1959 through 1962 through a Rhodes scholar after graduating from West point. He founded Flintlock Capital and was a senior partner in the company. He became a Brigadier General and achieved many significant accomplishments including the founding of Shining Star Capital LLC, as well as a post as the Chief Executive officer of Primerica Financial Services and serving as chairman as well. He also led the Bain & Company consulting practice and was formerly the executive vice president and vice chairman of Travelers Insurance.

5. Christopher Bland

Christopher Bland attended Oxford University and went on to become a chairman of London Weekend Television, as well as becoming the Deputy Chairman Independent Broadcasting Authority from 1972 through 1979. He also serves as the chairman for LWT from 1993 through 1994 as chairman of BBC since 1996. His official title is Sir Christopher Bland and he became a multi millionaire from wise investments and his business activities within the UK, making him a notable Oxford University alumni.

6. Alfred Hayes

Alfred Hayes transferred from Harvard College to Yale, earning a bachelor's degree. He attended new College, Oxford, England on a Rhodes Scholarship in the economics program. in 1933 he embarked on his career in banking at the City Bank Farmers Trust Company in the investment division, later moving to a job at the bond department for National City Bank. He became the assistant vice president of New York Trust in 1946 and a year later worked in the foreign division, working his way up in international finance. He was the chairman of Morgan Stanley International in 1975 after retiring until he passed away in 1989.

7. Antony Jenkins

Antony Jenkins is a notable alumni of Oxford university who went on to become the chief executive officer of Barclays. He began at the South Kensington branch of the institution where he built a successful career in banking, working his way up to the post of executive leader 30 years after starting. He is a highly respected professional in the field of banking and came highly recommended for the position. He earned his masters degree from Oxford university and also worked at Citigroup in London as well as New York before being appointed as Barclay's CEO.

8. Warren East

Warren East is a notable Oxford University alumni who served as the non executive director of the Rolls Royce motor Cars Ltd. company in Cambridge. He served in this capacity until his appointment as Chief Executive Officer of the luxury auto manufacturer in July of 2015. Prior to this, he joined ARM Holdings and was made their CEO in 2001 until her retired from the job in 2013. He has also served a a member of the audit committee as well as the nominations and governance committee as well as chairman of the Science and Technology Committee for Rolls Royce.

9. Rod Eddington

Rod Eddington attended Oxford University under a Rhodes Scholarship studying in the engineering program. He was knighted by the British Government in 2012 because of his service to country in civil aviation in the Order of Australia to mark his significant contributions to commerce and business. He is a member of the APEC Business Advisory Council as well as the president of the Australia Japan business Cooperation Committee and a member of the board of directors of 21st Century Fox, John Swire and Sons Pty Ltd and China light and Power Holdings.

10. Alastair Morton

Alistair Morton attended Oxford University where he studied mathematics from 1929 to 1930. He made significant contributions to the business world through his modernist style of art and the exhibition of his paintings but he also had a tremendous impact upon the textile industry through the introduction of art into the weaving patterns of the fabrics which were being produced. He became a highly prolific businessman, designer and artist until his death in 1963 at the age of just 53.

11. Catherine Powell

Catherine Powell is another notable Oxford University alumni. She was made the President of Disneyland Paris in July of 2016. Since assuming the post, she has made some fairly significant contributions to the expansion of the company's famous theme parks and resorts in the country of France. The task has been difficult in light of the political and social unrest within the country but she is a resilient leader who has performed so well that Disney has once again promoted her as the leader of the Western region of the Disney chain of parks and Resorts including the Florida and California locations.

12. John Templeton

John Templeton was an American entrepreneur from the state of Tennessee who attended Oxford University on a Rhodes Scholarship. he studied economics and graduated in 1934 at the top of his class. he went on to receive his master of arts in law before returning to America. After he returned, he made his new home in New York where he worked for Fenner & Beane which was the early beginnings of Merrill Lynch. He sold become a phenomenon in business after establishing the Templeton Growth Fund , selling at the right time and then founding the Templeton, Dobbrwo & Vance Inc firm and the Templeton Growth, Ltd companies. He was knighted by Queen Elizabeth for his avid philanthropy and significant contributions to the business world.

13. Chris Rokos

Christopher Rokos is an alumni of Oxford University. After completing his education, he became a macro trader in London. He is credited with the founding of Brevan Howard Asset Management and he's branched out on his own with Rokos Capital management which manages over $4 billion in Assets. Mr. Rokos is the founder and CEO of the company and his earnings for 2016 were estimated to be at $200 million making him a notable Oxford University alumni.

14. Gavyn Davies

Gavin Davies attended Oxford University and is an alumni who is recognized for his service as chairman of the BBC between the years of 2001 through 2004. He ran the global economics division of Goldman Sachs between 1987 and 2001, and has also served as a visiting professor at the London School of Economics and as an external adviser for the British Treasury. He is currently the co founder of Prisma Capital partners and Fulcrum Asset Management's chairman.

15. Michael von Clemm

Michael von Clemm earned his doctor of philosophy degree from Oxford University in 1962. He started his career working for the Boston Globe as a staff reporter, then became the manager of the First National City Bank in NYC as well as London. He served on several boards as chairman including the White, Weld Company, Ltd, Credit Suisse First Boston Ltd, Merrill Lynch Capital Markets, Highmount Capital, also as their CEO, and several others. He also served as the president of Roux Restaurants Ltd.

16. David Hatendi

David Hatendi attended Oxford University and went on to become a banker. he was a native of Southern Rhodesia who attended Oxford as their first Rhodes Scholar. He worked at the World Bank in the young Professionals network in 1982, then as the Executive Director of NM Rothschild from 1991 through 1995. He was the MD of MBCA before becoming the CEO and also served as the CEO of NMB Bank in 2004 as well as working with the Hatendi Private Equity Advisers prior to his death from a heart attack in 2012.

17. Martha Lane Fox

Martha Lane Fox is a notable Oxford University alumni who has led an interesting life and career. She was one of the first entrepreneurs to get in on the dot com boom. She's a lifelong advocate of technology and made her millions in the industry. She co-founded the company and is a member of the Marks &Spencer board.

18. Josh Frydenberg

Josh Frydenberg is another noteworthy Oxford alumni who has achieved remarkable success in the business world and he's' now involved with the Coalition Government to ensure that the citizens of Australia are given their chance at prosperity by making changes that will positively impact businesses in the country by cutting taxes for small businesses. Prior to becoming a politician, Mr. Frydenberg was a director of Global Banking at Deutsche Bank n Melbourne, and he was the assistant adviser to the Attorney General in 1999 before advising the Prime Minister John Howard on domestic security issues, and industrial relations.

19. Philip Yea

Philip Yea is a British private equity investor and businessman. He attended Oxford University and then went on to work for a variety of private and public companies. He worked at Investcorp as a finance director, then joined Guinness working in a variety of financial positions for his 13 year tenure. He became the chair of the Geneagles Hotel and Guinness Publishing as well as a director at Hennessy as well as of Manchester united Plc. He is currently the Senior independent director at both Vodafone Group PLC as well as Computacenter plc.

20. Dudley Danvers

Dudley Danvers attended Oxord College but turned down a post with the institution in favor of joining his family business as managing director of teh Westminster Bank. He also served on the board of NatWest bank and was the deputy chairman of the merged financial institution. He assumed his birthright as the 7th Earl of Harrowby from his father in 1987.

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