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10 Places in the U.S. That Pay You to Live There


The affordability of an area is often the primary consideration for people when deciding where to live. They want to live in an area with low rental or property prices and a low general cost of living. People want to spend as little as possible while also having a happy and desirable lifestyle. Even better, what if there were places that would pay you to live there? Although it seems like a dream, there really are places in the United States where the residents are paid to live in an area. Here are 10 places in the U.S. that pay you to live there.


1. Alaska

The Alaska Permanent fund is a program that gives each resident an equal amount of the state’s oil royalties. Residents must register between January and March each year to qualify for the payment, and they then receive their payout in October of the same year. The amount they receive can vary, but the dividend payout was $1,600 each in 2018. Residents can use the money for what they want, but most use it to pay off loans or to cover medical expenses.

Detroit, Michigan

2. Detroit, Michigan

According to Business Insider, Detroit offers college graduates a good start in life. They have a fellowship program called Challenge Detroit that selects 30 fellows each year. These fellows are given work with local companies, and they can live in the city for free for the first 12 months. After this period, they are offered the chance to settle in the city.

Hamilton, Ohio

3. Hamilton, Ohio

Hamilton, Ohio, has a program called the Talent Attraction Program Scholarships, which began in 2018. The city will pay off up to $5,000 of a college graduate student loan if they move to Hamilton and work in the city. The program is open to people who have graduated in the last seven years and have a degree in subjects including math, arts, engineering, science, or technology. They must also have more than $10,000 of student debt.

Lincoln, Osborne, and Topeka in Kansas

4. Lincoln, Osborne, and Topeka in Kansas

Lincoln gives away free plots of land on a first-come, first-served basis. According to the city’s website, the plots range in size from 12 thousand square feet to 36 thousand square feet. Buyers must sign a contract with a building contractor by a date agreed between them and the city. Another city in Kansas with a similar program is Osborne. Plots are available for both residential and commercial use. The aim is to increase the population and to improve the economy. There are additional requirements if you plan to build commercial premises. Topeka, the capital of Kansas, also offers financial incentives. Those who participate in the Choose Topeka program can receive up to $15 thousand a year if they move to Topeka and work in the area.

Manilla, Iowa

5. Manilla, Iowa

Manilla in Iowa is another place that is giving away free land to residents. Entities or families can apply for single-family lots for free. They can then build their own home or business premises on their free lot. Currently, there are less than a thousand people living in Manilla, and the aim is to increase the town’s population.

Baltimore, Maryland

6. Baltimore, Maryland

There are two incentive programs for those considering moving to Baltimore, Maryland. The first is the Buying into Baltimore program. Applicants must attend a meeting, and then 30 are selected for the program by lottery. The winning applicants are given $5,000 that they must use towards purchasing a home in Baltimore. A condition is that you must not take out a mortgage of more than $517,000. An unsuccessful applicant must wait a year before reapplying. The second incentive program is the Vacant to Value Booster program. People are given $10,000 towards the cost of purchasing a property that has been vacant for more than a year.

North Platte, Nebraska

7. North Platte, Nebraska

North Platte in Nebraska has lots of job openings to fill, so the authorities came up with a program to encourage people to move to the area and fill the employment opportunities. They will match any bonuses of up to $5,000. However, there are some conditions for the program. The applicants must work full time in the city in a job that pays at least $20 an hour. They must also agree to remain with that company for a minimum of three years.

Tulsa, Oklahoma

8. Tulsa, Oklahoma

Remote workers have the freedom to work anywhere they want, and this inspired the Tulsa Remote program. The idea is to encourage remote workers to move to Tulsa by offering them $10,000. When they move to the city, they will become part of a co-working community. However, there are some conditions to qualify for the program and receive the money. First, you must have a full-time remote job. Second, you must be willing to move to Tulsa within six months of agreeing to become part of the co-working community.

St. Clair County, Michigan

9. St. Clair County, Michigan

Student debt is a big financial burden, and it can hold people back for many years following their graduation. Paying off their student loans can prevent many people from getting a foot on the property ladder, and this is something that Michigan authorities are recognizing. They have devised the Come Home Award worth up to $15 thousand to college graduates. It is open to graduates of arts, math, science, or technology. Another condition is that once they have received the financial award, they must have a secure job in the area within 120 days.


10. Vermont

Vermont was one of the first places in the United States that started offering people financial incentives to live there, says CNBC. Back in May 2018, Governor Phil Scott signed a bill to fund a state initiative for a remote work program. People were offered $10,000 to move to the state, and they began accepting applicants in January 2019.

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