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20 Places Similar to Edible Arrangements

Edible Arrangements is a US-based company that packages fruit baskets and gift boxes in the style of flower arrangements. If you wish to send a healthy gift that echoes thoughtful sentiments to a loved one, coworker, neighbor, or employer, you can browse through the wide variety of gift baskets and fruit bouquets offered by the firm. Alternatively, you can check out similar products offered by several Places Similar to Edible Arrangements. Let’s review 20 alternative companies that package and sell fruit arrangements.

20. FTD

FTD was established in 1910 and has been operational for over a century, which not many fruit arrangement businesses can claim. Originally designed to sell flowers across the country, the company grew from taking orders through telegraphs to becoming one of the largest florist networks in the world. The company mainly specializes in flower deliveries, but they do have a fruit basket selection. It is not as extensive as the one offered by Edible Arrangements – with only 14 options – but the baskets often contain other treats like chocolate, crackers, and cheese. Overall, a decent option.

19. SnackNation

SnackNation was established to help companies recognize their clients, prospects, and employees. It specializes in creating health-friendly snack baskets and appreciation gifts, which allow employees to snack in the office. Additionally, the company features several work-from-home curations for remote workers. Although most of their packages feature snacks, you can get several fruit basket options.

18. Caroo

Like SnackNation, Caroo is geared toward employee appreciation. Their slogan is “modern corporate gifting made easy,” and the company achieves this by delivering office snacks, curated care packages, and several fruit basket options. Unfortunately, the fruit package catalog here is not very extensive, and the boxes may not be sentimental enough for personal gifts.

17. Gift Tree

Gift Tree is a web-based fruit delivery service that offers fresh flowers, wine gift baskets, gift baskets, and fresh fruit packaged. Established in 1998, the company is based in Vancouver, Washington, and delivers gift baskets across the United States.

16. Gourmet Gift Baskets

Originally opened as a flower shop, Gourmet Gift Baskets has since grown into an extensive gifting platform. The company sells gift towers and fruit baskets for birthdays, Easter, get-well wishes, and more. Even better, the catalog is segmented by industry so that you can choose construction gifts, healthcare gifts, gifts for bakers, and more. The fruit package options are not as extensive as Edible Arrangements.

15. Gift Baskets Overseas

Gift Baskets Overseas packages and delivers gift packages to the United States, the European Union, the UK, and more. It has one of the most elaborate selections of internationally available fruit and gift baskets. In addition to a wide delivery range, the company is known for using high-quality ingredients to create premium gifts and work-friendly hampers like fruit arrangements and cheese baskets. Gift Baskets Overseas also pays attention to every occasion and holiday – no matter how obscure. You can get a fruit basket for Easter, Passover, Eid, Ramadan, Mothering Sunday, St. Patrick’s Day, Purim, and more. That said, the company specializes in gifts, and the fruit selection is not very developed.

14. Pittman & Davis

Pittman & Davis is a Texas-based family-owned company that has been around for decades. It offers pears, apples, and citrus from other parts of the country and grapefruit, which it grows in its own groves. Specifically, Pittman & Davis is famous for its ruby red grapefruit, which is only available in the Florida Indian River and Texas Rio Grande areas. It is, however, somewhat unreliable since the availability of the fruit baskets depends on the season. The fruit basket options can be overwhelming at one time and then virtually non-existent at another. Always check for the ‘out of season tag next to a basket before ordering it.

13. 1-800-Flowers

1-800-Flowers is based in New York and was established in 1976. Although it started as a flower arrangement company, it now features an extensive collection of all-fruit baskets. Depending on your taste, you can purchase an all-fruit package of a selection containing dried fruit, chocolate, cheese, and an assortment of tasty snacks.

12. Fruit Bouquets

Fruit Bouquets caters to all kinds of shoppers, including last-minute ones requiring same-day delivery. The company offers standard fruit baskets, often featuring peaches, plum pineapples, pears, apples, grapefruit, and more, depending on the time of year. In some baskets, pleasant surprises thrown in include sausage, cheese, cookies, and crackers. Fruit Bouquets also sells edible fruit bouquets. These robust arrangements comprise fruits cut into pretty, whimsical shapes, usually grape skewers, orange wedges, melons, daisy-shaped pineapples, and chocolate-covered strawberries.

11. The Fruit Guys

Initially established to deliver fresh fruit to companies, The Fruit Guys has since evolved to include home delivery. Its fruit arrangements range in size and content and are designed to meet different customer needs. Usually, the boxes feature fruit staples like oranges, apples, and bananas alongside seasonal offerings like mini melons, plumcots, and satsumas.

10. The Fruit Company

Founded in 1942, The Fruit Company has its headquarters in Hood River, Oregon. It offers a wide selection of affordable organic gifts, chocolates, desserts, gift towers, and fruit baskets for all occasions. It also sells hand-packed and hand-picked premium fruit baskets, featuring several organic whole fruits and seasonal offerings, including pears and apples. Depending on your tastes, you can pair your arrangement with several award-winning crackers, cookies, nuts, and cheeses. The Fruit Company also commemorates celebrations with a complimentary occasion ribbon. It has been featured as one of Oprah’s “favorite things."

9. A Gift Inside

A Gift Inside is based in California and has been operational for over five decades. With more than 25 selections, it has one of the most extensive catalogs on this list. The company comprises three brands: Farmstead Gourmet, CY Chocolates, and Golden State Fruit. This means that your fruit arrangement may include specialty snacks and cheeses, several handmade chocolate creations, and – of course – hand-picked fresh fruit like apples and pears.

8. Tropical Fruit Box

Tropical Fruit Box offers a wide selection of tropical or exotic fruits like breadfruit, durian, red dragon fruit, and rambutan across the continental United States. Buyers can customize their boxes with their preferred mix of fruits or purchase from the available selections. Moreover, the company sells several smoothie additions like fresh turmeric and ginger. Tropical Fruit Box is also one of the few suppliers of the rare PinkGlow Pineapple used by Del Monte.

7. Shari’s Berries

Shari’s Berries specializes in one prime dessert: chocolate-dipped strawberries. The company hand-dips fresh strawberries in dark, or milk chocolate, then decorates them with crunchy drizzle-like chocolate, chocolate chips, and toffee bits. It then packages these tasty treats into one dozen and two dozen packages, ranging in size and price. The packages are offered in several playful themes, and the strawberries can be decorated to resemble unicorns, Easter bunnies, and more. If you are looking for a luxury treat, you can also go for the champagne chocolate-covered strawberries.

6. Farmbox Direct

Many fruit delivery companies ship their boxes direct from their farms. In contrast, Farmbox Direct works with local farmers across the United States to package and deliver fruit boxes from their farms. This creates a large network of fruit providers that sell some of the freshest produce around. The packages are delivered weekly or biweekly, with the content changing each time. Instead of getting the weekly box, you can also customize the contents of your preferred arrangement. Farmbox Direct offers three box sizes: small, medium, and large, with each box containing vegetables, fruits, or a mixture of fruits and vegetables. There are also boxes designed for juicers and packaged by color.

5. Wine Country Gift Baskets

As the name suggests, Wine Country Gift Baskets primarily delivers wine. However, the California company also has a wide collection of fruit baskets. It has been operational for decades and has mastered the art of balancing quality and value to produce the ideal gift for many occasions. The fruit section of the Wine Country Gift Baskets online store offers over 24 fresh fruit, dried fruit, and nut options, which you can combine to meet your needs. The interface also allows you to filter the options by occasion, arrangement style, and content. You can get a fruit basket, tower, box, et cetera.

4. Melissa’s Produce

Melissa’s Produce’s large footprint and size make it the best option for a wide variety of fruit. The company packages and delivers fruit arrangements featuring seasonal fruits like grapefruit, pears, and apples, as well as exotic selections like rambutans, finger limes, passion fruit, and dragon fruit. On the website, you will also find a selection called “Freaky Fruits” that contains exotic and tropical fruits like cactus pears, lychee, Buddha’s hand, kiwano horned melon, and more. The gift basket options vary in size, shape, and style, including options like wooden crates, hinged hampers, and wicker trays. However, unlike other companies on this list, Melissa’s Produce does not include treats like sausage, cheese, and candy in its boxes. It emphasizes specialty produce, which means you can expect to find items like jarred salsa, chilies, and dried fruit alongside your fresh produce.

3. Frog Hollow Farm

Frog Hollow Farm is headquartered in Brentwood, California. A member of the sustainable food movement for over 40 years, the company is known for growing and delivering some of the best fruit in the United States. All their fruit is certified organic by the California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF) and picked and packed by hand for delivery across the country. During winter, Frog Hollow Farm supplements its fruits from other organic farms, although it grows its own fruits on its farm the rest of the year. Consequently, their selection changes every season. Fall and winter are prime seasons for pomegranates, quince, blood oranges, pluots, apples, pears, and more. During summer, you can look out for peaches, of which Frog Hollow Farm grows 21 varieties. Baskets may also include different treats like nuts, honey, chocolate truffles, housemade granola, cheese, coffee, and tea.

2. Harry and David Fruit Basket Delivery

Harry & David is one of the most reputable fruit basket delivery companies in the world. The company offers a wide selection of appreciation gifts, fruit gifts, and birthday gifts in several categories, with the most extensive catalog being the food and wine category. Over the years, Harry & David has perfected the art of creating gift packages. The great quality, attention to detail, and world-class offerings make this one of the best places to get a gift for your customers, employees, coworkers, friends, and family. The fruit arrangements and fruit baskets may include baked goods, rich desserts, chocolate, and wine if you specify this in your order.

1. Manhattan Fruitier

Fruit baskets from Manhattan Fruitier go above and beyond your regular fruit arrangements. They come in a wide range of combinations of dried fruit, whole fresh fruit, and additional treats or nuts. As an added perk, Manhattan Fruitier packages its arrangements in keepsake wooden boxes or hand-woven bamboo hampers that are just as stunning as the fruit arrangements themselves. It also has several organic basket options containing organic nuts, cookies, chocolate, and fruits. Top picks here include the Pippin Fruit Basket, which features fresh seasonal exotic fruit and chocolate bonbons. The basket features several pieces of whole fresh seasonal fruit, a combination of dried fruit, and organic pistachios.


Fruit basket delivery services arrange bouquets; only instead of flowers, these baskets feature healthy fruit. They deliver these baskets to your home in beautiful packages that you can then gift to your loved ones or use to perk up your day. As you can see, there are quite a number of Places Similar to Edible Arrangements, and your choice will come down to what you are looking for and where you live. The ideal fruit basket delivery company is one that packages the types of fruits you like and tailors the arrangement to meet your needs, which could include adding chocolate or wine to your basket.

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