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How Podimo Plans to Upend The Podcasting Industry


Podimo is a new startup in the tech industry that focuses on delivering the Podimo app for podcast streaming and downloading. The company is headquartered in Copenhagen, founded by Morten Strunge, the founder of Mofibo, an audiobooks service. The company has the potential for disrupting the industry and changing the way that podcasts are streamed throughout the world. Strunge was joined by his partners Nikolaj Koppel, Sverre Dueholm, and Andreas Sachse in launching the successful new startup, according to Techcrunch.

Aspirations to become Europe's Netflix for podcasts

The founders of Podimo developed a subscription-based service that allows consumers to more reliably stream podcasts with its app. Podimo's products are geared toward podcast producers with a superior product that enhances the quality of streaming and downloads for inclusion in the database of available podcasts. The platform is similar to Netflix, offering a variety of podcasts for streaming on demand. With more podcasts coming available, the founders see a market for the curation and discovery of them to help unfold content and context to ensure that individual users can more easily find the type of content they're searching for.

A solution to the current problem with podcasts

Both producers and consumers of podcasts are having a disconnect when it comes to matching up with desired content that is often hard to find. One of the biggest problems for producers is getting their podcasts out in front of the target audience. Consumers cannot always easily find the type of content that they're looking for. They've been missing out on a lot of podcasts that are out there, but not marketed in a way that makes them easy to find in a search. The Podimo app aims to provide the missing connection to ensure that producers are getting their work in front of the right audiences and simultaneously making sure that consumers have access to seamless discovery of identifying podcast categories and obtaining access to them.

Podimo's products

Podimo has launched its Podimo app in a free and open environment, according to its official website. Podimo plans to upend the Podcasting industry by bringing podcasting producers and their content together with the people who are the most interested in the type of content that they produce. There are many exceptional podcasts made and put on the internet, but some of them are difficult to find. Podcasters can use this service to get their content in a categorized format that solves the problem of great podcasts hidden in obscure places. Viewers can use the Podimo app, which aims to function like Netflix to open their world and find more related content with greater ease. Everyone wins.

Where is Podimo now?

The startup has launched its app in two forms. There is a free version available that offers basic functions. The premium version is a subscription service that offers greater access to new and unique podcasts that they will not be able to find elsewhere. Currently, Podimo has a library of over 300 podcasts and they're adding more every day.

Podcast producer benefits

Podcast producers reap the benefits every time a premium member who subscribes to Podimo views the show. They receive a portion of the membership fee of each viewer. The more views, the greater the paycheck. Producers must claim their podcast through a convenient link that is posted on the site to begin receiving their portions of the membership fees. Producers may remove their podcasts from the Podimo site at any time that they desire.

Podimo is backed by Venture capital funding

According to Crunchbase, Podimo has been successful in raising funds for the expansion of its services to podcasters and viewers. The first round of funding resulted in a sum of 11,200,000 in Euro currency with Chr. Augustinus Fabrikker leading the round with Meridia Capital on February 19, 2021. A Series A round brought in 15,000,000 at its close on May 28, 2020, led by 83 North and two other investors. The legal name of the company is Podimo ApS.

Podimo is here to stay

According to EU Startups, Podimo has stated their long-term goals in the podcast streaming niche to create revenue streams for the community of podcasting producers. They aim to enter the ecosystem and partner with all podcasters interested in taking advantage of their services. The Founder and CEO Morten Strunge shared that Podimo plans to be around for a while as it becomes more involved with the streaming of a variety of content types. The company plans to continue to step up its game and to become an integral part of the podcasting industry. They intend to maintain their sole focus on podcasts with the inclusion of short-form audio. Their aim is to reshape both creator and consumer experiences which in turn will revolutionize the industry.

Final thoughts

Podimo is taking a unique approach to streaming that is unique within this niche of the subscription service industry. The founders identified a gap in the way that podcasters connect with their intended audience, then developed a service that could help to resolve the issues.

Their goals to become the next Netflix is a brilliant solution to the issues that podcasters currently face. As the company becomes more well known throughout the world, there is a high likelihood that they will achieve their established goals and become the main hub for podcast producers with an interest in getting their content seen, and monetizing their podcasts at the same time.

Podimo is a privately held company that so far, has not discussed the notion of going public. While the company is still in its infancy, it's definitely one to keep your eye on. With continued backing and their offer of a needed and desirable service in the podcasting niche, the sky is the limit and we may be looking at the next unicorn company coming out of Denmark.

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