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How Post Malone Achieved a Net Worth of $14 Million

Post Malone

Austin Richard Post is better-known by his stage name, Post Malone. He is a rapper, songwriter, singer, and record producer who was born in Syracuse, New York, on July 4, 1995. Although he is well-known due to his success in the music industry, it may surprise you to learn that this artist is worth a staggering $14 million. Here is how Post Malone achieved such a high personal net worth.

He was raised in New York by his father and stepmother. His father had previously worked as a DJ and introduced him to many genres of music, so this is how his passion for music began. The family moved to Texas when Post was nine. When he was 15, he auditioned for ‘Crown the Empire’ but his guitar strings broke, and he was rejected.

Net Worth$14 Million
NameAustin Richard Post
BornGrapevine, Texas
Birth DateJuly 4, 1995
Source of WealthSinger
CountryUnited States

He didn’t give up and began playing with a heavy metal band and then a soft rock band. Post later began to experiment with hip-hop music in FL Studio. At 16, he created his first mixed tape which he showed to his schoolmates who then voted him the person most likely to become famous.

Post dropped out of college and moved to Los Angeles to pursue his dream of becoming a success in the music industry. He took with him his friend Jason Probst, a professional game streamer. The duo, along with some other artists, formed BLCKVRD and began to record music. He met Rex Kudo who helped him to record the track ‘White Iverson’. The track was uploaded on the Internet and received praise from many, although there were also some who mocked his work.

Despite this, it quickly hit one million views and attracted the attention of people in the record industry. He signed a recording contract with Republic Records in August 2015 and began working with prominent rappers. He even collaborated with Kanye West on the single ‘Fade’. Post had also developed a friendship with Justin Bieber and this helped him to advance his career and raise his profile in the music industry. Justin Bieber invited him to perform as the opening act on his Purpose World Tour.

Post’s single ‘Go Flex’ was premiered on Zane Lowe’s Beats 1 show in April 2016. The following month, he released a mixed tape titled ‘August 26’. This name was a reference to the date that he was releasing his debut album.

Despite telling everyone that his debut album was being released on August 26, 2016, this did not happen, and he was forced to issue a public apology. It first became available for preview in November and it wasn’t officially released until December 9, 2016. ‘Congratulations’ was one of the singles featured on this album and it peaked at number eight on the Billboard Hot 100. Other hits from the album were ‘Déjà vu’ and ‘I Fall Apart’. The album was certified double platinum in October 2017.

Post Malone announced in February that his next project would be released in December and would be title ‘Beerbongs & Bentleys’. However, the project was delayed until 2018. In September 2017, he released ‘Rockstar’. This was his first single from his new album and it featured 21 Savage. ‘Psycho’, Post’s single with Ty Dolla Sign, was released in February 2018 and this debuted at number 2 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Around the same time, he also announced that he would be touring with 21 Savage. ‘Beerbongs & Bentleys’ was finally released on April 27, 2018. It broke Spotify streaming records when it achieved 78.7 million streams worldwide. After just four days, the album was certified platinum.

The success of his albums, ticket sales from his tours, and revenue earned from downloads have all now contributed to Post Malone having a personal net worth of $8 million. As he is still in the early stages of his career in the music industry, it is likely that this figure will continue to rise if he maintains the same level of popularity and continues to build his fan base.

As a result of him earning so much money, Post Malone has been able to afford two luxurious properties. His main residence is in Los Angeles as this is where he predominantly works, so he needs a base in this area. However, he also purchased a 13,000-square-foot home in northern Utah for $3 million.

Here's some additional info on Malone you might not know

1. Post Malone isn't his real name

Post Malone is the stage name that he has taken for professional reasons. His name given at birth was Austin Richard Post. He was born on July 4th in 1995. He was born in Syracuse, New York but his home town is Grapevine, Texas.

2. His debut song was a big hit

Malone's first release was a big hit. "White Iverson" climbed in the charts on the US Billboard Hot 100. It peaked out at number 14 which was quite remarkable. The song was a tremendous success and it went on to become certified as quadruple platinum in its sales int eh United States. Post Malone is one of the few artists who hit the ground running with his very first release. The success of this release attracted significant attention from the right people in the music industry and it attracted a recording contract with Republic Records.

3. His next albums were also successful

Post Malone's first release was just the beginning of good things for him. He went on in 2016 with the release of his fourth album Stoney. This album made it all the way to number four on the US Billboard 200. While this in itself was a significant achievement for the singer, there were even better things coming his way. He released Beerbongs & Bentleys in 2019 and the album made it all the way to number one on the US Billboard 200. The latter song broke multiple streaming records when it was released and Stoney also broke a record on the Top R&B and Hip Hop Albums chart.

4. He made his first mixtape at age 16

When Austin Post was still in high school, he made a mixtpe. It was titled "Young and After Them Riches." He took it to school with him and he showed it to a few of his classmates who attended Grapevine High School with him. He had a good reputation is high school and his class voted him as "Most Likely to Become Famous" in his senior year in high school.

5. He held a job as a teen

Austin Post was no slouch when he was in school. He was a lot like any other teenager and if he wanted to be able to have nice things he had to work for them. He worked at a fast food place that was called Chicken Express when he was just a teen. This shows how much he had drive and tenacity and that he had the drive to make positive changes in his life. He had goals and dreams and Austin Post was willing to work for the things that he wanted. He's come a long way since the time he worked in fast food.

6. He developed his love for music early in life

Post Malone was raised by his father with the help of his stepmother. He was exposed to a variety of music genres early in his life. His father was a disc jockey when he was younger and was familiar with the music industry and a varieties of different genres. He introduced Post to a variety of different music styles which included rock, hip hop and country. This set the foundation for his love of multiple genres and it influenced his current style of music.

7. His family moved when he was 9 years old

Post Malone moved with his family from Syracuse, New York to Grapevine, Texas when he was just 9 years old. It was a drastic change, but his father had been offered a better job and he had to take it so he could better take care of his family. He accepted a job as the manager of the concessions for the Dallas Cowboys.

8. Post Malone was rejected after a band audition

In 2010, Post Malone auditioned with a band for the position of guitarist. The name of the band was Crown the Empire. This was an ill-fated audition though because his guitar strings broke while he was in the process of auditioning. This resulted in him being rejected by the band. We imagine that they are really wishing that they had given him a second chance now.

9. He inked some of his own tattoos

In addition to being a talented musician, Post Malone is also a tattoo artist. When you see the tattoos that are all over his body you're looking at some of his artwork proudly displayed. He has been thoughtful in inking tattoos on his fingers and his hands of artists who have served as a powerful influence upon him musically. He also inked a tattoo of a snake that is coiled around a rifle, located on his triceps. This is to show his belief of the sanctity of the 2nd Amendment. He also has a tattoo of Lil Peep, the late rapper on his arm.

10. He was inspired by a video game

Here is a little known fact about Post Malone that we learned when looking into his interesting history. He revealed that when he first became interested in playing guitar it was because of a popular video game that he enjoyed playing. The name of the game is Guitar Hero. He's not alone because a great many have been inspired to learn guitar because of the game. It helps you to get established with the rhythms of the music across a wide variety of genres.

11. He went to college

Post Malone graduated from high school. Afterwards he enrolled in Tarrant County College, but he didn't complete his degree and he dropped out. He got together with an old friend named Jason Probst and the two of them moved to Los Angeles, California. Jason was a professional game streamer. This would put him in a good location for entering the music scene and although it's not advisable to drop out of college before finishing, Post made a choice that would determine his future and influence his ability to promote his budding career, leading him to a fulfilling life in the music scene.

12. There's an interesting story behind his stage name

Austin Post shared that he selected his professional stage name when he was in his early teens. He retained his last name, which is Post, but he changed his first name. There have been rumors and speculations that he chose Malone because it was the last name of a pro basketball player, but Post himself dispelled all of the rumors and he told it like it was. He actually used a "rap name generator" which produced the name Post Malone.

13. He's had his share of criticism

Post Malone is a very popular musician with a large following of fans of his music, but not everyone appreciates his contributions. Some have even resorted to name calling, calling him a "culture vulture" on many occasions. This is for appropriating the culture of African Americans in his personal style and in his music. Malone shared that his white skin has been used as a weapon against him by some who are on the defensive and in attack mode because they don't like the way he represents.

14. Post Malone had enough and fought back

Post Malone is a celebrity personality and there isn't much that he does that goes unnoticed. The term "culture vulture" is highly offensive to him as it would be to anyone. There have been a lot of comments made about him and in January of 2018, the rapper had finally had enough. He became intoxicated and it finally got the best of him. While under the influence, he broke out into a major rant and went on a verbal rampages against all those who had labeled him as a "culture vulture." He followed up in an interview where he admitted that being a white rapper brings on its own kinds of struggles.

15. He is a big JFK fan

Post Malone is a big fan of the late US president John F. Kennedy. He even has a tattoo of him on his arm. He believes that president Kennedy was the only leader to stand up against government corruption. He holds the Kennedy administration in high regard. Post Malone joins a lot of Americans in this belief and his political views are not made secret. He's very open about his feelings and he's not afraid to speak up for his beliefs.

16. He's not fan of president Trump

Post Malone has been vocal about his beliefs that neither Donald Trump nor Hillary Clinton would have been his first choice for the office of the president of the United States. During the last election campaigning period, he was supportive of Bernie Sanders as a candidate of choice. Although he feels this way, when asked if he would perform for the Donald Trump inauguration, he said that it was something that he would not be opposed to.

17. His home was recently robbed

Post Malone resides in Los Angeles, California currently. This is not his only home though. He also has a 13,000 home in northern Utah which is valued in the multiple millions. We learned that his old home which is located in the San Fernando Valley in California was robbed in the Fall of 2018. Post currently lives in Los Angeles, California.[106] He also has a multimillion-dollar 13,000-square-foot home in northern Utah.[107] Post's old home in San Fernando Valley, California was robbed on September 1, 2018.[108] Post was in a three year long relationship with Ashlen Diaz, ending in November 2018.[81]

18. He had a very scary flight

Post Malone was on an airplane which was departing from Teterboro Airport on a trip to London's Luton Airport. The date was August 21, of 2018. He had a really scary experience when the aircraft was attempting to take off and the tires blew out. This was a scary incident and the airplay had to be rerouted to Stewart International Airport where it made an emergency landing. Nobody was injured in the incident but it could have ended up being a very bad situation.

19. Some pray for his safety and some wish death on him

We were shocked and saddened to hear that when Post Malone was aboard a disabled aircraft and he Tweeted about it, there were those who actually wished him death on the social media site. This is bad form, even when you consider someone to be an enemy. There were also those who expressed their concern and they even shared that they were praying for him. He thanked them for their prayers and dropped the F bomb on those who had made the death wishes.

20. He was in a car crash

In September of 2018, Post Malone was involved in an automobile accident. Malone was driving his Rolls Royce in the Santa Monica area in the early morning. He collided with another car at approximately 3:30 int eh morning. There were no serious injuries or deaths in the incident but there were several people who were injured in the accident and were seen in the hospital. This was a close call for the famous rapper who is now a very rich man at the tender young age of just 23. Post Malone has had a few close calls in his life and his true fan are just happy that he's survived all of the mishaps so far.

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