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How Puma has Ridden Celebrity Partnerships to Success

Athletic retailer Puma is making waves with celebrity endorsements in its already powerful brand which is topping the charts in sales and increased popularity. The company has recently announced its quarterly report and the earnings show a significant increase or forty seven percent, which brings their pre-tax earnings total to sixty six million. This figure exceeds the forecasts for the year and the German retail company is thrilled with their current success.

What is the driver for Puma's current surge in sales?

It is obvious that there are a few new elements that are responsible for the rise in popularity and sales of Puma brand products. New partnerships that have been formed with Usain Bolt and singer Rihanna offer the endorsements that are stimulating a greater interest in the brand and causing an increase in sales. Puma execs do attribute their new and profitable partnerships to their recent success.

The company's campaigns includes a specific theme and the stars they've partnered with are serving as powerful influencers who send the message of empowerment which is a timely theme at this point in the development of our nation and the changes which have recently been taking place with the political climate and new elections of officials. The theme strikes a chord that resonates with the public and Rihanna as brand ambassador is the perfect representative.

She's been on board with Puma in this capacity since 2014 and is still going strong, representing her Fenty x Puma collection. This line had its launch this September and Rihanna presented it herself at Paris Fashion Week.

Partnering with influencers is the new trend in retail sales marketing

This is believed to be the best strategy that the company has employed as their representative has a very large fan base and followers are taking not of the choices that the star is making so they can emulate her down to the detail. The use of influencers is becoming more widespread throughout the retail marketing arena. Most major fashion retailers are seeing positive results from the combination of traditional marketing strategies and the use of major celebrities to wear their new dedicated lines.

Influencers do promote the products verbally, but just as importantly, they are sporting them a a part of their chosen attire and this appears to have an even greater impact on fans who clamor to find the latest fashions that their beloved celebrities have been seen wearing. It's a brilliant move on the part of advertisers and it's beginning to catch on as a new means of reaching potential buyers with the message that they want to send, yet in a more understated way that seems to have a tremendous psychological effect. it's all good and it's driving sales though the roof.

Confidence and poise

Rihanna is a good choice for reaching women with the message of empowerment. This powerful celebrity has built an amazing career for herself and she wears her new Puma collection well. Along the same lines, Puma has also launched their new "Do You" campaign in which they strategically aligned with Cara Delevigne for the purpose of further boosting female confidence world wide. Thematically, Puma is on the right track because the brand and the logo itself are powerful symbols that lennd themselves easily to the notion of empowerment.

Brand evolution

More and more the larger retail companies are realizing that they must change with the times and rise to the challenge of meeting the needs of a customer base that is constantly undergoing changes in demographics and demands. They are realizing the value of partnering with the most compatible characters to promote their new product lines which are aimed at certain segments of the population, particularly those with the largest numbers who are the most likely to become loyal customers.

Other companies showing success with influencers

Puma hasn't cornered the market on using this approach to marketing. We see the tremendous success that Nike has had with its endorsements by popular athletes such as Paul George, LeBron James and four or five others who have achieved success in the game. This method of advertising is serving as an inspiration for new models that are made specifically to highlight the achievements and traits of their representatives. This strategy not only promotes the products with remarkable effectiveness, it allows companies to develop new lines and expand them to reach an even greater number of consumers. Meeting consumers with the features that they show the greatest interest in is the name of the game for retailers. This is a part of how companies are changing to meet the ever evolving demands of consumers.

The impact of celebrity collaboration

Collaborations with celebrities as influencers allows each brand to reinvent their product lines and infuse fresh and sought after features. As in Puma's work with Rihanna, we're seeing how the products are incorporating new elements into the products that the representative can showcawse and it's working for stimulating a greater interest with the masses. Rihanna isn't the only celebrity influencer joining Puma's team. Successful and popular in his Olympic performance, Usain Bolt has also made a big contribution to the popularity of the Puma line with running shoes and clothing lines dedicated to sparking interest with fans of the popular runner.

Using celebs as spokesmen and women as well as influencers have been teh best moves that retail companies could have possibly made. Of course, it is vital to select the right celebrities who can realistically promote the intended theme of the campaign for each product line, but this is the exciting part. It encourages consumers who once waited for items to come on sale to go out and purchase them at full price, which has been a tremendous boon for the companies as reflected on their quarterly revenue reports.

Final thoughts

Puma has joined the ranks and is enjoying the success shared by other popular retailers who realize the value of celebrity partnerships. They're better able to assess what the consumers want and are fully empowered within themselves, to expand their product lines in order to please a voracious crowd of customers who are looking for new products to emulate their idols. It's a win win situation for everybody involved.

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