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20 Things You Didn't Know About Quantexa

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Quantexa is a technology startup that offers its clients a platform for dynamically generating the context required for the automation of operational decisions across multiple business units. It's made the news with its popular AI-powered software solutions as well as its recent venture capital funding rounds that have raised millions for its expansion. If you're not familiar with the tech startup, here are 20 things you probably didn't know about Quantexa.

1. Quantexa is a versatile company

Quantexa is listed for different industries because of the scope of its products and service. It provides a software platform that is powered by artificial intelligence. It also provides clients with useful analytics, as well as tools for managing big data. The fourth category that it falls under is compliance because it helps companies to maintain the required safety standards for privacy, risks management, fraud prevention, and more, according to Crunchbase.

2. Quantexa is still a young company

Quantexa has grown in its size, reputation, and productivity in a short time, which is a part of the reason it's getting so much press in the media. It's uncommon for a young company to grow and thrive so quickly. The startup was founded in 2016, and it is entering its fifth year of operation. While most businesses are just starting to become established, Quantexa has surpassed that level of growth and development by leaps and bounds.

3. Quantexa is a British company with global ties

The headquarters of Quantexa is located in London, England. It has expanded its operations to include offices throughout several major cities in the world. Quantexa's reach is extended through its offices in Melbourne and Sydney, Australia, Singapore, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Brussels, Belgium, and New York, New York, USA. This puts it in the category of a global business. The legal name is Quantexa Limited.

4. Quantexa is led by a 13-member executive leadership team

The leadership team at Quantexa is comprised of thirteen members. Imam Hoque is a co-fouer, CPO, and COO of the company. Laura Hutton is in charge of fraud and financial markets products as well as the chief product officer. Vishal Marria is a founder and chief executive officer. Mark Harrison is the CSO. Duncan Paul is the senior sales platform lead. Alexon Bell is in charge of compliance products. They are joined by 7 others in high leadership positions. This is the core leadership team that has established a strong track record for succeeding at achieving established goals for the company.

5. Quantexa's Leadership Team in Detail

If you're interested in learning more about the leadership team at Quantexa, it can be found on their website.

6. Quantexa uses a complicated array of technologies

The Quantexa website is powered by a complex orchestration of fifty-eight technologies which are distributed across 28 technology products and services. Some of them are iPhone Mobile Compatible App Mobile Web Clips Icon, Viewport Meta, jQuery, HTML5, Google Analytics, and dozens more. Although users experience a smooth and seamless experience when viewing and interacting within the website, a lot is going on behind the scenes.

7. Quantexa has a high overhead cost for IT

Although Quantexa has not disclosed the amount that it spends annually on IT expenses, it is clear that the line item for the budget for IT is high. The kinds of technology products and services that it relies upon are not cheap. They often run into tens of thousands of dollars per year for most businesses. When looking at the scope and scale of the tech required for this startup, we can safely assume that the costs per year are more than $100,000.

8. Quantexa maintains its uniqueness from its competition

Another factor that likely contributes to the success of Quntaxa is that it offers unique products and services for its clientele that cannot be copied or imitated by its competition. We discovered that Quantexa has two registered trademarks in the scientific and electric apparatus and instruments category. What this means is that the trademarks prevent any other providers from legally using similar technologies or services, giving them an unimitable edge within the industry.

9. Quantexa is experiencing rapid growth

The analytics that tracks the monthly statistics for Quantexa shows that the company is experiencing a growth in the interest in its products and services. The monthly visit growth rate has jumped by 231.78 percent in the last 30 days. The average number of monthly visits to the site is 8,948, giving it a rank of number 1,244,367 of the millions of registered websites on the world wide web.

10. Quantexa is most popular in the United Kingdom

The largest percentage of visitors that make up the web traffic for Quantexa is from the United Kingdom. Forty-six percent of the web traffic is from this region. The monthly visits growth over the past 30 days has increased by 75.45 percent. Thirty-six percent of visitors are from the United States. Ten percent are from India, four percent from Australia, and four percent are from Greece.

11. Quantexa is a late-stage venture capital-backed company

According to Techcrunch, Quantexa has attracted the attention of several significant venture capital investors. These are firms that have confidence in the company's ability and potential for providing a reasonable return on the investment through its future profitability. So far Quantexa has participated in six rounds of venture capital fundraising and has raised a total of $241 million. The most recent round of Series D funding was completed on July 13, 2021.

12. Quantexa helps prevent financial crime

We also learned that one of the most significant benefits that Qauntexa's AI solutions have to offer is the prevention of crime. It's a platform that provides tools to help combat the sophisticated criminal activities that so many big companies are facing with hackers taking their data hostage in ransom schemes. Quantexa provides protection that helps businesses protect their data from such criminal attacks and invasions with technologies that keep them one step ahead of the cyberthieves.

13. Quantexa detects other illegal activities

Hackers are not the only kinds of cybercriminals that represent a risk and threat to big businesses. Some companies are misused for money laundering schemes that often go undetected. It uses artificial intelligence technology to detect and prevent money laundering as well as fraud and other kinds of illicit activities.

14. The latest VC round brought in $153 million

The most recent round of Series D venture capital funding that closed in July of 2021, brought in a large infusion of funding. Investors raised $153 million for the expansion of Quantexa's services and reach. Quantexa confirmed that the funding is earmarked for providing its tools in a wider context and to link up the dots around customers and other kinds of data for greater protection levels. It's necessary to stay on top of this technology as it is constantly changing and evolving.

15. Quantexa is diversifying its operations

Quantexa has expanded outside of its original area of financial services and now works with a broader segment of the world's population. It provides its services to telcos and insurance, to healthcare companies as well as the government. It has made substantial expansions into these new territories and is now a part of the new digital transformation that is taking place throughout every industry.

16. Quantexa is an emerging unicorn

The most recent round of VC funding has placed Quantexa at a valuation that is somewhere between $800 to $900 million. Although it is not quite at the unicorn status level, it's just a breath away. Just one more round of investor funding would likely push it over the top of the required $1 billion. It's quite close, and with the rate of growth at 108 percent in revenue increases, we will likely see that valuation take the startup to well over the billion-dollar mark shortly.

17. Quantexa has an impressive collection of investors

We were impressed by the 11 investors that put their faith and money into the success of Quantexa. The latest round of VC funding was led by Warburg Pincus, joined by Dawn Capital, Evolution Equity Partners, Albion VC, HSBC, British Patient Capital, and ABN AMRO Ventures.

18. Quantexa has big plans for its future

The leadership of Quantexa shared that there are plans in place for Quantexa to continue the research and development of yet more sophisticated technologies to protect big data and other clients. It has formed multiple partnerships with Microsoft, Google, Deloitte, and Accenture to help fill in some of the data gaps, and it will continue to add more partners to help in this quest. The work goes on with AI algorithms that process massive amounts of data which would take years for humans to process.

19. Quantexa is still a privately held business

You won't find Quantexa stock shares offered for sale on any public stock exchange because it isn't there. This company's leadership has kept it as a privately owned business that raises its funding through venture capital investments. So far, the strategy has worked quite well for the emerging unicorn. It's doing well in its handling of more than 60 billion records for a single engagement. It offers heavy-duty technology and services that are just what larger companies have a need, and they're making good use of the offer. Sixty percent of the business for Quantexa is from financial services companies that rely on their ability to maintain protection from cybercrooks. The remainder falls into other industry categories, most with big date collections to protect. Its work with government, insurance, healthcare, and other industries is starting to pick up. Wherever crime is possible, the solutions offered by Quantexa are applicable and it's just at the beginning of its exploration of vertical markets. This is good news for investors who also see the potential for yet more expansion of services, along with the gain of a larger piece of the market share of the business. The annual market is estimated to be worth about $114 billion so there are still plenty of areas that are yet to be tapped into.

20. Quantexa is a company to keep your eye on

The remarkable growth and success of Quantexa have made it an attractive target for big tech companies that would love to make it their next acquisition. Executives at Quantexa have confirmed this to be the case, but their preference at this point is to continue to operate Quantexa is a privately owned company that partners with them rather than becoming absorbed by them. The short-term plan is to continue with business as usual to see how things go. At this point, anything is possible, but there is a preference to maintain an independent future for Quantexa. They're not ruling out a possible acquisition under the right terms, but it's more likely that the owners and decision-makers will stay the current course and follow it through to a distant IPO. We may see Quantexa shares on the market in a few years but none of us are holding our breath.

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