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How Rachel Reynolds Achieved a Net Worth of $4 Million

Rachel Reynolds

When you hear the name Rachel Reynolds, you might not immediately know exactly who that is, especially if you don't routinely watch daytime game show “The Price is Right.” That's because these days, she spends the overwhelming majority of her time as a model on the show. In fact, she's been doing that particular job since 2003, all while simultaneously working in several other areas of the entertainment sector. Her work ethic has netted her a $4 million net worth. If you're curious to know exactly how she's made her millions, you’ve come to the right place.

Hard Work Personified

No one would ever question the fact that Reynolds works hard. The 40 year old is a native of Mandeville, Louisiana. When she was younger, she decided to attend Louisiana State University in order to study public relations. At the time, she was making ends meet by working as a cashier at a local grocery store. During one of her shifts, she was actually discovered by a modeling agency and offered a contract. As you might have already guessed, it didn't take long for her to decide to accept the contract. Almost immediately, she started modeling swimwear. From there, her career took off.

While she continued to model, she also landed acting roles in major television series and films, not the least of which included full-length feature film projects such as “Jack and Jill,” “Lonely Hearts” and “Cellular.” As far as the small-screen is concerned, her credits include projects such as “The Bold and the Beautiful,” “Scorpion,” “How I Met Your Mother” and “Wildfire.” The overwhelming majority of the time that she's been working on projects for television and film, she was simultaneously working as a model for “The Price is Right.”

A Distinguished Career

As a matter of fact, she distinguishes herself as one of the few individuals to have worked a significant amount of time for former host Bob Barker while also working for current host Drew Carey. Furthermore, she's become something of an icon because at 40 years of age, she is still giving the younger models on the game show a run for their money. In an industry that often values people based on their looks, especially when modeling for a gameshow, remaining an active participant in the business is something to be proud of. It's been reported that her outstanding work ethic (as well as her bubbly personality) is at least in part responsible for her remaining with the show for so long. In addition, she enjoys an annual salary of $600,000 from the show.

Head and Shoulders Above the Competition

When compared to virtually every other model that is currently starring on “The Price is Right,” she definitely outperforms them in terms of both longevity and in salary. As a matter of fact, her $600,000 annual salary is roughly six times more than virtually every other model on the show. That being said, it's important to remember that modeling for the show isn't the only thing she does.

She's often called upon to model swimwear or other lines of clothing to this day, especially by companies such as Venus Swimwear. She's also served as a trophy model for the Daytime Emmys for three years running, beginning in 2004. While she's doing all of this, she also remains active in the film and television industry as an actress. As if that's not enough to keep her busy, she also works as both a producer and a screenwriter.

A Rapidly Growing Net Worth

It's definitely worth noting that her net worth is rapidly growing, especially when you consider the fact that just three years ago, her net worth was roughly half of what it is now, at $2.5 million. There is absolutely no doubt that her work on “The Price is Right” significantly contributes to her $4 million net worth as it currently stands, but she also gets royalties from all of the film and television appearances that she's done in the past.

At the same time, she's paid for other modeling contracts as well as her work as both a producer and screenwriter. To date, her work as a producer and screenwriter hasn't netted her a great deal of money, as she hasn't landed her first major successful project in that particular realm just yet. However, she has also been tied to modeling for print. VX Magazine is one of the first things that comes to mind. Clearly, all of this has contributed to her net worth over the years.


In 2010, she married professional baseball player David Delucci. While it isn’t known exactly how much this marriage contributed to her net worth, it is known that the couple share some of their assets, including a home. Since both of them are in lines of work where there is a significant potential to earn a great deal of money, it only makes sense that this has increased her net worth. However, it is not responsible for the total increase in her net worth from $2.5 million to $4 million. Much of that can be attributed to the fact that she works in various areas of the entertainment industry, both in front of and behind the camera. Perhaps even more importantly, she works almost all the time.

At the end of the day, her secret to making a lot of money isn’t really all that different from most people. She has been consistently working hard for a number of years. Rachel openly admits that she’s never really been one to take a lot of time off. She enjoys her work. Therefore, she does as much of it as possible. That fact alone contributes to her overall net worth. It also makes it likely that her net worth will continue to grow exponentially over the next several years.

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