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10 Reasons To Check Out The Raynham Flea Market

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If a few hours of treasure hunting sounds like fun, you'll not want to miss a visit to Raynham Flea Market. Advertised as “New England’s premier flea market,” Raynham Flea Market boasts a countless array of vendors and a huge array of goods to browse. Whether you're looking for collectibles, sneakers, car parts, vinyl, furniture, electronics, or 101 other things, there's a very good chance you'll find it here. Next time you find yourself at a loose end on a Sunday, here are 10 reasons you should check out the Raynham Flea Market.

1. It's a guaranteed money-spinner

If your attic is in need of a clear-out, forget about organizing your own garage sale. Selling your junk at the Raynham Flea Market is a much easier solution. You're guaranteed a huge footfall, the advertising work is all done for you, and you could end up coming away with as much as $1000 in your back pocket. Registering as a seller is easy. According to the market's official website, you'll first need to decide if you want to rent an inside space or an outside one. If you opt for an indoor space, you'll need to make a reservation by contacting the market directly. Reservations are offered on a first come first served basis, so be sure to get your request in early. The reservation fee is $10 for all new exhibitors. The rate for renting a space is either $40 per Sunday or $154 for 4 consecutive Sundays. If you decide on an outdoor space, you can either make a reservation or simply show up at the market by 7 am to be assigned a space. The cost of an outdoor space is approx. $35, depending on size, season, and location.

2. It's cheap to visit

If you're looking for a fun, cheap way to spend your Sunday, look no further than the Raynham Flea Market. Admittance isn't free, but at just $1 for adults and 75 cents for seniors, it's not exactly going to break the bank. Children aged 12 or under go free providing they're accompanied by a paying adult. Just remember to bring plenty of spare cash with you anyway - you're going to need it for all the great finds you come across. It's also worth checking out the market's webpage before your visit for promotions like 'pay for one admittance, get the second free.'

3. It's easy to reach

If you'd rather not spend your weekend stuck in traffic or yelling at the Sat Nav, the Raynham Flea Market will come as a relief. As notes, the flea market is easy to reach from eastern Massachusetts. Located at the Intersections of Routes 24 & 44 West, it's an easy 50 minutes from Boston, 40 minutes from Worcester, 25 minutes from the Cape Bridges, and 30 minutes from Providence. To find it, take Exit 13 from Route 24 then take the first light on South Street.

4. It's huge

Raynham Flea Market bills itself as “New England’s premier flea market.” If size alone is anything to go by, it's hard to argue. The market is vast, covering a large indoor area and an even larger outdoor space. Inside, you'll find over 500 exhibitors spread over 60,000 square feet, along with 5 snack bars, a full restaurant, and several scrupulously clean restrooms. Outside, you'll find several hundred more dealers spread over an enormous 10-acre paved lot.

5. The prices are amazing

With a huge array of sellers offering everything from furniture to records, jewelry to prints, designer clothes to vintage hats, retro children's toys to the latest video games, you're almost guaranteed to find what you're looking for, plus a whole lot more besides. As you'd expect of a flea market, all the goods come with tiny prices.... but don't be afraid to ask for an even better deal. As The Spruce notes, seasoned flea market sellers are usually very happy to haggle - most will even price their items slightly higher to allow for negotiation room.

6. It'll transport you back in time

If you love a bit of nostalgia-fueled shopping, Raynham Flea Market should be right up your street. After all, where else are you going to find such a vast collection of VHS videos of your favorite childhood movies? Where else are you going to see so many classic '70s and '80s toys? Where else do '80s leg warmers rub shoulders with '90s popcorn tops and 19th-century military uniforms? Sure, there's a lot of brand new stuff as well, but if you want to see things you haven't come across for years, this is the place to head.

7. You'll never go hungry

If there's one thing that's guaranteed to work up an appetite, it's trawling through hundreds of flea market stalls. Fortunately, there's plenty of food stalls offering kettle corn, hotdogs, subs, fried dough, and a whole lot more. If you prefer a sit-down option, there's a restaurant to refuel at. There's also a beer stall for when you get thirsty.

8. It's got lots of handmade goods

Raynham Flea Market is about a lot more than retro toys and vintage brick-a-brack. Each week, you'll also find a vast array of plants, fresh flowers, produce and hand-made snacks. The selection of handicrafts, natural beauty products, and homemade candles are also worth checking out.

9. It's fun for the whole family

If you're looking for a venue the whole family can enjoy, Raynham Flea Market is ideal. Kids might not think a day browsing a market counts as fun, but just wait till they check out all the toys on sale. Needless to say, there's also plenty to keep the grown-ups happy to, whether that's sipping on some craft beer on the deck, stocking up on household items, or finding some spare parts for the car.

10. It's a great opportunity to meet people

As Sand Point Antique & Design Market says, some people find that meeting and chatting to new people at flea markets is even more enjoyable than the shopping opportunities. Most vendors love talking about their wares and anything else you care to mention as well. The same holds for other bargain hunters, who'll usually be happy enough to share what they've found and what they're looking for over a chat at the food stall.

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