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The 10 Richest Neighborhoods in San Diego

North City

San Diego has a lot to recommend it, including culture, history, and as many natural attractions as urban ones. Obviously, no city is perfect, and like most big metropolises, it's got its share of seedy, gritty areas.

But for every rough and ready neighborhood, there's another one that's dripping with appeal.... and money. As you'd expect, most of San Diego's most desirable neighborhoods are also its wealthiest. As to which are the very wealthiest, find out now as we take a look at the ten richest neighborhoods in San Diego.

Torrey Pines

10. Torrey Pines

In most cities, a median household income of $107,456 would mark a neighborhood out as something special. In fairness, it does in San Diego, and yet despite the staggering figure, it's still only enough to get Torrey Pines a tenth place position on our list.

Not that the residents probably care - they're having way too much fun on the Torrey Pines Golf Course and splashing their cash around the area's many chic boutiques and jewelry stores.

Wooded Area

9. Wooded Area

According to Area Vibes, the cost of living in Wooded Area is 25% higher than the San Diego average, real estate prices are 54% higher than the San Diego average, and rental prices are 52% higher than the San Diego average.

Fortunately, something else is way above average, too - the median income. Live here and you can expect to join the ranks of San Diego's wealthiest with a median income of $109,591.

Carmel Mountain Ranch

8. Carmel Mountain Ranch

If the prospect of bringing home $109,735 per year sounds appealing, you might want to consider the neighborhood of Carmel Mountain. Just be prepared to dig deep for the privilege. According to Niche, a single-family home in the neighborhood costs a whopping $636,470, over $400,000 more than the national average.

If you were thinking of saving a few dollars by renting, think again - with a median rental price of $2,250, a rental apartment here will cost you double what it would in most parts of the US. In fairness, you do get a lot of return for your investment. With great schools, safe streets, plenty of green areas, and a good selection of amenities, it's unquestionably one of San Diego's best neighborhoods.

Sabre Springs

7. Sabre Springs

By Home Snacks' reckoning, the residents of Sabre Springs are earning an almighty median household income of $112,046. As it turns out, they need to be - with a median home price of $551,371, this is clearly not the place for those on a shoestring budget.

So, what can you expect if you make the neighborhood your next home? A lot. With one of the lowest crime rates in San Diego, a welcoming community, and a healthy selection of cafes, restaurants, and boutiques, it's clear that as well as being one of the city's richest areas, it's also one of its finest.

Scripps Ranch

6. Scripps Ranch

Scripps Ranch and Sabre Springs have something in common - the same police officer. So low is the crime rate in both neighborhoods, just one officer has been assigned to patrol each.

That in itself should give you a clue as to the exclusivity of the neighborhood. In case it didn't, the plethora of chic boutiques, pretty parks, and good schools definitely should. As you'd expect, none of this comes for free.

If you want to move into the community, expect to part with just over $600,000 for a single-family house. Fortunately, most of the residents are earning enough not to bat an eye at the excruciating home prices.

Rancho Santa Fe

5. Rancho Santa Fe

Located just a short distance east of the very swanky neighborhood of Del Mar is Rancho Santa Fe, an equally high-class area where the average rent comes in at $2,585, the average list price comes in at $3 million, and where each square foot of space will cost you $555.

With sky-high prices like that, it's understandable why the neighborhood tends to attract the kind of people with money to burn. Should you decide to move in, you'll need to be bringing home a household income of over 90% higher than the US average if you want to keep up with the Joneses.

La Jolla

4. La Jolla

Stretched over 7 miles of sweeping coastline, the hilly neighborhood of La Jolla is pretty, affluent, and blessed with some amazing urban and natural attractions. With a sizeable population of around 46,000 residents, the neighborhood is big enough to cover a diverse range of incomes.

Even so, there are enough big earners to push the median income to an impressive $124,573. To put that into perspective, that means the average La Jolla household is earning 125% more than most people around the US.

As is so often the case, high incomes go hand in hand with high property prices - expect to fork out a staggering $1,326,057 if you want to buy a single-family home here.

Del Mar Heights

3. Del Mar Heights

The hilly, upscale community of Del Mar Heights has long been one of San Diego's most desirable neighborhoods, not to mention one of its most expensive. Most households are earning around $125,086 per year. Despite being an envy-inducing figure, they may have less cash to play with than you'd think, thanks in no small part to an immensely steep median home value of $1,102,320.

Carmel Valley

2. Carmel Valley

The scenic river valley of Carmel Valley has been attracting the rich and the famous to its borders for decades. It's understandable why. When good looks were being handed out, Carmel Valley was at the head of the queue.

With its endless opportunities for recreation, its sublime views, and its scores of pretty mansions, it's unquestionably one of San Diego's most beautiful areas. It's also one of its richest, with a median income of $146,086 and a median home value of $800,133.

North City

1. North City

Finally, we come to San Diego's richest neighborhood. With a median household income of $146,445 and a median home value of $1,111,200, this is clearly not the place for people on a tight budget. If you do have a big enough income to take the average listing price in your stride, you can expect an outstanding neighborhood blessed with a great range of amenities, excellent schools, and plenty of attractions.

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