The 10 Richest People in Haiti

Jean-Bertrand Aristide

Haiti is a country with only a handful of billionaires in residence but there are some very rich families that call the popular vacation destination home. In the country, there are 10.8 million citizens with a staggering unemployment rate of 40.6 percent and an inflation rate of 14.7 percent, according to Forbes. Haiti has a free market economy where the rich can get richer with low labor costs, but the poor are hard-pressed to change their economic status with few jobs and low wages. We were curious about who is the richest person in Haiti, and who are the richest families? We did the research to discover the ten richest people in Haiti for 2021.

10. Michel Joseph Martelly Net Worth: $5 million

According to Batmanisback, Michel Joseph Martelly is the son of Gerard and Marie Martelly. he was born in Haiti, and spent time moving from Haiti to the United States. He spent a great deal of time in Floria. He returned to Haiti at the time when Jean Claude Duvalier was going into exile. Martelly was the president of Haiti prior to leaving. He was succeeded by Jocelerme Privert who took his place as interim president when Martelly was forced to resign amid allegations that he had committed fraud during the elections. This made it necessary for elections to be redone after audits found inconsistencies.

9. Philippe Dodard Net Worth: $102 million

According to TopMostTen, Philippe Dodard is a graphic artist and painter from Haiti who is the ninth richest person in the country with a net worth of $102 million. Mr. Dodard was born in 1954 in Port-au-Prince. He attended the PotoMitan art school with Frido Casimir, Patrick Vilarie, and Tiga Garoute. he won first prize at the Junior Seminary of St. Martial College in 1966 for one of his drawings. He also attended the Academy of Fine Arts in 1973. he worked as a model maker for a while, then launched his own audiovisual graphic arts studio. He specializes in Graphic Design Pedagogical. In addition to being a painter, sculptor, ironworker, and jewelry maker, he also tours to provide lectures on Haitian culture.

8. Clifford Apaid Net Worth: $350 million

Clifford Apaid attended Florida International University earning his bachelor’s degree in Information Systems Management, as well as a degree in Finance. He also earned a master’s degree in International Finance. Mr. Apaid is the vice president of the Apaid Group, in the manufacturing division. He also serves on the board of directors for the SOFIHDES Development Bank in Haiti and is on the board of the Haitian Association of Industries. He also manages the business affairs for the company in the United States as well as in the Dominican Republic.

7. Eric Jean Baptiste Net Worth: $500 million

Eric Jean Baptiste is a Haitian who is involved in the lottery industry in Haiti. He owns Pere Eternel, which is the second-largest lottery in the country. His estimated net worth is $500 million.

6. Marc Antoine Acra Net Worth: $600 Million

Marc Antoine Acra is a resident of Haiti known for his import and export company that does an annual business of $10 million in generating income. He is a Haitian businessman and philanthropist who attended Boston University, studying finance and marketing. He also attended MIT and has become an expert in management, sales, and marketing.

5. Eric Reginald Bolous Net Worth: $620 million

Eric Reginald Bolous has an estimated net worth of $620 million. He was born in 2956 and is a third-generation resident of Haiti with Lebanese/Haitian ancestry. He is the president of the National Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Haiti. He is a physician as well as an entrepreneur, a businessman, and a philanthropist. He also owns businesses that operate in the chain-store industry.

4. Jean Bertrand Aristide Net Worth: $ 800 million

Jean Bertrand Aristide is a well-known Haitian politician who was born in Port Salut, Haiti in July of 1953. He is a Salesian order Roman Catholic priest as well as a politician. He has made a name for himself representing the people of Haiti who suffer poverty and who are marginalized by the elite. He became the president of Haiti in 1991. He was absent from Haiti for a number o years after being exiled to South Africa and the Central African Republic but was able to return to Haiti in 2011. He was in exile for seven years before being allowed back into his home country.

3. Gregory Mevs Net Worth: $1 billion

Gregory Mevs owns one of the largest conglomerates in the Caribbean with holdings under the WIN Group. His interests include baseball manufacturing, a $10 million cement plant in Haiti, cooking oils, industrial parks, and other industries including warehousing and industry. Gregory Mevs and his family are among the richest persons in Haiti for 2021. The Mevs families have interests in various different industries throughout Haiti and they’re considered to be one of the richest and most powerful families throughout the country.

2. Gilbert Bigio Net Worth: $1.2 billion

According to Wikipedia, Gilbert Bigio is a retired businessman and Haitian billionaire. he founded the GB Group which has prospered and grown to make him the second richest person in the country of Haiti. He is the leader of the Haitian Jewish Community and serves as an honorary consul to the nation of Israel. His family emigrated to the country of Haiti in 1896, and Gilbert is a native Haitian.

1. Denis O Brien Net Worth: $6.8 billion

According to Quora, Denis O’Brien is the richest person in Haiti. he is an Irishman who has made billions of dollars through his investments in Digicel, the largest telecom company in Haiti. He went from nearly nothing to a large fortune with a near-monopoly on the Haitian phone market.

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