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How Keemstar Achieved a Net Worth of $2 Million


Keemstar is a YouTuber and streamer who is best known for hosting DramaAlert, an Internet popular culture news show. He began his online career in 2009 and now has a large online following. The popularity of his YouTube channel means that Keemstar’s net worth is now $2 million. Here is how this YouTuber became so rich.

Early Years and Personal Life

Daniel Keem was born in Buffalo, New York, on March 8, 1982, says Wikipedia. Professionally, Daniel Keem is known as Keemstar, DJ Keemstar, and Killer Keemstar. Although he does not often discuss his family, he has a brother, a sister, and a young daughter called Mia. Little else is known about his personal life, other than that he is a Trump supporter, and he has expressed his support in tweets on Twitter.

His YouTube Career

Daniel Keem is best known for his career as a YouTuber. He first appeared on YouTube in 2009, when another gamer recorded him talking trash on a Halo3 video. This video was then uploaded onto YouTube, which was something Keem was not aware of until later when people sent him messages about the video.

He launched his channel XDJKEEMSTAR later in the same year. The channel was devoted to reporting news relating to the YouTube community. However, this channel was terminated in 2014, by which time he had already launched a separate YouTube news channel called DramaAlert in 2013.

It is DramaAlert for which Keemstar is best known, and this has taken various forms and had several variations of the name over the years as the channels have been terminated. The original was called DramaAlertNation, but this was terminated from YouTube. Keem immediately launched TheDramaAlert channel, which was also terminated in early 2014.

Post Termination

Following the termination of that channel, he relaunched his newsfeed under the name FreeDramaAlert, which was also terminated in June 2014. Although it is unknown why YouTube terminated these channels, there is speculation that it relates to reports of toxicity and controversy.

Keemstar relaunched using the name NewDramaAlert, and this is the current YouTube channel available to watch. The channel is owned and operated by Ryan Thompson, Keemstar’s manager, to comply with YouTube policies and avoid violations.

It is a hugely successful YouTube channel, and it has approximately 5.5 million subscribers. In total, the channel has received around 1.3 billion accumulated views from all the video posts on the channel.

Keemstar’s Podcasts

In addition to his YouTube channel, Keemstar is also a podcast host. According to Fandom, he is the co-founder and host of ‘Baited! Podcast’. His co-hosts for the podcast were initially Tommy C and Colossal is Crazy, although Keemstar replaced them following a row over wages.

This podcast series ran from 2016 to 2019. The topics covered on the podcast were predominantly current events relating to the YouTube community. It was an instant hit and reached the top 20 in the iTunes chart. Keemstar announced the end of ‘Baited!’ in 2019 and replaced it with ‘Mom’s Basement,’ which was launched in March 2020. His co-hosts are Colossal Crazy and FaZe Banks. The podcast covers YouTube news, and the guests are predominantly YouTubers.

Controversies Linked to Keemstar

Keemstar is known as much for controversial issues as he is for his success as a YouTuber and Podcast host. He was linked to controversies before he even launched his own YouTube Channel. It is due to his controversial comments and behavior that Keemstar has had five YouTube accounts closed down.

His first controversy was in 2008 when he became involved in an argument with a moderator called Alex. Keem made a racist slur against Alex, for which he later apologized. Keemstar’s next controversy involved him tweeting a fellow YouTuber called Total Biscuit who had just been diagnosed with terminal cancer. Keemstar said that he could not wait to report the sick Youtuber’s death.

Again, he later apologized for these comments. Keemstar again upset a fellow YouTuber when he commented about Jake Paul’s former girlfriend, Erika Costell. He compared her body to another YouTuber who suffers from an eating disorder.

Additional Controversy

A further controversy involved Keemstar receiving criticism and blame for the suicide of YouTuber Etika. When Etika was a guest on DramaAlert, he claimed to believe he was living in a simulation. Keemstar suggested that he just jump off a cliff if it was only a simulation.

Etika later committed suicide, and many linked his death to comments made by Keemstar. Allegedly, Etika’s mother defended Keemstar and said it was not his fault. Most recently, Keemstar has been involved in two controversial issues in 2020. First, he was in a feud with Ethan Klein when Klein posted an expose about Keemstar.

It resulted in G Fuel ending their sponsorship with Keemstar. Then, Keemstar caused an uproar by showing his support for Islamic Extremism and ISIS. He posted a tweet mocking the terror attack during an Ariana Grande performance in Manchester in 2017. Although he later deleted the tweet, it then led to a Twitter spat with Lady Gaga.

DJ Keemstar’s Net Worth

According to Celebrity Net Worth, DJ Keemstar’s net worth is $2 million. He has predominantly made his fortune through his YouTube channel. He earns money through his YouTube channel through a combination of advertising revenue and sponsorship deals. Keemstar has also made money in a similar manner from his podcasts.

A further way that Keemstar has made money is by charging fans $20 for him to add them to his friends list on Twitter. On this social media site, he currently has more than two million followers.

If his online success and popularity continues, Keemstar has the potential to continue to grow his wealth. However, his constant links to controversial issues have the potential to limit his chances of financial and professional success.

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