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15 Richest WWE Wrestlers in 2024 (+Their Net Worth)

Richest WWE Wrestlers in 2023

The global entertainment, licensing, and media brand known as WWE – or World Wrestling Entertainment, LLC (2023) is a publicly-traded company that was founded in the mid-1950s.

Since its inception as an “entertainment-based performance/art concept,” WWE has created heroes and s-heroes - characters who play scripted roles in storylines/feuds that often endure for several seasons/years – depending on how fans/sponsors react to current storylines.

Many WWE stars (and the WWE villains fans love to hate) are often top-ranked athletes who previously excelled in related (and sometimes unrelated) sports fields. However, as WWE superstars, these athletes have found a large enough stage to highlight their athletic prowess and their star potential. Often, this leads to further success/wealth outside the wrestling entertainment biz- in the form of financially lucrative deals - other acting gigs, product endorsements, and more.

How We Compiled the List?

WWE’s Stamford, CT global headquarters manages its global viewership, which is an estimated one billion – watching in 30 languages through a network of international offices. According to Statista, as a business entity, WWE’s 2022 revenue was an impressive $1.3 billion.

The richest person related to the wrestling industry/business is Vince McMahon – who, after retiring, decided to return to the helm of WWE as the company’s CEO and Chairman. And while McMahon (and other family members) have sporadically made an appearance in the ring, his influence on the sport and the wealth he has amassed is more directly attributed to his presence as –

  • A business executive.
  • A behind-the-scenes promoter.
  • An on-screen WWE authority figure.

Still, with a Forbes net worth of $2.6 billion (2023), he is contributions and remarkable success are worth highlighting.

However, to curate a list of the 15 richest WWE wrestlers, we reviewed current data from both traditional unbiased news sources (AP, Reuters, etc.) as well as wrestling-industry-related magazines and websites that offer insider perspectives, along with in-depth analyses of WWE stars and their fortunes –

Here is the List of the 15 Richest WWE Wrestlers

When it comes to net worth, these are the 15 richest WWE Superstars in 2023 -  

15. Adam Joseph Copeland

  • Net Worth - According to Pulse Sports, Copeland’s net worth is estimated at $14 million.
  • Sources of Income – actor, promoter, endorsements, game show participants, and more.
  • Career Highlights – first wrestler to win all three championships – the 2001 King of the Ring, the 2020 Royal Rumble, and the 2005 Money in the Bank Ladder/Match at WrestleMania.
  • Current Status -He returned and won the 2020 and the 2021 Royal Rumble match. Currently works for AEW as a promoter.
  • Signature Move – Edgecutor, Winning Edge, Con-Char-to, and more.
  • Nickname – Edge and Damon Striker.
  • Interesting Fact – he earned a radio broadcasting diploma to help his mother pay bills as a young man.
  • Social Media Following – The Edge has more than 7 million followers on Facebook and another 2 million on Instagram.

Adam Copeland is a Canadian wrestler who essentially retired due to neck injuries after an incredibly successful career that spanned nearly twenty years – from 1992 to 2011 – although he made a successful return a decade later. He began training as a wrestler when he won an essay writing contest – with first prize being free training at a local gym in Toronto.

14. Maryse Mizanin

  • Net Worth - According to Pulse Sports, Mizanin’s net worth is estimated at $14 million.
  • Sources of Income – Endorsements as a wrestler, acting, real estate, modeling, and more.
  • Career Highlights – known for being arrogant, snobby, and cocky in the ring.
  • Current Status – Retired from pro wrestling.
  • Signature Move – The finishing move is known as the French Kiss – with the second finisher known as the French TKO.
  • Nickname – Maryse.
  • Interesting Fact – Her first language is French, but she can speak English and read Spanish.  
  • Social Media Following – Maryse has more than 2.1 million Instagram followers.

Maryse Mizanin (nee Ouellet) is a Canadian-American professional wrestler, actress, martial arts black belt, model, businesswoman, and reality star who is married to another WWE superstar. She hosts several TV shows and has made film and television appearances outside her career as a wrestler. She won the 2003 Miss Hawaiian Tropic Canada and appeared on the calendar cover of the 2007 Playboy’s Girls of Canada.

13. Bill Goldberg

  • Net Worth - According to Pulse Sports, Goldberg’s net worth is estimated at $14 million.
  • Sources of Income – he became a franchise player and the highest-paid World Championship Wrestling wrestler. Goldberg also earns income as an actor, recently working, ironically, on the sitcom The Goldbergs.
  • Career Highlights – Considered as one of the most intense professional wrestlers of all time.
  • Current Status – in his 50s, Bill is retired but open to the right offer of a retirement match. He also donates time/money to children’s and animal welfare charities.
  • Signature Move – The Jackhammer finisher, often set up by the spear.
  • Nickname – Bill Gold or Goldberg.
  • Interesting Fact – in the late 1990s, he held the longed undefeated streak in wrestling singles competition.
  • Social Media Following – Goldberg has more than 3 million Instagram followers.

William Scott Goldberg, whose father was a medical doctor educated at Harvard and Johns Hopkins University, first attended the University of Georgia on a scholarship, playing for the defense of the school’s Bulldogs. He played professionally for the NFL and the CFL until a significant abdominal injury made it challenging to play pro football again.

12. Roman Reigns/ Leatli Joseph Anoa’I

  • Net Worth - According to Clutch Points, Roman Reigns net worth is estimated to be $12 – 15 million.
  • Sources of Income – acting, wrestling promotion, endorsements, business ventures, video games, and more.
  • Career Highlights - he is referred to as the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion and is a multi-awarded athlete.
  • Current Status – still works with the WWE’s SmackDown brand.
  • Signature Move – Samoan Drop.
  • Nickname – Roman Reigns
  • Interesting Fact - In 2022, Roman Reigns became the longest-reigning Universal Champion.
  • Social Media Following – Roman Reigns has more than 100,00 followers on Facebook.

Leatli Joseph Anoa’I was born in Florida and is of Samoan heritage. Both his father and brother were wrestlers as well. He originally played collegiate football for Georgia Tech and even in the NFL (Vikings and Jaguars) and the Canadian Football League before changing careers.

11. Dave Bautista

Dave Bautista
  • Net Worth - According to Pulse Sports, Bautista’s net worth is estimated at $16 million.
  • Sources of Income – professional actors, endorsements, and more.
  • Career Highlights – played Drax the Destroyer in the Guardians of the Galaxy.
  • Current Status – retired from professional wrestling but acts in various roles on TV and in film.
  • Signature Move – Batista Bomb.
  • Nickname – Dave Batista, Deacon Batista, and more.
  • Interesting Fact – he completed and won one mixed martial arts fight in 2012 in which he scored a TKO.
  • Social Media Following – Bautista has more than 10 million followers on Facebook and another 4.1 million on Instagram.

David Michael Bautista Bautista is an American wrestler, martial artist, and actor. He has acted and guest-starred in several television shows as both himself and in character as the wrestler Batista. Batista has appeared on several covers of magazines throughout his career, including FLEX and Muscle/Fitness.

10. Mark Calaway

  • Net Worth - According to, Levesque’s net worth is estimated at $17 million.
  • Sources of Income – business ventures, big/small screen acting, endorsements, video games, promotions.
  • Career Highlights – named as one of the greatest wrestlers in all of WWE history.
  • Current Status – retired.
  • Signature Move – The Last Ride and Chokeslam.
  • Nickname – Kane the Undertaker (1990), but began as a villain, Mean Mark, among others.
  • Interesting Fact - his ‘deadman’ gimmick was so popular – it was the Best Gimmick of the Year five years straight. he was inducted into the WWE 2022 Hall of Fame Class.
  • Social Media Following – The Undertaker has more than 21 million followers on Facebook and another 4 million on Instagram.

Mark William Calaway began the high-profile portion of his career in 1987; two years later, he signed with the WWF. Calaway has won multiple industry awards, including Match of the Decade (2000) and Match of the Year (2010 and 2011). In 2015, he won PWI’s Comeback of the Year.

9. Randy Orton

Randy Orton
  • Net Worth - According to CA Knowledge, Orton’s net worth is approximately $18 million.
  • Sources of Income – endorsements, acting, business ventures, WWE video games, reality TV, and more.
  • Career Highlights - has the 3rd-most championship wrestling reigns in history over his two-decade career and became the youngest in history (at 24) to win the WWE Heavyweight Championship.
  • Current Status – Orton still works with Raw Brand/WWE.
  • Signature Move – RKO – Randy Keith Orton.
  • Nickname – The Legend Killer.
  • Interesting Fact – he is a 3rd generation of professional wrestlers.
  • Social Media Following – Orton has more than 18 million followers on Facebook and another 6 million on Instagram.

Randall Keith Orton is a retired professional wrestler and actor who is still considered among the finest wrestlers of all time. After high school and a quick stint in the Marines, he realized professional wrestling offered great potential. Orton holds all sorts of records and accomplishments, including PWI’s Most Hated Wrestler of the Year and more.

8. Paul Donald Wight III

 Big Show
  • Net Worth - According to, Wight’s net worth is estimated at $20 million.
  • Sources of Income – wrestling, commentating, acting, endorsements, infomercials, reality television, and more.
  • Career Highlights – he was a seven-time world champion and 11-time tag-time champion, and he also held 23 total championships.
  • Current Status – currently acts in a variety of media.
  • Signature Move - Cobra Clutch Backbreaker, Show Stopper, Reverse Powerbomb, Chest Slap.
  • Nickname – The Giant - The Big Show.
  • Interesting Fact - Big Show, as his name suggests, is one of the biggest wrestlers in the world, measuring 7 feet tall and weighing 441 pounds.
  • Social Media Following – The Big Show has more than 3.5 million followers on Facebook and another 1.5 million on Instagram.

Paul Donald Wight II was originally a collegiate basketball player at Wichita State. He transferred schools and sports and began wrestling when he randomly met Danny Bonaduce through a local contest. This led to a meeting with Hulk Hogan – and an informal basketball game between the two.

7. Brock Lesnar

Champion Brock Lesner
  • Net Worth - According to, Lesnar’s net worth is estimated at $25 million.
  • Sources of Income – Endorsements during his professional career and championship purses.
  • Career Highlights -Was the youngest undisputed WWE champion at 25 after beating the Rock.
  • Current Status – Came out of retirement in 2021 as Cowboy Brock, continues feuds with major WWE players.
  • Signature Move – Fireman’s Carry Facebuster – Lesnar’s finishing move.
  • Nickname – The Next Big Thing
  • Interesting Fact – career was sidelined due to diverticulitis – a gastrointestinal disorder.
  • Social Media Following – Brock has more than 10 million Facebook followers and millions more on other platforms.

Brock Lesnar – a.k.a. the Beast Incarnate, is a former UFC star who won eight WWE World Championships. During his initial WWE run as a main attraction, fans called this the Ruthless Aggression era. Lesnar won the NCAA D-1 Heavyweight wrestling championship in 2000 as a senior at the University of Minnesota.

6. Chris Jericho

  • Net Worth - According to, Jericho’s net worth is estimated at $25 million.
  • Sources of Income – acting, music, theatre, television writing, comedy, and singing.
  • Career Highlights – considered one of the greatest pro wrestlers of all time – given his success and ability to reinvent himself throughout his professional career.
  • Current Status – still participates, making their debut with Pro Wrestling Guerrillas.
  • Signature Move – Walls of Jericho.
  • Nickname – Chris Jericho.
  • Interesting Fact – he is also a rock musician, which is included in his over-the-top characterization of a rock star in the ring. Recently appeared on The Masked Singer.
  • Social Media Following – Jericho has more than 4 million followers on both Facebook and Instagram.

Canadian-American wrestler Christopher Keith Irvine, whose father played for the NY Rangers (professional ice hockey), was born on Long Island, NY. He is a wrestler, rock musician/singer, and martial arts expert. Jericho became the first undisputed WWF Champion in 2001. Chris Jericho was inducted into the 2010 Hall of Fame class of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

5. Terry Bollea

Hulk Hogan
  • Net Worth - According to, Hogan’s net worth is estimated at $25 million.
  • Sources of Income – acting, business ventures, endorsements with companies like Rent-A-Center, and more.
  • Career Highlights – five-time WWF champion, with his first reign still ranked as the 3rd-longest in history.
  • Current Status – retired from wrestling, although still works in the entertainment industry in various capacities.
  • Signature Move – The leg Drop is his signature finisher move.
  • Nickname – Hulk Hogan.
  • Interesting Fact – his match in 1988 with Andre the Giant still holds the American record for television wrestling viewership – with 33 million viewers.
  • Social Media Following – Hulk Hogan has more than 7 million followers on Facebook and another 2 million on Instagram.

Terry Gene Bollea, or Hulk Hogan is one of the most recognized and famous wrestlers from the era of 1980s pro wrestling. His 6’7” height and nearly 300 pounds made him a monster in the ring, and he is often considered the largest attraction in wrestling history.

4. Steve Austin

Stone Cold Steve Austin
  • Net Worth - According to, Austin’s net worth is estimated at $30 million.
  • Sources of Income – acting, endorsements, business ventures, and brief stints with WWE.
  • Career Highlights – he became the face of pro wrestling’s Attitude Era – after winning six WWF Championships, three Royal Rumbles, and more.
  • Current Status – retired professional wrestler, currently acting.
  • Signature Move – Texas Cloverleaf and Mudhole Swamp.
  • Nickname -“Stone Cold,” but first, Stunning Steve and the Ring Master.
  • Interesting Fact – I first played college football at the University of North Texas.
  • Social Media Following – Steve Austin has more than 8.5 million followers on Facebook and another 6 million on Instagram.

Steven James Anderson had his breakout year in 1995 when he joined the WWE as Stone Cold. Austin was inducted into the 2009 Hall of Fame WWE and has had a successful acting career in movies that include The Expendables.

3. John Cena

John Cena
  • Net Worth - According to, Cena’s net worth is estimated at $65 million.
  • Sources of Income – acting, wrestling, music, TV, endorsements, and business ventures.
  • Career Highlights - Cena has secured a multitude of championships in WWE, notably clinching 16 World Championships, a record he shares with Ric Flair for the most in WWE history.
  • Current Status – currently works as one of the top-paying actors.
  • Signature Move - Stepover toehold Facelock, Five Knuckle Shuffle, and more.
  • Nickname – John Cena, Doctor of Thuganomics, The Prototype, Mr. P.
  • Interesting Fact -John Cena is actively involved in philanthropy and charitable work. John Cena has had the honor of granting over 650 wishes for the Make-A-Wish Foundation, which makes Cena among the top donors.
  • Social Media Following – Cena has more than 14 million followers on Facebook and another 20 million on Instagram.

John Felix Anthony Cena is a household name not only in the world of wrestling but also in most entertainment realms, including acting, music, and television. Cena is multi-talented and has managed to carve out a unique niche as one of WWE’s most iconic figures since its inception. In addition to his wrestling, John has been involved in various films and other entertainment projects. In fact, in some respects, he has become highly sought after by talent agents in Hollywood.  

2. Paul Levesque

Triple H
  • Net Worth - According to Sportskeeda, Triple H’s net worth is estimated to exceed $150 million.
  • Sources of Income -acting, author, endorsements, video games, bodybuilding ventures, and more.
  • Career Highlights – ranks among the top wrestlers of all time, according to legitimate sport ranking associations. Ranked 2010 Wrestler of the Year by the Baltimore Sun.
  • Current Status – currently is head of all content and the creative arm of WWE.
  • Signature Move – The Pedigree.
  • Nickname – Triple H (Hunter Hearst Helmsley), but began as Terra Ryzing, Jean-Paul Levesque,
  • Interesting Fact – he owns WWE NXT – and has had more than 400 action figures created in his image.
  • Social Media Following – Triple H has more than 12.5 million followers on Facebook and another 7 million on Instagram.

Paul Michel Levesque is an American businessman, actor, and retired pro wrestler. He has been a five-time Intercontinental champion and a 3-time world tag team champion. He now spends his time contributing as an actor to films, TV, and video games. Triple H was inducted into the Halls of Fame for the Boys as well as Girls Clubs of America and the International Sports Hall of Fame.

1. Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne Johnson
  • Net Worth - According to, The Rock’s net worth is estimated at $820 million.
  • Sources of Income – wrestling, acting, producing, business ventures, endorsements, and more.
  • Career Highlights – The Rock’s films have grossed over $3.5 billion in North America alone and more than $10 billion globally, which distinguishes him as one of the globe’s highest-grossing and highest-paid actors.
  • Current Status -
  • Signature Move – Rock Bottom.
  • Nickname - The Rock.
  • Interesting Fact – Johnson first accepted a University of Miami football scholarship and was a member of the 1991 championship team.
  • Social Media Following – The Rock has more than 84 million followers on Facebook and another 393 million on Instagram.

Dwayne Douglas Johnson is an American entertainment icon who began his career as a professional athlete. As the Rock, Johnson has millions of fans that range from young kids to middle-aged women – who tend to swoon over his looks and physique.

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