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10 Things You Didn't Know About the Royal Enfield Himalayan

Royal Enfield is known for its production of high-quality motorcycles and the Himalayan may have been one of its most highly anticipated models. Before its release there simply were not enough answers to the questions enthusiasts were asking, but now we're privy to the details. If you're not currently the owner of this very special bike, then here are 10 things you didn't know about Royal Enfield's Himalayan to satisfy your curiosity.

1. The Himalayan got a new engine

This was one of the first questions asked about RE's newest bike. It is equipped with an LS410 indicating the 411cc displacement and the long stroke with overhead camshafts that give it enhanced performance as well as efficiency. It's a single cylinder air cooled power plant. What makes the engine different from the rest is that Royal Enfield fitted it with an oil cooler to keep the engine lubrication cooler which optimizes efficiency and protects the engine from overheating. The redline for this engine is just below 7000 rpm.

2. The new suspension is a first for Royal Enfield

The new Himalayan is equipped with a rear monoshock suspension. This is a first for the manufacturer who came to realize the superior performance of the monoshock over the twin shock absorbers previously used. It has the added benefit of making the bike lighter as well as giving the bike enhanced handling and riding comfort. It's more reliable with telescopic, long-travel forks on the front.

3. The tires are dual purpose

In case you didn't know, the Himalayan is in the motorcycle class of adventure tourer. This calls for the use of dual-purpose tires, which make a huge impact on the riding comfort and performance. Royal Enfield went with CEAT dual purpose tires.

4. The new Himalayan is loaded with accessories

Another of the questions asked about the new Himalayan before its release was about the accessories. When you're awaiting a new adventure tourer, the mind can wander with all the neat accessories that are available. We're all aware of the fact that Royal Enfiled is known for its creation of lots of accessories and the Himalayan is no exception. The brand offers s ton of customization options which include factory produced and approved options. It comes stock with rash guards, side panniers and crash cans for fuel. There's a lot more that the manufacturer has available so if you're looking for a bike to customize, with lots of touring accessories, then Royal Enfield'sHimalayana would be a good choice.

5. The touring features are vastly improved

For those of you who plan to spend hours on the road, there is good news with the new Himalayan. Refinements in the motor have made some serious reductions in the engine vibration. This means that you'll experience less fatigue when you're riding for long stretches of time.

6. It's made for a niche audience

The new Himalayan was made with features that are designed to entice the group of riders who are proficient but are at the stage of riding smaller bikes and looking to make an upgrade to the next size up. It's an easy bike to ride and to handle. The power is a step up from the 150cc and it's made especially for the riders that are ready to take it up a notch.

7. The fuel efficiency and range is improved

Heres another cool feature that riders will enjoy in the new Himalayan. It comes with a 14-liter fuel tank.
It gets somewhere between 30 to 35 mpl thanks to the new motor. This will give it an approximate range between 400 and 500 km in travel distance in between fill-ups.

8. There is no ABS

This is one of the things about the new Himalayan that some riders won't appreciate. Royal Enfield made the decision to include disc brakes on the front and rear but they left off the anti-lock braking system for the time being. It may become an option in the future but for right now, they were trying to keep the retail price low and this was the way that they chose to do so.

9. Off-road handling is remarkable

This is another important fact about the Royal Enfield Himalayan that people need to know. It was tested over a variety of different surfaces that ranged from a smooth tarmac to rocky, snowy, slushy dirt and gravel roads. It was even taken over pothole dotted surfaces to test its performance under all types of adverse road conditions. It passed with flying colors as the best handling Royal Enfield motorcycle made to date.

10. You'll notice the smoothness

When you compare the comfort of the ride with the Himalayan with other Royal Enfield models, you'll be able to appreciate the difference immediately. Thanks to the smooth running of the engine and some design tweaks, the vibration is at an all-time low. You'll notice the difference in the handlebars as well as the footpegs.

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