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The 10 Safest Places to Live in St. Louis


St. Louis is a large city with a dense population and areas of high crime. Not every part of this region is dangerous though. There are some ideal suburbs and outlying areas that actually have excellent safety ratings along with low crime rates. We checked the facts on, along with other reputable data collection sites to find the safest places to live in St. Louis.

These neighborhoods are ranked for their safety, their affordability, the many options they have for keeping your family happy and safe, and many other features. Each one has good schools, many of these neighborhoods feature walkability, which means fewer cars on the road. Each one is a good neighborhood in which families, couples, and singles can live, work, and play near the city without being inside the city limits.

It's the epitome of suburban living with proximity to bigger city entertainment and fun - but without the high crime rates and lack of safety. provides data for five St. Louis suburbs with the lowest crime rates and Safewise lists the safest places to live in the state of Missouri providing us with two of the best St. Louis suburbs to round out our list.

Webster Grove

10. Webster Grove

Webster Grove is an affluent suburb in St. Louis with a population of 22,873 residents. It is an affluent city that has a remarkably low crime rate of just 1.09 per 1,000. The chances of becoming a violent crime victim are only a little over 1 in 1,000. The risk of having a property crime committed against you are also low at 7.17 in 1,000.


9. Kirkwood

Kirkwood is also a suburb of St. Louis with a population of 27,670 residents. The odds of becoming the victim of a violent crime when living in this area are a little over 1 in 1,000. The property crime rate, however, is higher, but still better than many St. Louis neighborhoods at 13.77 in 1,000.


8. Eureka

Eureka is a suburb of St. Louis with a smaller population of 10,626 residents. The violent crime rate is low with the odds of falling victim just a little more than 1 in 1,000. The property crime rates, however, are a little higher with a rate of 12.23 per 1,000. The major attraction in Eureka is the Six Flags Amusement Park.


7. Cottleville

Cottleville has a population of 5,670 residents. It is a small community in St. Louis that is more affluent than some others, although not the wealthiest. The violent crime rate for 2020 was down to 0.9 from a 2018 figure of 1.2 per 100K. The property crime rate is 2.6 per 100,000 down from 4.8 the previous year, showing a decline in all types of crimes committed.


6. Glendale

Glendale is a suburb of St. Louis with a small community of just 5,581 residents, and a higher level of affluence with a considerably higher median income than Cottleville. The violent crime rate for 2020 was just 0.5 per 100,000 with a property crime rate of 5.4 per 100,000. This also reflects a downward trend in property crimes for the 12 month period with violent crime rates remaining the same.


5. Ballwin

Ballwin is a suburb of St. Louis with a population of 30,151 residents. The odds of a violent crime happening to anyone living in this city is a mere 3 in 10,000. Property crimes have been reported at a rate of 8.42 per 1,000. This makes Ballwin one of the safest neighborhoods in St. Louis, in spite of its larger population base. It is worth noting that this city was also named as one of the best places to live in America by Money Magazine.

Town and Country

4. Town and Country

Town and Country is a suburb of St. Louis with a population of 11,154 residents. It's one of the smaller suburbs with an incredibly low violent crime rate. The odds of becoming a victim of such crime including, rape, assault, or murder, is less than 2 in 10,000. The property crimes are not terribly high when compared to other neighborhoods, but worth noting at 11.83 per 1,000. You're more likely to have something stolen than you are to get injured or killed.

Warson Woods

3. Warson Woods

Warson Woods has a population of 1,915 residents. This suburb of St. Louis is in St. Louis County with a rural vibe. Most residents are homeowners. There are a lot of great amenities in this small suburb with parks, coffee shops, and restaurants. The public schools have a high rating attracting young professionals with children and there are also many retirees living in the community. There were no violent crimes of any kind reported in the past 12 months, and 992.1 per 100,000 for property crimes.


2. Oakland

Like Warson Woods, Oakland is also a suburb of the city in St. Louis County. There are 1,558 residents living in the town with a rural vibe. It's made up of retirees with families and most residents are homeowners. Amenities include parks, coffee shops and restaurants. There were no violent crimes committed in Oakland in the past 12 months, and the property crime rate is lower than Warson at 804.1 per 100,000. Many of the sources we used site keeping your valuables inside and out of the yard to keep them safe in terms of property crime. Crimes of opportunity occur when valuables are left outdoors and car doors are left unlocked.


1. Kimmswick

Kimmswick is the safest place to live in St. Louis for 2020. It's a small suburb with a total population of just 135 residents and most own their homes. The community has a rural feel, with the public schools get a high rating. There were no reported violent crimes in Kimmswick over the past year, and no property crimes reported either. This makes Kimmswick the safest place to live in St. Louis.

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