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The 20 Safest Places to Live in North Carolina


The Tar Heel State is known for having it all—beaches, mountains, and even the largest private residence in all of the US. North Carolina offers one more thing that many residents and homeowners look for, and that’s safety. North Carolina has long been considered to be one of the best places anyone could live in here in the US; that’s because North Carolina has topnotch education system, incredible career opportunities, and some of the nicest and safest neighborhoods around. If you’re ready to start shopping for real estate in North Carolina, here’s a list of the top 20 safest places in the state.

Black Mountain

20. Black Mountain

Livability is hardly a question in Black Mountain; this small city is safer than 39% of cities in the US. Although the cost of living here is a little bit higher, the city makes up for it in excellent schools and excellent amenities. In fact, many residents here give the city an A+ when it comes to livability.


19. Elon

Rent and real estate in Elon are higher than the North Carolina and national averages, but that happens to be for good reason. Safety in Elon is priority, and the crime rates here are significantly lower than the national average. The town of Elon also offers its resident a lot of cultural and outdoor activities. You’ll never get tired of living here in this charming small community. Located in Alamance County, this town is also home to Elon University.



If small and quiet is what you’re searching for, Valdese might be the town for you. What Valdese offers its residents is sparse suburban living and a safe atmosphere that’s even perfect to retire in. Valdese is comprised of roughly 4,400 residents, a number that’s difficult to top when just about an hour away from one of the state’s biggest urban areas. It also helps that Valdese is that close to Asheville. You can go to the city for some hustle and still be able to head home to your own quiet space every time.


17. Waxhaw

High median incomes, low unemployment rates, and high marks on the comfort index make Waxhaw one of the best places to live in North Carolina. The added fact that it’s also incredibly safe here makes us all just want to move. Waxhaw is a stunning location along the state’s Catawba River. River views definitely add to the serenity of the area. You can find plenty of 19thcentury history here as well as urban and modern structures. The city is fast growing, however, and we’re not sure how long Waxhaw will actually stay on this list. Those who can enjoy it now, should.


16. Stallings

As a suburb of Charlotte, Stallings is an expensive option when it comes for living. However, that expense comes with a few wonderful benefits. It has A-rated schools and A-rated housing. It’s fairly diverse and has great neighborhoods for families. There’s plenty of conservatism in the area, and the overall feel of the suburb is mostly rural. Most people here own their homes and have lived in the area for generations. The crime rating here is at an impressive B.


15. Morrisville

Over 25,000 people live in this dense suburb of Raleigh, and it’s a highly sought after area in North Carolina. Morrisville is actually rated by some experts to be one of the safest in the state. On an overall livability scale, the area tends to be busier than others. There are a lot of parks and outdoor recreational spaces. This appeals mostly to younger families and young professionals. The area is mostly a rental area, but home values here are somewhere in the middle.


14. Jacksonville

Every single area has pros and cons. Some of Jacksonville’s pros include the fact that the city has excellent amenities and is one of the safest in the state to live in. In fact, crime rate in Jacksonville is higher compared to other areas, but the rate has been on a downward trend for years now. The area doesn’t have the best schools or housing options—even though they are slightly lower than the national average. While that drops down the livability factor in Jacksonville, the city remains to be a safer alternative and it’s look to get even safer in the years to come.


13. Huntersville

Every living category in Huntersville ranks high. It’s got great schools and great views. It has excellent amenities and activities. The chances of you being a crime victim here is incredibly low. It almost checks all the boxes, but Huntersville is an expensive area. The median household income here is about $90,000, and the unemployment rate is at a low 4%. All of these socioeconomic factors help keep the crime rates low. But if your median household income doesn’t meet the average, you might find it a struggle to maintain a comfortable way of life here.

Trent Woods

12. Trent Woods

With crime rates at 85% lower than the national average, Trent Woods presents an opportunity for truly safe and secure living. That kind of security comes at a hefty price, as homes here are on a higher price range. The chance of being a crime victim here is 1 out of 226 people, and crime numbers only seem to be getting lower each year. The town of Trent Woods is on the eastern coast of North Carolina, and it sits next to the beautiful Trent River.


11. Cornelius

As one of the top suburbs of Charlotte, Cornelius is a highly sought after area in real estate. Truth is this place might actually check all the boxes. When it comes to cost of living, commute, housing, jobs, and even weather, Cornelius ranks high in them all. When it comes to crime and safety, Cornelius’s ratings are lower than both North Carolina and national averages.


10. Gibsonville

Gibsonville is also known as the City of Roses, named after the amount of roses that can be seen from train that runs along the mill. It’s of historical significance; and if you happen to be a fan of history, you’ll appreciate the history here in Gibsonville. With only a small population of 7,000 and a safety rating of 8 out of 10, what Gibsonville offers its residents in addition to history is safety—and a good amount of it.

Wake Forest

9. Wake Forest

There’s a buzz going on in Wake Forest, and people have been steadily moving in for a decade now to see what’s going on. Just 30 minutes north of Raleigh and 40 minutes south of the Virginia border, Wake Forest offers the best of both worlds. Even with a population of roughly 40,000 residents, this city remains to be one of the safest in the state. Living in Wake Forest is a good balance of excitement and peace.


8. Winterville

Having the third lowest rate in the state when it comes to property crime, Winterville is clearly one of the safest cities in North Carolina. But that’s not all. Winterville also experiences less crime in general compared to the national average. Winterville is charming and cool, and it has access to all the nature you can handle—from mountains and beaches to state parks and the state capital. If you want to be at the center of it all without having to sacrifice safety and security, Winterville might just be the right place for you.


7. Apex

Living in Apex means several benefits—strong economy, great healthcare, topnotch education, enjoyable downtown, and of course, security at its best. Apex sits in the middle of the Research Triangle Park and close to three universities including North Carolina State University, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and Duke University. Downtown Apex is an incredible historic railroad town. Having this in your backyard is almost a privilege, and there are certainly benefits to living in a college town. It’s surely vibrant in Apex.


6. Fletcher

Fletcher is one of the few towns in North Carolina that gets top A+ marks when it comes to crime ratings. It’s one of the reasons why it’s commuting is a great transport option for this community. Fletcher is a small town of only about 8,000 residents, and residents here get some pretty spectacular views of the Great Smoky Mountains. If the view is not enough to get you to move, maybe the low percentage of unemployment and low housing costs might convince you.


5. Davidson

Here’s another college town that offers quite a bit of charm. Davidson is a small town located on the north side of Charlotte. Everything gets an A-rating here apart from cost of living and housing. Being that it’s in close proximity to a few colleges and universities, the housing and rental market here cost higher than average. However, having safer neighborhoods and top-rated schools might make the housing costs worth it.


4. Boone

Known as one of the best cities for single folks, Boone also has some of the most romantic setups in the state. Located on the northwest part of North Carolina, Boone has sweeping mountain views and the most charming town. It also helps that Boone ranks fourth safest place to live in all of the state. It makes Boone all the more fun to explore and enjoy. Some of the best destinations in Boone include the Julian Prince Memorial Park, Daniel Boone Native Gardens, Blowing Rock Art & History Museum, and the Appalachian Ski Mountain. Living in Boone will get you access to these places and so much more.


3. Cary

Cary, North Carolina consistently tops as one of the best places to live—not just in the state but in the entire nation as well. It costs money to live here, but all of that expense is well worth the price. Located in southwest Raleigh, Cary is the third safest place to live in all of the state. In comparison to most of the places on the list so far, Cary has a lot more residents with a population of roughly 170,000. People want to live in Cary not just because of its safety ratings but because of everything else it has to offer. The community here is warm and friendly, and there are plenty of job opportunities to go around. It’s also a great place to raise a family in.

Holly Springs

2. Holly Springs

Holly Springs rarely leaves the top two places on this list, and these next two places could really be more of a tie. Holly Springs is another suburb of Raleigh that has far fewer residents in comparison to the big city. However, its proximity to the big city is certainly a plus, and it also happens to be close to the Virginia border as well. You’ll get plenty of entertainment, cultural, and outdoor experiences here. It’s likely that Holly Springs will climb back up to number 1 soon, but second safest place to live is not a bad thing at all.


1. Pinehurst

It’s safe. It’s quaint. Pinehurst, North Carolina is the safest place to live in all of the state. It’s an incredible achievement, but it comes at a price. While it might be as safe to live here, it’s certainly not cheap to do so. The median home value in the area is around $309,000, which is significantly higher compared to other cities and towns on this list. Pinehurst offers peace of mind and just actual peace, however. The rural feel of the town is incredible, and no more than 17,000 residents share it. Life in Pinehurst can’t be any more attractive as an option to call home. Given that it’s also the safest is just the icing on the cake.

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