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10 Things to Do at Seaport Village, San Diego

Seaport Village

When visiting San Diego, you will find that there are many activities and attractions to keep you entertained for the duration of your stay. One place that you may wish to visit is Seaport Village. This is located on West Harbor Drive in San Diego. It is a waterfront shopping and dining complex that is frequented by locals and is a popular place for tourists to visit when they are staying in the downtown area of San Diego. If you are visiting San Diego and you are planning a trip to this complex, here are ten things that you can do at Seaport Village.

1. Enjoy Some Retail Therapy

The main reason why people visit Seaport Village, San Diego, is to enjoy a little retail therapy. The complex boasts more than 50 shops, varying from large brand stores to small boutiques selling specialist items. You can buy everything from clothes to jewelry, and from collectibles to souvenirs at this shopping complex. As there are so many shops, you could easily spend a full day perusing the shelves.

2. Grab a Bite to Eat

Another reason that people visit Seaport Village is to enjoy a meal. There are fourteen places to eat and drink at Seaport Village, varying from coffee and cake shops to grill restaurants. Two of the most popular places to eat are Edgewater Grill and Harbor House. The former serves local meat and fish cooked on the grill, and also specializes in freshly made pizzas and craft cocktails. The latter is the village’s flagship restaurant, and it serves fresh fish and oysters, premium steaks, and daily specials. Harbor House has stunning bay views, an extensive wine, and an excellent selection of craft beers. Other interesting places to visit are Marion’s fish market and San Pasqual Wine Tasting Room. There are also burger bars, ice cream parlors, and fast-food stands.

3. Ride the Famous Carousel

One of the most famous features of Seaport Village is the 1890s Looff Carousel, says TripSavvy. This is a beautiful carousel that features pretty, traditional designs. It is a fun ride for both adults and children alike, and it is like taking a step back in time to the seaside holidays taken by the Victorians.

4. Admire the Architecture

Seaport Village was developed by Morris Taubman. It broke ground in 1978, but was not open to the public until 1980. It is built on a former burial ground, as this is the location where people who died in the Spanish Expedition of 1782 are buried. The design of the complex is interesting as it combines several architectural styles. In addition to the modern buildings, there are also freestanding buildings tin Victorian and traditional Mexican styles. If you are interested in architectural styles, it is worth taking a stroll to look at the different styles in the village.

5. Watch a Live Performance

Throughout the year, there are various bands and street performers who put on live music at Seaport Village. If the weather is nice, you can sit outside one of the restaurants with a drink and enjoy a live performance. This is a great way to enjoy some free entertainment during your visit and the musical styles you will hear vary depending on when you visit. It is worth checking the Seaport Village events calendar before you go to see what is on.

6. Walk the Boardwalk

Seaport Village is set in a stunning waterfront location. Take a walk from this complex along the boardwalk to admire the surrounding views and to enjoy the views out of the harbour and across the ocean. There are benches along the way where you can stop for a rest and do a spot of people-watching. If you have taken a picnic along with you, then the Boardwalk is a great place to enjoy your lunch.

7. Take the San Diego SEAL Tour

According to Historic Tours, San Diego SEAL Tours leave from Seaport Village several times daily. This tour involves riding on an amphibious vehicle that takes you on land around some of the popular spots in town, before launching into the water for a ride around the harbour. This is an interesting, educational, and fun activity that people of all ages can enjoy, and it is a unique way to see the sight from a different perspective.

8. Embark on an Old Town Trolley Tour

While at Seaport Village, you can hop on a Historic Tours Trolley Tour. This gives you a guided tour of the Old Town, and is one of the best ways to see the local sights and to learn about the history of the area. There are stop-off points at some of the area’s most famous and popular attractions. This fun tour includes interesting snippets of information and some amusing anecdotes about the area.

9. Visit the Art Gallery

One of the shops at Seaport Village is the Wyland Gallery. This is the perfect place for art enthusiasts to visit while they are at Seaport Village, especially if they enjoy seascapes. On display is the artwork of marine artists who live locally. Many of the pieces are extremely expensive, but it is not compulsory to buy some art when you visit. The owners are more than happy for visitors to go in and take a look at the work of the talented local artists as long as you are respectful of the artwork.

10. Have Some Fun in the Video Arcade

A fun activity for those who need visual stimulation is the video arcade. This has a range of fun arcade games, both classic and modern, that will entertain visitors to Seaport Village. There are games for people of all ages in the arcade, so you can take a break from shopping to have some fun with the family.

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