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How to Send Money Instantly Online From Your Checking Account


Most people use their Checking accounts to shop online and view their account balances. However, few people know that you can use a Checking account to send money. Typically, they send money through another method, even though the technique may be expensive. Therefore, you are going to learn how you can send money online with just your Checking account. We will discuss the features of each method, and it will be up to you to decide which method is best for you.


What better way to send money than through the most popular online payment system globally? As of 2021, the platform had 392 million active users. Therefore, the odds of finding a person without a PayPal account are few. Most users prefer PayPal since you will not be asked to provide a lot of the sender's details. Instead, it is their PayPal email address that you require. On the other hand, if you opted for a bank-to-bank transfer, you would need the sender's details like their full names, address, and account number. With these many details, there is a chance you may leave out one detail accidentally. To send money from your Checking account, log onto PayPal. Next, link your checking account with PayPal by submitting your debit card details. Once verified, head over to the "Wallet" section. You will see a "transfer" button, and you will enter the sender's PayPal address and the amount you wish to send.


Some online payment platforms are hard to join. First, some platforms ask so many unnecessary details that you feel like abandoning such platforms altogether. However, Wise simplifies the process by only asking for your name, country, and email address. Besides being easy to join, it is also easy to send money. Like PayPal, you can use the recipient's email address, and Wise will ensure they get the money. However, the email address option only applies if you do not know the sender's account number. To send money with your Checking account, ensure you are on Wise. Next, type the exact amount you would like to transfer. Wise will inform you of the transaction charge, so you will know the precise amount to send. Next, indicate what type of transfer you are making. Since you will be doing this from your checking account, choose the "personal bank account" option. When sending money, you can either send money to a person with or without a Wise account. To those with one, Wise will locate the recipient's account number. However, to those without a Wise account, Wise will email the recipient asking them for their bank details to receive the money.


When it was first launched in 2009, it was primarily a peer-to-peer money transfer app. These days, people use the app to tip the wait staff or split the check after taking a cab. Since it has grown to be a versatile app, it then follows that you can send money with this app through your Checking account. Although it is primarily a mobile app, you can also access Venmo through your computer. Just like PayPal, it is widely used. So, it is hard to find an American without this app. Venmo allows you to fund your Venmo account with money from your Checking account. Before you can fund your Venmo, you will need to add your checking account for the app to verify it. Once verified, head over to the "You" tab and click on the "Manage Balance" option. Indicate the amount you would like to transfer, and then click on your linked checking account, and your Venmo will have funds. Sending money to another Venmo user is easy. Click the "Pay or Request" button and put either the recipient's phone number, username, or email address.

Cash App

Cash App is not just an app to send and receive money. Did you know that you could earn some money on this mobile app through referrals? Every Cash App user has a referral code that they can send to their friends to join Cash App. For every friend that joins under them, they can earn. To send money, you need to add your Checking account details like the debit card's details. Once your account is active, you can fund it with money from your checking account. First, you have to go to the "Banking" tab and select "Add Cash." After funding your account, you are now ready to send money. Tap on the "Pay" option at the bottom-right corner to send money. Next, you can enter the recipient's $cashtag, email, or phone number. Next, you will need to provide a brief message explaining why you are sending them money. This is essential because some people get perplexed when they abruptly receive money. In addition, it is not uncommon for people to accidentally receive money. Once that is done, you can now tap on the "Pay" button. You can send as much money as you can. However, some people are sensitive about their transaction details being exposed. For example, imagine if a family member discovered you sent hundreds of dollars to someone. Luckily, Cash App is secure since it only displays your name to your friends or family using the app. So, when you send money, the sender will not receive your details like your card number or location.


Do you use any of these platforms? Chances are high that you do since these apps are widely used. So, you can therefore send money without wondering whether the sender is on any of the platforms. Is there any platform that is better than the other? Honestly, that choice lies with you. If there is an app that you would like to try out, then go ahead and decide. Sending money with these platforms is safe since you do not have to carry cash. Can you imagine walking around with hundreds of dollars? Besides not carrying cash, you can also send money to users not in your country at low transaction costs. You no longer have to use your Checking account to check your balance. Instead, please your friends or family by sending them money with the platforms.

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