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A Closer Look at the Sinn Jagduhr Hunting Chronograph 3006

Sinn Jagduhr Hunting Chronograph 3006

Sinn is an award-winning German watchmaker, honored with the German Design Award for 2020. It's an innovative producer with a rich history of catering to those who are fond of the sport of hunting, along with those who prefer a sporty aesthetic in their luxury timepieces. Throughout the years, the various models offered through Sinn have become desired collectible timepieces. The most recent hunters' watch is an interesting example that they call the Jagduhr Hunting Chronograph 3006. If you're not yet familiar with this exquisite timepiece, don't feel bad as it's not been available outside of Germany until recently. The expensive watch deserves a closer look and inspection of its finer points to truly appreciate its merit.

The Sinn Jagduhr Hunting Chronograph 3006 at a glance.

Hodinkee first drew our attention to the Jagduhr Hunting Chronograph 3006 with their thorough review. Sinn previously marketed their hunters' timepieces within the borders of their nation. It was not until recently that they decided to open the opportunity for ownership on a global level. At first glance, the Jagduhr Hunting Chronograph 3006 is eye-catching with its myriads of dials, hands, and functions. It appears utilitarian, yet a sporty timepiece that any hunter would be proud to display. Even the name 3006 refers to the popular hunting firearm, the 30-06 Springfield rifle. This is a watch that is designed specifically for those who are fond of the sport of hunting. The first question that emerges about the watch is whether it is a tool or a timepiece. The truth of the matter is, that it is both.

A closer look at the Sinn Jagduhr Hunting Chronograph 3006

The special edition Sinn Jagduhr Hunting Chronograph 3006 is an attractive timepiece that has an immediate impact on sportsmen and hunters. The first thing you notice is the hunter's green background of the dial. It's a matte-finished dark green with wonderfully contrasting hour markers in ivory color. The hands and indices are all treated with luminescent coatings to make them shine with a luminous glow when the lighting conditions are low. It has exceptional visibility and legibility in all types of light environments thanks to the complementary beige-colored SuperLuminova. Watch Buys expands on other unique specifications of the timepiece. This is a chronograph watch with a 24-hour indicator in the register at nine. It provides AM and PM time with other indications given in various shades of green for differentiation. date display is offered by a central hand that points to the date located on the outside ring of the dial. Windows for the day and month are set beneath the 12 o'clock position on the dial. The quickest for these functions and the rest are accomplished through the pusher located at 10 and the crown. At the 6 o'clock position on the dial is the moon phase display.

It provides German hunters with an accounting of sunset with great accuracy as it is illegal to hunt some types of game at night in Germany. It's a decorative feature that also serves an essential purpose for hunters. The authorized game may be stalked by the natural lighting for the moon in Germany if it is present. This timepiece is made to show when the moonlight is bright enough to satisfy legal hunting requirements. The case is steel that has undergone Sinn's signature technology for ultra hardening. The processes change the molecular structure of the metal. It's tegimented, making it resistant to scratches and scuffs. It measures 44 mm in width, suitable for larger wrists, with a satin finish. The case is water-resistant to 200 meters as some hunters may need to wade through water now and then. Sinn has also developed an AR technology that uses a capsule of copper sulfate with inert gas for dehumidifying. It keeps the inner mechanisms of the timepiece dry. It also eliminates fogging of the lens, according to A Blog To Watch. The crown is a Sinn 3D type with a pusher system that bypasses tube inserts. Both sides of the watch have a sapphire crystal with a treatment of double anti-reflective coating on the front. The case back features an exhibition-style crystal for observation of the inner workings of the movement beneath. a

The movement

The Jagduhr Hunting Chronograph 3006 runs on a Concepto C99002 movement. The power plant is a variation of the Top-notch ETA 7751. It is a mechanical movement that requires oils to lubricate the parts to ensure proper and continuous operation. Functions include month and day of the week, a 20-minute register, running seconds, hours, minutes, a 12-hour totalizer, a 24-hour display, and a moon phase. The power reserve when fully wound is approximately 44 hours.

Other features of the Jagduhr Hunting Chronograph 3006

Tee Sinn Jagduhr Hunting Chronograph is available in a choice of straps. Most come with a brown calf leather strap with black stitching and a Sinn signed tang style buckle closure. It is also available in green and black colors. It is also available in a steel link bracelet, which costs substantially more than the leather straps. This watch debuted in 2017. It's a limited edition production run of just 100 pieces for distribution throughout the world. The manufacturer's suggested retail price is $3,970 with a high end of $4,800.

Final thoughts

The Sinn Jagduhr Hunting Chronograph 3006 is a unique limited edition piece that is destined to become a collector's item. It's a model that is unfamiliar to those outsides of Germany, is a collection that has just recently been made available outside of the country. This timepiece is designed specifically for hunters residing in Germany, to comply with the laws of the land and regulations regarding game hunting. It's an attractive and utilitarian timepiece that is certain to find favor with those who appreciate the detailed information it offers along with its sporty aesthetic.

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