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A Closer Look at the Sinn U1 DS Limited Edition

Sinn U1 DS Limited Edition

Professional and amateur divers who also happen to be watch enthusiasts are always on the lookout for a new timepiece to add to their collection of stylish and practical accessories. When looking for a diver, most professionals are particular about the design and its performance in aquatic environments. They're much more than a fashion accessory, but that's important too. Sinn has announced the release of a new limited-edition timepiece that got our attention immediately. The U1 DS Limited Edition is one we deem worthy of a closer inspection, consideration, and verdict.

A new diver that is rugged and functional

A Blog to Watch was quick to jump on the news that Sinn is offering a new diver. This is a watch that features rugged and durable materials to please the most discriminate professional divers. We were impressed with the choice of hardened submarine steel. Combined with the depth rating of 1000 meters of water resistance it's one we had to pay full attention to and learn more about.

Made for the hard to please

There are a few necessities in a watch that frequent divers will share in an instant. The watch has to be tough enough to hold up under the pressure of excessive depths and it needs to be legible in the dark. Waters can get murky fast and when the surface light is gone, there is little to rely on to keep track of the time, except the watch around your wrist. Dependability becomes a requirement and these are two indispensable features. The Sinn U1 DS limited edition satisfies both requirements. The added value feature is its attractiveness.

The Sinn U1 DS at a Glance

The first look reveals a minimalist design with a sophisticated aesthetic. This is what draws you in for a closer look. It's a good-looking accessory that uses detailed features in a minimalist format to create an exquisite timekeeper with a sporty personality. Aesthetically, it offers the full deal for those who like to keep things simple, but also have a penchant for stylishness. It's cool without going over the top with adornments. It doesn't need them for eye appeal. The German luxury watch features top-notch craftsmanship from a respected brand. A more thorough inspection beyond a glance reveals more intriguing details. Sinn claims this to be a durable and dependable dive watch with high legibility.

A closer look at the Sinn U1 DS

The first feature that stands out is the unique dial of the U1 DS. Sinn found a way to create a decorative grinding pattern for the background while keeping the design minimal. It's flat but has the appearance of texturing. The grey and black background is the ideal setup for the contrasting white hour, minute and seconds markers. The chunky hands show up nicely against the dial in natural light. Each dial is machined therefore no two will be alike.

The case, crown, and bezel

The case is made of hardened submarine steel. This is about as durable and strong as you can get. It's German steel that is used to make submarines. It is high strength and seawater-resistant. The width of the case is 44mm with a depth of 14.7 mm. The case back is solid submarine steel. The crown is also made of steel and is placed at the 4 o'clock position. The placement prevents pressure on the back of the hand for enhanced comfort. The bezel is a rotating diver's style with the TEGIMENT technology to make it scratch-resistant, with minute ratcheting.

The movement

The Sinn U1 DS Limited Edition is powered by an SW 200-1 mechanical movement with a self-winding mechanism with 26 bearing jewels. It beats at a rate of 28,800 semi-oscillations per hour with seconds stop function, hours, minutes, seconds, and date.

Other features

The indexes are paned with lume applied to provide a luminescent glow for high legibility in low light conditions. The watch face has a protective sapphire crystal glass. The hour and minute hands receive a coating of luminescent material. It is a feature that makes them highly visible. The Sinn U1 DS passes European diving equipment standards, thus achieving DNV certification. The timepiece is available with a fully tegimented steel bracelet or a rubber strap. It's also anti-magnetic per DIN 8309.

Pricing and availability

The Sinn U1 DS Limited Edition is strictly limited to a production run of just 500 pieces for distribution throughout the world. It became a collectible watch from its release due to the limited number of examples made. The price is $2,850. It is currently available through Sinn and its authorized dealers throughout the world.

Final thoughts

Divers have another useful accessory to check out. The Sinn U1 DS is likely to move quickly. With a limited number of just 500 available and a moderate price tag, we estimate that the supplies will be exhausted before the 2021 holidays commence. This is a welcome addition to the Sinn family that gives divers another option for maintaining their safety when diving at extreme depths. Not all divers have the depth capacity indicated in the U1 DS. It satisfies the criterion for a true diver with 1,000-meter depth certification, low-pressure resistance, and high legibility under murky or dark conditions. The use of submarine steel is another notable feature that helps to ensure long life and endurance for those who prefer diving in saltwater. The functionality is basic, unlike some of the more expensive watches, but everything a diver requires is available. This is a timepiece that can easily be worn on diving excursions, then wiped dry and worn to casual-dressy occasions. It's a versatile accessory that can serve multiple purposes. If you prefer minimal styling with a sophisticated yet sporty personality, this may be a good choice for you. This is a one-time deal and once the supplies have sold out, it will be hard to find the Sinn U1 DS.

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