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7 Smart Home Gadgets Worth Buying


It seems like every day there is someone coming out with something new to make our lives better. Some of these gadgets don't turn out to be something that we really need, some turn out to be something that we cannot live without, and some we could live without, but we wouldn't want to. If you are looking for a few gadgets to make your life easier and more interesting, the ones listed here won't disappoint.

Google Chromecast


If you want to enhance your television use but you don't want to spend hundreds of dollars on the more expensive streaming devices, the Google Chromecast is perfect. This device plugs into the HDMI port on your television. You can stream YouTube, Netflix, and Google Play Videos. You can also stream videos from your Chrome Web browser. You can purchase the Google brand for about $35 or you can purchase the generic brand which costs just $16.99. Once you start using this little device, you will wonder how you have watched television for so long without it.

Panasonic SC-NT10


When it comes to Bluetooth speakers, this one is better than most of on the market today. The sound is great, but most Bluetooth speakers do have excellent sound. What makes the sound of this speaker so amazing is its size. It is just 2.2 inches tall and 4.7 inches wide. Even though it is so small, it still has an amazing sound. It has What makes this speaker so special is how rugged it is. If you are listening to music by the pool, the splashes of water won't do any damage. The same is true if it gets covered in dust, if you leave it out in the cold, or if you drop it. You can even use this speaker as a Bluetooth speakerphone.

Anker Astro E4


There is nothing worse than having your phone die when you need it the most. This is especially true if you don't have access to a wall or car charger. There are many Smartphone battery packs on the market, however, there are none like this. This battery pack has a 13000mAh lithium battery inside. It is strong enough to charge six Smartphones on one charge. It can also charge two devices at once. The front LED screen is a flashlight, which is a great function if you have lost power. Since it is the size of an average Smartphone, it is easy to carry around. Since it costs less than $35, it is well worth the money.

Nest Learning Thermostat


The Nest Learning Thermostat is not your typical thermostat. It can actual learn your comings and goings to keep your heating bills down. It is compatible with all types of heating systems, including electric, gas, forced air, heat pump, radiant, oil, hot water, and solar. It can also work with your air conditioning system. You can also set up the Nest app on your Smartphone so that you can turn the heat and AC up and down even when you aren't home. Over time, the system will start to recognize your regular routine. It will start turning your heat on and off without you having to do a thing. By installing this little gadget in your home, you can save hundreds of dollars each year on your heating and cooling bill.

Pebble Smartwatch


If your phone is tucked away in your purse or backpack, you won't be able to hear your alerts. Even if you do hear the alerts, you may not be able to take you phone out to look at them. This is where the Pebble Smartwatch can help. If links up to your Smartphone, and you can get all of your notifications at a glance, including texts, incoming calls, emails, and calendar events. It also has Pebble Health, which is an activity trapper and sleep tracker. You can get daily reports of our progress and weekly insights. Best of all, it is water resistant up to 98 feet. If you are swimming but you don't want to miss that important call you have been waiting for, the Pebble Smartwatch can help. It is a great way to always stay connected even when you can't get to your phone.

Looxcie HD Explore


If you love taking videos with your phone, you will really love this gadget. It is a high-quality camcorder that you can wear. It is only 2.9 ounces, and you can record 720p video at 60 frames per second. Best of all, it will send all of the footage that you took to your Smartphone via Wi-Fi. You can clip this little camcorder to your hat, on a bike helmet, or anywhere you need to go. If you have ever wished that you had someone filming everything that you do, you don't have to wish anymore. This little device will give you a chance to get everything on video that you want.

ECOVACS Robotic Vacuum Cleaner With Mop and Water Tank


If you are like most people, you don't have as much time as you wish you did to clean your home. If you do have the time, you probably don't want to spend it cleaning. This is a robotic vacuum cleaner and floor mop. It will sweep, vacuum, and mop your floor in a single pass. It has infrared sensors to keep the vacuum from falling down the stairs. It can easily make it up inclines and can cross over door frames. The best part is that you don't need to be home when the cleaning is being done.

Final Thoughts

Gadgets like the ones listed above can make your life easier. Some of these gadgets can save you time while some can actually make you money. Some of these gadgets can just make life more fun. If you have a little bit extra in your budget, you should consider buying one, or even a few of these gadgets.

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