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The 20 Best Wireless Earbuds Money Can Buy in 2022

Wirless Ear Buds

People love their music. They seem to love it even more when it can go with them, no matter where it is. When doing a walk outside, having some tunes play as you go adds a bit more entertainment to the experience. The same is true when doing a workout at home or in the gym. Wireless earbuds have become the trendier option for listening to portable music as it eliminates the need for wires and bulky headphone sets. There are many different brands that have turned themselves into the business of making and selling earbuds to a consumer base that has a demand for them.

20. Soundcore Liberty 3 Pro ($169.99 USD)

From Anker, the Soundcore Liberty 3 Pro behave like a premium wireless earbuds product that costs a bit less than the norm. The Liberty 3 feature several updated dual drivers and are smaller than the predecessors belonging to Anker's development team. There is a solid noise-canceling feature, as well as a tailored profile fit to optimize noise reduction as you strive to enjoy what you're listening to. The big, open sound offers great bass and great sound detail. Accessing Anker products is primarily done through its Amazon connection where the Liberty 3 Pro usually sells for $169.99 USD.

19. AirPods 3rd Generation ($179.00 USD)

The AirPods 3rd Generation from Apple looks like AirPods Pro without ear tips. While these two models are shaped the same, the 3rd Generation is shorter by design so they can fit the ears better. Another big change is the improvement in sound quality, as well as longer battery life. They're also rated at an IPX4 water-resistant rating. When visiting the store on Apple's website, these wireless earbuds go for $179.00 USD.

18. Bose QuietComfort Earbuds ($279.00 USD)

If anyone knows how to deliver high-quality music sound, it's Bose. The QuietComfort Earbuds are excellent wireless earbuds that offer great sound and an equally impressive noise canceling feature. They're among the best money can buy in this regard. They're not cheap at $279.00 USD when compared to some of the other earbuds out there but Bose doesn't do cheap when it comes to delivering optimal sound performance and why the brand has such a loyal fan following.

17. SONY LinkBuds ($178.00 USD)

If there was an award for innovative design, the Sony LinkBuds would be the 2022 winner. It's discreet and has a more secure fit than most of Apple's AirPod units. They also offer really good sound quality and voice-calling performance for the user. They also allow one to hear what's going on in the outside world, just like the AirPods do. With a number of features such as Speak to Chat and Wide Area Tap, you control the playback by simply tapping your face or just in front of the ear.

Thanks to the Arc Supporters fin design, the secure fit makes it easy to embark on a brisk workout without them falling out. They also have an IPX4 splash-proof rating. When visiting SONY's website, interested buyers can either find the nearest location with its search engine to grab a pair. If that seems too complicated, Amazon does have these available for $178.00.

16. Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 ($119.99 USD)

From Samsung, the Galaxy Buds 2 is equipped with the active noise canceling feature and is a shrunken version of the Buds Pro. The curved design makes them a more comfortable fit with the ears, as well as blocking out any outside noise that would interfere with your listening enjoyment. It has an IPX2 rating, which means they're sweat-resistant. From the Samsung lineup of wireless earbuds, this is the best they currently have as of 2022. When regularly priced, the Galaxy Buds 2 were going for $179.99 USD. Since then, it has dropped by $70.00 USD and has remained at that price point.

15. Jabra Elite 7 Pro ($159.99 USD)

The Elite 7 Pro from Jabra is smaller than the Elite 75t, which is an improvement as a wireless earbuds product, making this among the best money can buy in 2022. The MultiSensor Voice technology with a bone conduction sensor, four microphones, and intelligent algorithms offers a new quality level. The noise cancellation feature, as well as the sound and voice-calling performance levels, warrant the Jabra Elite 7 Pro as among the best. It also has an IP57 rating, meaning it can be submerged in up to one meter of water without damage.

14. JBL Live Free 2 ($199.98 USD)

The JBL Live Free 2 featured on Amazon at $149.95 comes with six microphones, an eleven-millimeter driver set, oval tubes, and oval silicone tips. This makes this wireless earbuds product a comfortable fit that offers really good sound quality with a good noise canceling feature. The voice-calling performance is also decent. The multipoint Bluetooth pairing and wireless charging allow the JBL Live Free 2 earbuds to play for up to seven hours.

13. Apple AirPods Pro with MagSafe ($249.00 USD)

The AirPods Pro with MagSafe from Apple has managed to hold its ground as one of the best wireless earbuds money can buy in 2022. This is owed to the winning design and fit that has made the Apple AirPods product such a major fan favorite since they first came out in 2016. The effective noise canceling and spatial audio features give a good reason why these go for $249.00 USD.

The virtual-sound mode for watching movies and television features only works with iPhones and iPads that are running at iOS 14 or higher. It also works with the 2021 Apple TV 4K units, which leaves out the rest of the consumer base to enjoy such a feature. They do make excellent voice call devices and have a fantastic transparency mode.

12. JBL Free 2 ($149.95 USD)

JBL has a reputation for producing quality true-wireless earbuds products. They also had a reputation for lack of imagination when it came to coming out with designs that looked just as appealing as they sounded. When the company brought forth the JBL Free 2, the Samsung-based company listened to the gripes shared among the consumers. The JBL Free 2 offers up to seven hours worth of listening time, along with the ability to effectively block out unwanted noises. It also has a quality voice-calling performance level that makes the $149.95 USD price tag of these wireless earbuds worth it. Although JBL has its own website with a listing of its own products on it, the JBL Free 2 isn't on it. For now, sites like Amazon are the place to go if you want this particular product.

11. Earfun Air Pro 2 ($79.99 USD)

When on sale on their store website, the Earfun Air Pro 2 sells for $79.99 USD. For the price, the sound quality is impressive as it offers a well-balanced overall sound. The clarity is decent, as is the bass performance. The ear-detection sensor allows you to pause the music when you take the earbuds out. As for the case, there is a USB-C and wireless charging feature that's not often found with earbuds products at this price level.

There's also an impressive splash-proof IPX5 rating. For up to seven hours, a fully charged Earfun Air Pro 2 allows moderately volumed audio enjoyment when the noise canceling feature is turned off. When turned on, it's about six hours. There's also the voice calling capability which is good for what you get based on the price.

10. Beyerdynamic Free Byrd ($249.00 USD)

The Germans are noted for their engineering genius for good reason. With Beyerdynamic, this holds true as the brand has a fantastic collection of products that cater to fans who enjoy using today's technology when it comes to audio and visual performance. In order to buy a set of Beyerdynamic Free Byrd wireless earbuds, this can be done on their website they're not forthcoming about the price as they'd rather have you contact them directly. They do, however, have a sales channel set up on Amazon where they sell for $249.00 USD. So what makes these wireless earbuds so great for the price? First off, it has a battery life that can reach up to eleven hours when the noise canceling feature is turned off. The sound quality of these earbuds is most impressive.

9. JBL Live Pro 2 ($149.95)

The JBL Live Pro 2 has an IPX5 rating as a splash-proof product and on Amazon, goes for $149.95 USD. Although JBL has its own site, this product, as listed, is not featured on their store site. You'd have to go to seller sites like Amazon to grab one. JBL has a solid reputation as a decent true-wireless earbuds brand but was never known for its creative designs.

The JBL Live Pro 2 changed that after the arrival of the Samsung-owned Live Pro 2 and Live Free 2 earbuds. The Live Pro 2 has stems while the Live Free 2 is pill-shaped. Both of them are comfortable and have a great noise canceling feature. The sound quality is good, as is the voice-calling performance. They're an impressive list of features that make this product worth the money. The Live Pro 2 has a rating of ten hours worth of listening time.

8. Bang & Olufsen Beoplay EX ($529.00 USD)

With an IP57 rating, the Bang & Olufsen Beoplay EX has proven itself as a wireless earbuds product that is dustproof and completely waterproof. The secure and comfortable fit makes this product top-notch when it comes to canceling out unwanted noises, as well as improving voice-calling performance. There are three microphones in each earbud that help reduce background noise while picking up your voice when you speak. They're among the best earbuds on the market that offer superior sound to even the AirPods pro.

It's clearer, crisper, and has so much more going for it than Apple's signature product. The battery life is rated at six hours while performing at moderate volume levels while the noise canceling feature is on. There's also an extra fourteen hours of life in the brushed aluminum case that supports wireless charging. The Bluetooth is rated at 5.2 and has a pairing system that allows you to connect two devices at the same time. This is great if you need to access a computer or smartphone. At $529.00 USD, they're among the most expensive wireless earbuds on the market but for those willing to pay the money for it, they're perfect.

7. SONY LinkBuds S ($198.00 USD)

The SONY LinkBuds S is a cute and effective compact wireless earbuds solution that still maintains the noise-isolation qualities that have been featured in previous LinkBuds designs. They're lighter and more compact than SONY's infamous WF-1000M4. They also feature the company's trademarked V1 processor. Compared to the WF-1000XM4, the LinkBuds S costs considerably less at $198.00 USD and is almost as good as the company's flagship wireless earbuds product. Folks interested in any of SONY's products need to go to a reseller such as Amazon, Best Buy, or Target as this is how the corporate giant does business.

6. Beats Fit Pro ($159.99 USD)

Coming from Apple's camp, the third-generation AirPods from this brand is the Beats Fit Pro. This is a product designed for athletes that aren't technically AirPods but they're built with the same technology that went into the AirPods Pro. The Beasts Fit Pro has the Apple H1 chip that most of the AirPods Pro products carry. This means this device has the features of noise canceling, spatial audio, and adaptive EQ. The Beats Fit Pro is carried on seller sites like Amazon, Best Buy, and Target. These are actually the best sites to go to as these wireless earbuds are normally listed at $159.99 USD through them.

5. Bang & Olufsen Beoplay EQ ($529.00 USD)

When there was a complaint about bang & Olufsen's Boeplay E8 earbuds failing to deliver for the high price it charged for its product. The Beoplay EQ rose to the occasion to become one of the best true wireless earbuds money can buy for 2022. They're still not cheap at $529.00 USD but now have a top-notch sound quality with excellent adaptive noise canceling features. There's also a natural-sounding transparency mode. The sound quality is dynamic which allows the bass to blast through in a big way. They're among the best-sounding earbuds on the market with a battery life reaching just over the six hours mark when listened to at moderate volume levels.

4. Earfun Air Pro SV ($89.99 USD)

When they're on sale, they go for $89.99 USD. What Earfun Air Pro SV has to offer is a remarkably good set of wireless earbuds for the price. The clarity of its big open sound will love a good bass-heavy tune. It's also lightweight enough to make them more comfortable to wear. There is a noise-canceling feature that also has a natural-sounding transparency mode that allows for an ambient sound so that you can still be aware of your immediate surroundings.

The case offers wireless charging and has a battery life that lasts up to six hours when the noise-canceling feature is turned on. There's also a gaming mode and touch controls that work decently. There are also opportunities for upgrades for better performance through iOS and Android apps if that is your wish. The call experience has six mics that are decent enough to work with.

3. Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 3 ($249.95 USD)

Via Amazon or Best Buy, the Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 3 typically sells for $249.95 USD. They have an excellent sound quality and have an improved noise canceling feature compared to Sennheiser's predecessors. There is also the voice-calling performance and a better-refined design with stabilizing fins so the earbuds can stay in place more securely when they're worn. Their IPX4 rating as a splash-proof product also helps make these wireless earbuds fend off the water so you don't lose your investment so easily. They're among the best money can buy in 2022 that can easily rival the performance level of the SONY WF-1000XM4.

2. Bowers & Wilkins PI7 ($399.00 USD)

The Bowers & Wilkins PI7 is the answer for best-sounding quality as true wireless earbuds for 2022. The PI7 has been the flagship earbuds product since it was released in 2021. It remains the best money can buy when one is looking for a product that can deliver premium sound quality without compromise. When it comes to sound quality, many argue it's slightly better than Sony's prized WF-1000XM4 product.

The noise canceling feature is decent enough and there's a Bluetooth transceiver ability in the PI7 case. This means you plug it into your computer for AptX streaming or as an in-flight entertainment system. If superior sound quality is your thing, this is the best money can buy at $399.00 USD This is available from its own website, as well as on seller sites like Amazon and Best Buy.

1. SONY WF-1000XM4 True Wireless Noise Canceling Headphones ($278.00 USD)

If anybody knows how to put forth a good product that's worth the money, it's SONY. While one can't buy directly off their website as they'll simply send you to a reseller, the best value for your money for this top-rated brand would be at Amazon for $278.00 USD.

With sixty-four percent of the reviewers on that shop site giving a five-star review, it is a good thing. Also, several critics make this is the product  they mention the most often as the best of the best. Between the clear Bluetooth signals and the noise-canceling feature for a better ambiance. as well as the voice-calling capabilities and excellent battery life, it is difficult to find something better.

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