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The Most Expensive Louis Vuitton Headphones Out There

Louis Vuitton headphones

Louis Vuitton is a designer brand that has been in operation since 1854. The high-end luggage and fashion accessory brand are valued for the quality of its products, but also for the prestige associated with the brand-name and notable design features of each product. LV expanded its offerings beyond luggage and bags to include a line of consumer electronics. Most notably, it's Horizon Earbuds collection. You're going to pay a pretty penny for the privilege of ownership as they're significantly higher than comparable models with different branding. What are the most expensive Louis Vuitton headphones?

The new lineup of Louis Vuitton headphones

Louis Vuitton has released its second generation of branded wireless earphones. They're noted for their active noise canceling modes as one of the most appreciated new features by users. The Horizon Earphone collection retails on the Louis Vuitton website for a price of $1,190 per set. The headphones come in a choice of fie color finishes including neon yellow, pink, bright red, pristine white, and jet black. The second generation of Louis Vuitton headphones provides users with Bluetooth connectivity from within 30 meters of distance or more. The earphones must be charged up periodically but the average listening time on a full single charge is approximately three and a half hours.

If you are impressed with the Horizon earphones' intuitive touch control that allows you to make quick adjustments while you're on the go, these might be something you will want to check out. They're truly state-of-the-art when it comes to the technology behind them. Each pair comes with a battery pack that is surrounded by a posh polished stainless steel case. Even more remarkable is the lid made of sapphire glass. Other attractive features of the case include a while ring with the Louis Vuitton Monogram flowers in polished pink gold color. The back part of the case is made of white ceramic with the signature Monogram flowers engraved into the material. The charging case is versatile and can be used with a USB Type C Cable, or you may use it by induction. It takes 40 minutes to achieve 100 percent battery life. If you have only 15 minutes for charging, you'll get 50 percent battery life. There are two extra charges of 10 hours each for a total of 30 hours of stored charging power which isn't bad when you're on the go.

Made to accompany the Tambour Watch

LV began its venture into the tech arena back in 2017 with the launch of its Tambour Horizon smartwatches. These timepieces sold for a price range between $2,450 to $2,900. The earphones were made to sync with the watch for even more capabilities. They're an expensive accessory but if you're into high-tech wearables with a designer Monogram, they certainly fit the bill in looks prestige, and functionality.

The price is going up

The first generation of Louis Vuitton Horizon Earphones was priced at $950 per pair. There was a choice of four colors featuring a metallic LV monogram. This reflects a considerable increase from one generation to the next. It's believed that this will be the standard from the fashion brand with every new design priced higher than the previous generation. While these phones are not the most expensive luxury headphones, they're considerably higher than most others.

Why are Louis Vuitton headphones so expensive?

The current wisdom suggests that the top quality in the design along with the prestige of ownership is one of the main reasons that LV headphones are so costly. Some owners view them as investment and collector's items. According to Mashable, they're wireless, high in functionality that adds to the convenience factor and imparts a fair amount of fashion swagger. However, they cost more than some smartphones.

Who makes Louis Vuitton headphones?

The headphones were born of a collaboration with Louis Vuitton and Master & Dynamic. The company also makes the same unbranded earphones and sells them for a price of $299. It's the MW07 Plus model branded under Master & Dynamic. What makes the two different? Mostly, the Monogram and signature LV feature in aesthetics. A few extras that the LV headphones have going for them are the ambient listening mode and Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity that stretches as far as 100 feet. The stainless steel charging case is a match for the shape of the Tambour Horizon watch and the two go well together if looks are a concern.

Are Louis Vuitton headphones worth the cost?

Headphonesty offered their opinions on the value for the cost of the Louis Vuitton Horizon earphones. They confirm that a whopping 64 percent of the inflated cost when compared to Master & Dynamic, is simply for the Louis Vuitton logo and design. In all fairness, Louis Vuitton did make a few upgrades over the maker's MW07 Plus. It's a cobranded model that is made for LV specifically. A few differences include the acetate interiors, the additional leather carrying case for the battery case, a custom steel battery case, and the integrated wireless charging. There are a few additions that would justify a price hike to a degree, but 64%? Appleinsider confirms that the most notable differences aren't that significant and the main reason for the inflated cost is for the branding and the design aesthetic that you can't find anywhere else. It's the name of the Louis Vuitton brand that distinguishes this set of headphones from all the rest, even though the technology is comparable. It's improved over the Master & Dynamic buds, but not enough to justify a 64% price hike unless you like spending money for status. Still, reviews offer a rating of 4.5 out of 5 for the expensive Louis Vuitton Earphones which places them high on the list of desirable luxury electronics.

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