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Did You Know Louis Vuitton Makes Earbuds?

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton is a designer brand that has been in business since 1854. The founder began his company with the finest high-end travel cases and luggage of the era. He served the very wealthy and elite with prestigious baggage and crates that offered a distinct and appealing aesthetic. Through the decades the LV brand has expanded its line to include handbags and other accessories. Did you know that Louis Vuitton makes earbuds? The desirable LV name has also included audio electronics in its lineup of offerings. If you're looking for stylish and fashionable earbuds, here are some examples.

Louis Vuitton Horizon Black and Neon Green Earphones

Louis Vuitton has partnered with designer Virgil Abloh to collaborate on the Black and Neon Green Earphones in a special limited edition design that features an embossed matt black with a signature monogram flower in neon green. The body of the earbuds features an acetate body in matte black with a monogram pattern that is the signature of the LV brand topped with a neon green Monogram flower. The ear tips and fit wings are made of silicone material. The technical features include 10 mm, Beryllium drivers, with 2 omnidirectional microphones per earphone and MEMS technology for call answering capability. Other functions include proximity sensor enabling or automatic play and pause, skip forward and backward, ambient listening, active noise canceling modes, volume control, quick access to the voice assistant, call, answer, and more. It connects to Bluetooth 5.0 with a distance of up to 30 meters or more. It is water-resistant and comes with a wireless charging kit and case with a USBC cable.

Louis Vuitton Horizon Blue Gradients earphones

The LV Blue Gradient earbuds feature a body that is made of acetate material in blue gradient color. The monogram pattern is light blue with a steel-colored Monogram flower in a polished finish. The ear tips and fit wings are made of soft and comfortable silicone material. These high-end designer earbuds are suitable for wear with a variety of stylish outfits and they are unisex for both men and women. Each earphone weighs a mere 9 grams. Features include 10 mm Beryllium driers for sound, 2 omnidirectional microphones per earphone, MEMS enabling technology for call answer, proximity sensor for automatic play and pause, skip forward and back, ambient listening, active noise-canceling modes, call answer, quick access to the voice assistant, and volume control. They connect via Bluetooth 5.0 with a connectivity distance of 30 meters and beyond. The buds come with a wireless charging case and USB-C cable.

Louis Vuitton Horizon Wireless Earphones in Pink

This set of earbuds is the Horizon model in pink styling. They are both modern and luxurious earbuds that feature the best quality sound available on the market today. A few of the features that these stylish high fashion headphones have to offer are cutting edge technology in sound that delivers clear and crisp audio with noise-canceling modes, ambient listening, inductive charging, and wireless connectivity via Bluetooth 5.0. The body of the earbud set is made of acetate material that is stylish and durable. A monogram pattern in pink with gold monogram fowers in polished gold color makes them some of the most fashionable earbuds on the market today. They have a lovely delicate and feminine aesthetic made for women with impeccable and discriminating tastes in high fashion accessories.

Louis Vuitton Horizon Wireless Earphones in Red

These are stylish and vibrant designer earbuds that feature bodies made of bright red colored acetone bodies with durable construction. The name of the brand Vuitton is printed in a darker red color with a highly polished goldtone monogram flower. This is a unisex model that can be worn with a variety of different outfits by both men and women. the earbuds offer some of the best audio quality that is available on the market today. The headphones connect via Bluetooth 5.0 technology with connectivity for up to 30 feet or more. Functions of the earbuds include ambient listening modes, skip forward and backward, noise-canceling, volume control, 2 omnidirectional microphones in each earbud, quick access to the voice assistant, proximity sensor for automatic play and pause, call answering, and more. The earbuds come with a wireless charging kit that includes the case and USBC cable.

Louis Vuitton Horizon Wireless Earphones in Fluorescent Yellow

This is the highly stylish unisex model of Louis Vuitton earbuds in Fluorescent yellow. They're a luxury travel companion that offers some of the best technology and sound quality on the market today. The charging case is differentiated from the others with a sleek case with a coated stainless steel finish in a sandblasted styling. Functions include noise-canceling and ambient listening modes, extended autonomy, and wireless inductive charging. These are among the most brilliant and fashionably vibrant in aesthetics. The bodies of the earbuds are made of strong and durable acetate material in a bright fluorescent yellow color with the LV signed initials encircled in a circular brushed steel stud. The ear tips and fit wings are made of comfortable and durable silicone material. Other features include 10 mm Beryllium drivers for sound, Omni-directional microphones numbering 2 in each earphone with proximity sensor to enable automatic play and pause functions, skip forward and back, and volume control. You can also answer calls with these high-performing fashionable earbuds. They're lightweight at just 9 grams each earbud. You can also access the voice control assistant quickly and easily. Louis Vuitton has gone over and above with their cutting-edge technology in delivering the best sound quality in high-end luxury.

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