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The 20 Most Expensive Car Stereos in the World

When you're particular about the quality of sound in your car stereo system that are quite a few different brands to choose from, but as with most electronics items, the quality increases in most cases with the price that you pay. The most current technology in audio sound doesn't come cheap, and the cost of creating realistic sound is higher than the average system. We've looked into the best car stereos manufactured today and learned that they're among the most expensive. Here are the 20 most expensive car stereo's in the world today.

20. Pioneer - 7"AVH-3300NEX - $599.00

This car stereo features a seven inch in dash receiver with a wide screen touch display for easy navigation in finding radio stations or directions to your destination. you can also play your favorite tunes with Apple Carplay or Android Auto. It also features fan in dash CD/DVD player and built in bluetooth.

19. Pioneer AVH4200NEX 2-DIN Receiver - $699.99

This car stereo comes with built in bluetooth to eliminate distracted driving. The system has the capacity to support two phones simultaneously for calling hands free and for audio streaming. it also features built it controls for ipad, ipHone and ipod with an optional adapter which is also needed for viewing video content. The display is motorized, measurin seven inches.

18. Alpine CDE-HD149BT Bluetooth Car Stereo - $879.99

The Alpine Single Din bluetooth car stereo is one of the better premium brands when it comes to car audio and technology. This unit features HD radio, hifonics, with a 2400 watt RMS mono car amplifier. it comes with two twelve inch Alpine subwoofers. It also comes with iPhone and iPod features and is ipHone 5 compatible. It offers iPOd Audio integration via a USB cable, iPod or accessory cable with audio playback feature. If you think that this car stereo is expensive, it's the 18th highest in price in our list of high quality systems and it's the least costly. We have a lot more to go!

17. Clarion NX702 Double-Din Navigation Multimedia - $1,099

This unit comes with a 6.95 inch media control system with a touch panel monitor, navigation, sirius XM radio ready, built in HD radio with iTunes tagging and subwoofer volume control. it also offers am/fm radio with front and rear separate source controls, CD, SD, MP3, WMA, DVD playback, bluetooth interface, and much more.

16. Farenheit TID-702NR - $1,152,96

The Farenheit TID system features an in dash seven inch touchscreen TFT LCD monitor. It includes an MP3 receiver with the front panel with an auxiliary input and USB. Also included is a DVD and CD player, with AM/FM radio, a WMA player tht comes with a remote, 1 gigabyte of internal memory for the screen saver images and background, a clock, a back light and blue and red button lights.

15. Pioneer DEXP99RS - Price: $1,195

This car stereo features a CD receiver and preamp which plays CDs, CD-Rs, and CD-RWs, as well as discs with file types AAC, WMA and MP3 formats. The chassis is copper plated for durability and the face is detachable, auto time alignment, auto equalizer with supplied microphone, Sound retriever for compressed music files with three levels. This unit is expandable and includes an ipod control with a cable that is built in with optional HD radio tuner and satellite radio inputs, a front aux input, a USB rear input for windows media devices, and it's compatible with most audio controls for steering wheels with an adapter which is not included.

14. Pioneer AVIC-W8500NEX Navigation Receiver - $1,199.99

This system comes with a 6.94" HD Capacitive Screen along with a DVD and CD player, built in navigation, bluetooth, HD radio, dual phone connection, dual rear USB, Dual backup camera ready inputs, SIrius XM ready, Pandora and Spotify and WiFi Certified Miracast wireless for devices.

13. Pioneer AVIC-W8500NEX - $1,199.99

The Pioneer AVIC W8500NEX is a moderately priced car stereo system that offers several high quality features for upgrading your car audio system including wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto Wireless, Double DIN in dash DVD and CD player, and the car stereo receiver has a seven inch touchscreen with Weblink.

12. Kenwood Excelon DNX996XR Navigation Receiver - $1,499.00

This Kenwood brand car stereo comes fully loaded with an AM/FM radio, a combination DVD and CD player, Satellite radio, bluetooth, a USB port, a flash memory card and an SD card. This system features navigation with maps of the united States, Mexico, Canada, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin islands and other areas. It is Apple CarPlay and Android Auto ready. The clear glass display offers convenient swipe motion operation with excellent screen quality and user friendly touch panel control for the seamless display and control of smartphone apps without the need for cables for certain Android powered devices.

11. Alpine X208U In-dash GPS - 8" Touch Display -  $1,499

The Alpine X208U is the ideal upgrade for your vehicle stereo and entertainment system, featuring an eight inch dash touchscreen. it's loaded with useful features and easy to use controls. The touch screen is treated with anti glare and the graphical interface control allows a 4 way swipe action for the touch screen.

This feature also offers multiple camera system control with the interface which is sold separately. The system works with Android Auto and Apple Carplay. it features navigation, bluetooth, audio and video.

Other features include a built in HD radio tuner, it's Sirius XM ready with Pandora control from Android and iphone devices, FLAC/WMA/AAC/MP3/HE-AAC music playback through the USB, Alpine Tuneit App integration, Bluetooth wireless technology as well as audio streaming and the Alpine Connect infotainment service for in dash content from Glympse, Yelp and iheartRadio. It also features independent dual zone video control for the rear and the front video sources.

10. TUVVA KSN6280 - $1,426.67

This is a 2 DIN mechless auto stereo receiver that comes with built in mobile connectivity, bluetooth and AVV in/ USB, MP3 and it is also MP4 compatible. The screen is a nicely sized 6.2 inch touch screen and it also incldes a digital am/fm radio receiver.

9. Alpine X009 WRA - Price: $1,999

This in-dash digital media receiver is made specifically for upgrading the stereo and infotainmetn system in a jeep Wrangler. it features built in bluetooth and is satellite radio ready. The screen is a large 9 inch in size and is weather resistant for off road enthusiasts.

8. Rockford Fosgate RNGR-STAGE 4 - Price: $2,049.99

The Rockford Fosgate RNGR Stage 4 will set you back more than $2,000, but if you want to upgrade your Polaris Ranger stereo system, this kit offers a marine receiver, a 4 channel amp, a ten inch subwoofer and four six and a half inch speakers.

7. Alpine 9" Screen System & Bezel - Price: $2,499.95

This alpine car stereo is universal in its fitment so it is appropriate for most makes and models with lower dash radio fitment. It's made to work with GM trucks and SUVs from 2007 through 2014. The system features a nine inch touch screen system with a fitted bezel. It also offers navigation, Bluetooth, audio and video.

6. Sony RSX-2 Hi-Res Music System - $2,538.00

This system provides high quality audio for your car with the Sony RS GS9 digital receiver offering digital and analog sections placed within two separated layers within the chassis to eliminate vibration and it works with most types of digital files including AAC, FLAC WMA, MP3 or DSD with realistic sound and digital enhancement.

The system is Android and Apple smartphone compatible for playing music with the built in Bluetooth, or lyou may opt to use Sony's SongPal app or NFC for other streaming services. The system comes with the digital media receiver, the trim ring and sleeve which are installed, a 15A fuse box and wiring harness, remote control, an installed battery in the remote, a 53 inch USB extension cable, a microphone with bracket, two sided tape, a hook and loop strap, two removal tools, four iSO mount screws and operating instructions in English and French, a 4 channel amplifier and operating instructions.

5. Alpine X209-WRA-OR -Price: $2,999.99

This Alpine car stereo model is an in dash type that comes with built in Bluetooth along with a CD/DVD and DM receiver. it is Satellite Radio compatible. This model is made for jeep Wrangler JK owners adn is weather resistant featuring a 9 inch dash infotainment system that also provides connectivity. It's one of the most popular upgrades for Jeep Wrangler vehicles.

4. Pioneer DXT-P99RS80 - Price: $4,999.00

This is the Pioneer 80th Anniversary Package. This very special edition car stereo system offers the best audio and entertainment for the money. The unit offers media playback feature and it is CDR/RW compatible with MP3 WMA and WAV playback, iTunes AAC playback, a disc list, CD text, and a Supertuner IIID. Also included is XM Satellite Radio, Sirius Satellite Radio, HD radio with 24 station capability and 6 presets, Best Station memory, 4 RCA pre-outs, DPS, D/A converter, KM 24 bit, automatic equalizer, advanced sound retriever with subwoofer control, 3 mode loudness, bluetooth/ipod apps, SD card, USB port, direct control for ipod and iphone, link play for ipod, a front aux input, rear USB port, multi language display with dinner control, rotary volume control, wired remote with included remote control and an anti dust design.

3. Critical MASS 6.5 Front Stage Amplified System - $18,999.00

This car stereo is specially created with super large threading to fit into the real wood panels of the Aston Martin, Bentley and Rolls Royce vehicles. It's a high end stereo intended for high end vehicles. Its an Audiophile design that can be used to upgrade any car audio system. It's not exclusive to the insanely priced luxury vehicles and it can even be used in a hybrid motor or other type of vehicle.

The manufacturer uses real weave carbon fiber blend materials with the maximum in efficiency and linearity at all frequencies with a professional grade 24 db/oct with Hi pass at 1900 Hz. This system offers accurate and clear sound regardless of the selected power level. It won't distort even when the volume is turned all the way up, which is a remarkable accomplishments.

2. Critical MASS CES5.1 True Surround Sound Electrostatic Hybrid Speaker system - $299,000

The second most expensive car stereo in the world today is the Critical mass ESL coming in at just one grand shy of three hundred thousand. This car stereo system features a full surround sound system in a 5.1 format but it's not something that you can do on your own. The installation of the system requires a team of engineering and design specialists to install it into the vehicle. There are two teams located in LA and NY so if you're several states away it's going to be an expensive proposition.

1. Rogue Acoustic Audio System -  $330,000

The most expensive car stereo system in the world today, is the Rogue Acoustic Audio system. The manufacturer of this unit hails from Australia. The unit was specially created for the reality television show 'Street Customs" and it's going to be used in one of the West Coast Customs project vehicles. With a $300,000 stereo system we can only imagine what the total value of the customized auto is going to be when they're finished with it.

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