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The Most Expensive TVs in the World

Visual supremacy is the goal for any truly great media room or private home theater. Of course, some prefer their movies aboard a yacht or rising up out of their yard or pool, but wherever you want them, these huge televisions come with matching price tags. If nothing but the best will do, and you want the feel of the Times Square Jumbotron in your living room, there are just a few exorbitant options.

10. Panasonic Keymat Yalos Diamond - $130,000

The Keymat Yalos Diamond looks like it's sitting in a starry sky. The frame is a sleek black with 160 diamonds set into it for the ultimate bling. With a white gold plated stand to finish off the look, this tv is more like a jewelry display box than a source for soaps and reality tv binge-watching marathons. Regardless of what you display on this screen, it will look impressive despite the small-ish size of a forty-inch screen.

9. Bang & Olufsen Beovision 4-103 - $140,000

A television that automatically readjusts it's own colors automatically every 120 hours just to make certain you get the best picture is the sort of thing you might expect from a television this extravagant. Our favorite feature is the minimalist aluminum frame. Bang and Olafsen insist on making a product that can be placed on a stand or wall mounted to suit the owner's preference.

8. Samsung UA110S9 - $152,000

We love the Samsung Intelligence Center. Something about intelligent apps brings this huge set to life. The iconic frame stand design and the HD sound with the Ultra HD local light control make this extortionate offering almost worth the $152,000 they want for it. It's hard to argue with a hundred and ten inch screen that's got voice and facial recognition and can read gestures.

7. Sharp LB-1085 LCD TV - $160,000

Of all the impressive screens on this list, only one offers round the clock use as a standard feature. The Sharp LB-1085 can be used all day, unlike others that overheat or degrade over time. This set has an impressive 176-degree viewing angle combined with Super View low-reflection black TFT LCD screen to ensure that you or anyone who might be viewing this television can see clearly what's on the screen.

6. Panasonic 152" Plasma TV - $500,000

At twelve feet wide by five tall this TV was once tied as the largest television in the world. It is the equivalent of nine fifty inch TVs and weighs in at a massive 1,272 pounds. The weight means special installation arrangements have to be made in advance. Unfortunately, this is one TV you may need a forklift and a partially removed wall to bring home, but if you don't mind spending half a million dollars on media, then a wall isn't going to stop you.

5. C Seed Supermarine 144 & 201 - $680,000

These beautiful sets come in two sizes, 144 inches, and 201 inches, both are designed to be retractable. The size difference has to do with how many panels the screen is made from, though the end results are seamless either way. C Seeds are designed for use on yachts and come standard with 180-degree rotation and glass fiber transmission for a distortion-free image.

4. Panasonic TH-152UX1W - $770,000

Though things have changed a little in the last decade, this was once the world's largest TV (2010). It's still massive even if the Titan Zeus has since upped the size game in the television industry. What the Zeus and most other oversize televisions don't have is the 3d capability of this masterpiece. While most, or all the screens on this list have amazing sound and exceptional visual quality, no other screen in this size range can offer you a 3d experience that is so big you actually could step into the screen.

3. Stuart Hughes Prestige HD Supreme Edition - $1.5 Million

At "only" 55 inches, the Stuart Hughes Prestige Supreme is a work of art on its own. This 22ct gold frame television has 48 diamonds along with adventurine and topaz to give your room a real sparkle. We can see this stunner sitting in Scrooge McDuck's money vault for when he wants to watch a show as he swims. You'll be able to enjoy your favorite shows and movies in the most opulent way possible. Just make sure you draw the curtains first, so the reflection of the stones doesn't blind you.

2. Titan Zeus - $1.6 Million

Claiming the title of largest screens anywhere, this British dynamo makes TVs that live up to their large name. The Titan Zeus is the biggest television you can get. Naturally, in this price range, everything is entirely custom built. Titan prides themselves on integrating the most up to the minute, top of the line technology into every set they make. Though the Zeus is the best commercial model they have, you can order a custom screen from this company, whether you want a waterproof TV to rise from a water feature or you need a curved screen to fit in a specific space, like on your yacht, they can accommodate any shape or size you can dream up.

1. Stuart Hughes Prestige HD Supreme Rose Edition - $2.25- $2.26 Million

Plastic is so gauche. It wouldn't do to spoil the ambiance of the room with common materials. When you look at your television and think, "This needs hand-sewn alligator skin and diamonds," then this is the model for you. With seventy-two round cut flawless diamonds, sunstone, and amethyst set in gold, your screen will be the height of fashionable bling. Of course, this is a limited edition, but the good news is that you can order a matching phone case (out of stock) or even a diamond-encrusted golden laptop ($284135) to go with it.

*Bonus-- Most Expensive HD Screen: Dallas Cowboys Jumbotron - $40 Million

  • Screen Area: 1,439 square feet
  • Weight: 25,000 lbs

While this behemoth isn't technically classed as a "Television," it is a massive screen with many of the same capabilities, and full HD, so we added it under its own category. We aren't sure if the forty million just covered the central four screen jumbotron, or if it also paid for the two screens on either end of the stadium as well. Either way, the Cowboys paid more for their "TV" than they did for the stadium itself.

Final Thoughts

Sometimes you need an upgrade. The ordinary is just so drab compared to a hundred inch HD private theater. When you have a few hundred thousand dollars to throw at your entertainment budget, you could buy a new yacht, or you could upgrade your television with one of these deluxe models. Whether you need a better screen indoors for your private theater or outdoors for your pool parties or other events you can find the right set for your elite needs with these beauties.

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