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How Snooki Achieved A Net Worth Of $4 million

Snooki is a Chilean-American whose original name is Nicole Elizabeth LaValle, maiden name Polizzi. She has cut her teeth in the entertainment scene where she takes on the tag of a reality TV show actress, author, professional wrestler, television host, dancer, and also a motivational talker. Truly the busy person.

Early Life

The 32-year-old was born in Chile's capital of Santiago and got adopted when she was six months old by parents of Italian American origin. The Snooki name is a nickname she got from her friends back in middle school from their many adventures. She is well educated and graduated from Marlboro high school and joined Brookdale community college with aspirations of becoming a veterinary technician. She got married to fellow reality TV star Jionni LaValle in 2014, and together they have three children.

Net Worth$4 million
NameNicole Elizabeth LaValle
Birth DateNovember 23, 1987
Source of WealthChilean-American Reality Television Personality, and TV Host

Snooki’s Net Worth

Presently, reports put the Snooki net worth at a whopping $4million and growing according to the lifestyle website, Cosmopolitan. It is an impressive figure that has many of her fans interested in how she arrived at such an impressive wealth ranking. If interested, stick on as we take a look at her ventures that put her at the coveted category of millionaires.

1. Her Stint At New Jersey Shore

Many pundits trace her path to riches courtesy of MTV reality TV show Jersey Show. The show ran for six seasons in a period spanning three years from 2009 to 2012. The reality show focused on the lives of eight roommates spending the summer together. A striking fact is that almost all of the participants had Italian ancestry or background. Snooki was one of the participants of the show, billed from Marlboro, New York. Many describe her as the breakout, a fact supported by the entertainment news site, Insider. Her persona on the show was quite polarizing where attracted disdain and admiration in equal doses.

During her first appearances on the show, Snooki used to rake in $2200 per episode. With more episodes and increased exposure, her rates shot up to $5000 by the end of the first season on the show. By the last season, Snooki was drawing in a cool $150000 per episode. The amount is very decent and seems to be her stable ladder as she improved her social status to have an enviable net worth. The amusing thing is that this was not the only venture that drew her large sums of earnings.

2. Event Appearances

As a celebrity, Snooki is bound to receive invitations to grace events. To grace the events, she gets decent pay due to her drawing power. When she was still green in the entertainment industry, she used to bring in $2000 per event appearance. Then an incident happened, and it had pushed her earnings higher.

According to CBS News, Snooki got into an altercation with a high school gym teacher while in a bar in Seaside Heights, New Jersey. The date was August 19th during a shoot for the jersey shore program where the altercation got severe, and Snooki got punched in the face. The segment drew a lot of backlashes once the video went viral. On going public, the video attracted some attention to Snooki, who ended up pocketing $10000 and above for subsequent event appearances.

Despite getting bruised and a resultant black eye from the punch, the mainstream attention that resulted was the silver lining on the cloud.

3. Television Hosting

Another area that has seemingly built up the Snooki net worth is her television hosting activities. She has been in charge of various shows, some of them drawing impressive numbers due to her star power. Among the top card events she steered include the 2010 MTV Movie Awards, an event she co-hosted alongside Sway. She was also a guest host during a WWE raw event. Though her charges for the top-rated shows are in the dark, reports indicate that she earns an average of $15000 for her duties. Her hosting ventures are another stable rung on her ladder to the $4 million net worth.

4. Her Authoring Duties

Taking advantage of her star power and writing capabilities, Snooki authored three books. The first, released in January 2011, was A Shore Thing, focusing on two cousins who spend their summer vacation in Seaside heights. The book rated 3.3/5 on Goodreads, sold over 9000 copies during its first month, which was an impressive feat considering it was her first attempt. The other books, Confessions of A Guidette and Gorilla Beach, came out in 2011 and 2012, respectively. Though her earnings from her books are unknown, the numbers from her first book indicate grand earnings.

5. Her Talk Sessions

Snooki also gives talks on various topics. A notable instance where she shared her view was in 2011 when she got an invitation to speak at Rutgers University. Among the issues touched on during the talk include celebrity life and school life in general. For the session, she left $32000 richer. She graces several events to speak, and if the stated amount is her pay for the invitation, the $4million Snooki net worth is not far fetched.

6. Professional Wrestling

Snooki made some appearances for professional wrestling brand WWE in episodes of Raw during the build-up to WrestleMania 27. At the show, her team, consisting of Trish Stratus and John Morrison won the match against the side of Dolph Ziggler, Layla and Michelle McCool. She, later on, went to win a Slammy Award for The A-Lister later that that year. Her rakings from her work with WWE are not out, but the company is the biggest in professional wrestling, meaning she must have had quite a fortune for the short time she was in the ring.

Final Thoughts

Snooki is definitely the break out star from the Jersey Shore reality television series and took advantage of her popularity to up herself to higher levels. At the moment she sits on over a million dollars in her net worth, with the many ventures she takes part in contributing to the figure. You can look up her performance on Jersey Shore from the past or the spinoffs she is also in, such as Snooki and Jwoww.

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