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Tahoe Vs. Suburban: Which Chevy Model is Better?

2022 Suburban

Deciding whether to go for Chevrolet’s Tahoe or Suburban has attracted many debates, with drivers claiming one is better than the other. They come from one family, Chevrolet, so their seating capacities, cargo abilities, and realistic functionality are almost similar. Picking between the two depends on the variations you’re interested in. To make your purchasing decision easier, we’ve broken down the differences between the two.

Chevy’s Tahoe Features and Product Descriptions

A Tahoe belongs to the Chevrolet family. However, the Suburban offers more legroom for drivers and passengers than the Tahoe thanks to its seven-feet width. So, what makes it different from the Suburban? Let’s take a look at the product’s features and description.

The features

  • Engine and fuel management: 6.2 L EcoTec V8 with dynamic fuel management
  • Performance and handling: 355 hp V8 and 460 lbs.-ft of torque
  • Width and Height: Seven-feet wide and six-feet tall
  • Nine passenger seating
  • 10-speed automatic transmission on rear-wheel and all-wheel drive
  • Cargo Space Behind Front Seats: 122.9 cubic feet
  • Cargo Space Behind Middle Seats: 72.6 cubic feet
  • Cargo Space Behind Rear Seats: 25.5 cubic feet
  • Available in Evergreen Gray Metallic, Dark Ash Metallic, and Auburn Metallic colors

Engine and fuel economy

According to Classic Chevrolet of Denison, Chevy’s Tahoe has 6.2L EcoTec V8 Engine technology. With three engine options combined, a Tahoe has mileage ratings of 21mpg city, 28 mpg highway, and 18 mpg. The predeceasing models have standard 5.3L V8 engines which are believed to be a bit more economical in the city than the optional 6.2L V8. However, both have a rating of 20 mpg on the highway. You can tell that the automaker did a splendid job maximizing fuel economy and the practicality of the Seven-feet width and six-feet height SUV model.

Performance and handling

With a Tahoe, you don’t have to worry about performance and handling. This SUV generates 355 hp V8 and 460 lbs.-ft of torque. The 2022 Tahoe is an upgrade from the standard 355-hp. Unlike the Suburban, Tahoe is lightweight and shorter in length. However, it can still take over six seconds to cover 60 mph from a standstill. Considering how large it is, it will be in your best interest to handle it with care when cutting sharp corners and in parking spaces.

Interior, Comfort, and cargo space

As is expected, SUVs have ample leg rooms, guaranteeing comfort to the driver and passengers. The Chevrolet Tahoe features a cargo space behind front seats: 122.9 cubic feet, cargo space behind middle seats 72.6 cubic feet, and cargo space behind rear seats: 25.5 cubic feet. If you have passengers occupying the second row, you can fold the third row down to create a 72.6 cu-ft cargo space. Tahoe qualifies as a luxury SUV thanks to the 10.2-inch touch screen it boasts. Mounted behind the front seats are two 12.6-inch displays. A color Drive Information Center and a built-in LTE hotspot can support your online activities while driving. You can use the hotspot feature using your Android or Apple device to browse the internet while on the go. The Tahoe also has the following features for maximum comfort:

  • Heated seats in the first and second row
  • High-quality materials in the cabin
  • Apple CarPlay and Android Auto
  • Wi-Fi hotspot
  • Chevy’s MyLink infotainment system

From that angle, it’s safe to conclude that adults can sit comfortably in the far back. The cargo area is so spacious that you can fit up to six carry-on suitcases behind the third row.

Powertrain and towing capability

On matters of payload capacity, Tahoe’s overall weight capacity beats Suburban models with the same drivetrain features, hands down. According to Classic Chevrolet of Denison, Tahoe can tow 7,900 pounds up to a maximum trailer payload 8600 pounds, which is more compared to other four-wheel-drive brands that can haul up to only 1,753 pounds. Furthermore, if you want to set the car all-wheel and rear-wheel drive, Tahoe will have you covered. But if you’re going to increase its towing capacity, go for the rear-wheel drive. It all depends on your powertrain and towing preferences.


Not everyone can afford an SUV model like a Tahoe, probably because of its size and features. Its sticker price varies from showroom to showroom. Currently, the 2022 Chevy Tahoe has a starting price of $62,395. However, the price can be higher or lower than that, depending on your car dealer.

Warranty and Maintenance

While Toyota might have better warranties, Chevy has similar limited and powertrain complimentary maintenance to other SUVs in its class.

  • Warranty for the first visit
  • Powertrain warranty for five years or 60,000 miles
  • Limited warranty for 36,000 miles or three years

Chevy’s Suburban features and product descriptions

Suburban is a great family addition thanks to its extra-long SUV design that can host up to eight passengers. Like the Tahoe, this vehicle belongs to the Chevrolet family, carrying a long-lasting tradition of class and practicality. So, how different is it from Tahoe in terms of features and drivability? Let’s delve into its components and product description.

The features

  • Engine specs and fuel economy: 6.2L V8
  • 355 hp and 383 torque
  • Driver assistance technologies: forward collision, lane keep assist with lane departure warning, and automatic emergency braking
  • Cargo Space Behind Front Seats: 144.7 cubic feet
  • Cargo Space Behind Middle Seats: 93.8 cubic feet
  • Cargo Space Behind Rear Seats: 41.5 cubic feet
  • Seating capacity: 9
  • Brake type: PWR

Engine and fuel economy

The 2022 Suburban has almost the same engine options as Tahoe. It comes with a 6.2L V8 engine capacity, standard for most SUV models. Going by EPA reports, the Suburban produces 355/265 hp/kW and 383/519 of torque. It has a fuel tank capacity of 24 gallons/91 liters (two-wheel-drive and four-wheel-drive options).

  • The 5.3 V8- 12 mpg in the city and 22 in the highway
  • 6.2L V8- 17 city and 22 highway
  • 3.0L Turbo-diesel- 24 city and 31 highway

Performance and handling

Like the Tahoe, the Suburban has a standard performance, producing 355 hp and 383 torque. The 7-feet wide and 6-feet wide vehicle can accelerate at around eight seconds with a 0-60 time. Driving it in sharp corners and parking in smaller parking lots will be a bit trickier because of its length. However, it has ultra-modern sensor technology and many cameras, making navigating the sharp bends and smaller parking lots easier.

Powertrain and towing capability

According to Car and Driver (, the Suburban has a towing capability of 7,600 pounds slightly lower than the Tahoe. It also boasts the Max Trailering package, allowing it to tow up to 8,100 pounds. So, that makes it less robust than the Tahoe.

Size and length

The suburban is slightly bigger than Tahoe, ensuring seven and six feet in width and height. Thanks to its 19-feet length, it offers more space, which adds about 24 inches. So, if you want Tahoe’s benefits with more room, go for the Suburban.

Interior and cargo space

The Suburban has more space, allowing you to carry more passengers. The cargo space behind front seats is 144.7 cubic feet, while cargo space behind middle seats is 93.8 cubic feet. Also, the cargo space behind the rear seats is 41.5 cubic feet. That leaves you with 41.5 cubic feet of room to work with for cargo. These spaces make it easier to pack bulkier items like photography equipment, vacation essentials, and suitcases. Like Chevy’s Tahoe, the Suburban also has:

  • Heated seats in the first and second row
  • High-quality materials in the cabin
  • Apple CarPlay and Android Auto
  • Chevy’s MyLink infotainment system


Prices for suburban SUVs vary from dealer to dealer. However, it has a starting price of $62,495.

Tahoe vs. Suburban: Similarities

  • Keyless ignition
  • Standard parking assistance
  • More space for passengers overall
  • Chevy’s safety features and interior design
  • Flex-Fuel system guaranteeing unleaded and E85 fuel
  • Cost the same to run per month
  • Six-speed automatic transmission

Tahoe vs. Suburban: Differences

  • Different horsepower and torque: 355 hp V8 and 460 lbs.-ft of torque for Tahoe and 355 horsepower and 383 of torque for the Suburban
  • Length and width: Suburban is slightly bigger than Tahoe
  • Tahoe holds 26 gallons of gas, while the Suburban holds 31.

What to consider when choosing Tahoe or Suburban

Are you stuck between buying a Tahoe or Suburban? While they might have different horsepower and torque, they have more space for your passengers and cargo, making them perfect for travel enthusiasts and people who prefer SUVs to other cars. Before choosing either option, consider these factors:

The price

According to GreenWay Chevy of the Shoals, the price of the Suburban are slightly higher than Tahoe, though they both belong to the Chevy family. You might need to part with $62,495 for a Suburban or $62,395 on a Tahoe.

Horsepower and torque

They both boast similar engine technology that can tow up to 7,900 pounds.

Cargo space and infotainment

Did you know that the first iterations of the Tahoe didn’t have the necessary cargo space compared to other rivals in the class? It is worth noting that Chevy corrected that mistake with the 2021 Tahoe, which now has 25.5 cubic feet of storage space. So, that means if all the seats are occupied, you have an extra 10.2 cargo space. On the other hand, the Suburban boasts larger storage space than the Tahoe. It has an extra space of 1.8 cubic feet for 41.1 cubic feet of rear storage space. So, on matters of which of the two have more space, it boils down to your lifestyle and personal preferences.


Most companies producing four-wheel-drive vehicles know how vital the wheelbase feature is. For example, Chevrolet has extended its wheelbase, with Tahoe coming in at 120.9 inches. That means it’s 4,9 inches longer than previous iterations. On the other hand, the Suburban’s wheelbase has 134.1 inches which are 4.1 inches longer than previous iterations. From this angle, it’s fair to conclude that longer wheelbases guarantee comfort and practicality for users and cargo.


Whether you’re confident about your driving skills or are a learner, it’s worth noting that your safety comes first on your priority list, particularly when choosing either option. The reality is that Tahoe and Suburban have the same safety features. According to Car Buying Strategies, both have stability control, anti-theft system, side airbags, and anti-lock brakes. Also, they have extra OnStar features such as emergency services, vehicle recovery assistance, airbag deployment notification, and stolen vehicle tracking.

Fuel economy

Tahoe holds 26 gallons of gas, while the Suburban holds 31. Even though they have almost the same fuel capacity, the Suburban will consume more in city and highway settings. So, choose wisely since the slightest alteration makes the difference.

Interior esthetics

Both the Tahoe and Suburban have similar interior technology esthetics to enhance drivability and comfort. Thanks to OnStar services, both boast:

  • Roadside assistance- You can tell if the vehicle behind is about to overtake yours. It also informs you about what to expect when driving. For example, these models will notify you before reaching your destination if a traffic post or zebra crossing sign is ahead.
  • Destination downloads
  • Hands-free calling
  • Climate-controlled air conditions
  • Satellite radio
  • Bluetooth
  • Power seats
  • HD radio
  • Parking assistance
  • Rear-seat DVD players

Chevrolet keeps upgrading these systems to meet the needs of modern drivers. You can tell that the 2022 models have optional upgrades for the Tahoe and Suburban, such as the heat and cooled seats. They also introduced a keyless ignition to match your drivability standards. Both brands have the same number of rows of seats with enough legroom for eight or nine people to stretch out. 2021 and 2022 upgraded models have:

  • Heated seats in the first and second row
  • High-quality materials in the cabin
  • Apple CarPlay and Android Auto
  • Chevy’s MyLink infotainment system

Which one is better?

Concluding whether the Tahoe is better than Suburban or vice versa is daunting, considering how similar they almost are in terms of features and drivability standards. Settling for either option depends on how much torque and horsepower you require, cargo space, wheelbase, infotainment standards, fuel usage, among many other factors. However, a Tahoe is a favorite for many, considering its towing capability, size, fuel economy, maintenance cost, and even its price.

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