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Techwalla is Becoming a Name in the Review Business


Techwalla is a company that provides very good reviews of products and services. They cover just about everything that you are interested in knowing and they're adding more daily. They offer some of the best advice on the net regarding home and family with regards to technology. Just search for a topic and it is likely to be something that they've reviewed. One of the best things about this new Los Angeles based company is that their goal is to keep their review information up to date with the things that people really want to know about. While they're still a new company, people are starting to become aware of their helpful services. Here is a closer look at the phenomenal company with some information about how they have achieved such great success.

History of the Techwalla company

Techwalla began as the brainchild of Dave Johnson who currently serves as Technical Editorial Director for eHow and simultaneously as the editor in chief for his newly launched site named Dave has been a journalist for years and he's also authored several dozen books about photography and technology. He saw the need for a site that would give viewers important information of technical products and gadgets. He is the official founder of the website and its services and has brought a talented team on board to help him grow the business to its capacity.

He began with a survey and asked people a few questions to find the best approach for the site. People reported that they liked to get the opinions of friends and family before buying tech gadgets so ave started a Techwalla poll. It is still under development but they keep tweaking it until they are satisfied that it has reached its potential. Currently the company is busy increasing the pages for their reviews to add diversity and bring the public the information that is needed. They're also taking advantage of social media to take advantage of the exposure that they can gain through this medium.

How large is Techwalla?

There are about four hundred review pages so far. The company works with a team of freelancers who plan to contribute about fifty pages a month. The site also includes comparisons, buyers guides and product roundups. Johnson has contributed a lot of the writing but admits that now it is mostly done by freelancers. You can also check them out on YouTube and watch some of the podcasts that they offer.

What are the goals of Techwalla?

The overriding goal is to keep people informed about technology topics and devices that can benefit the home and the family. They strive to maintain up to date content along with articles that highlight the latest innovations in technology while assigning a score th the product.

How Techwalla Scores Products and Gadgets

Techwalla collects the data from all of the professional review sites that they can find. They average them without interfering or tampering with the results and convert them a base of one hundred. The company also uses reviews which are not numerically ranked, however; the information is not included in the overall Techwalla score.

This seems to go back to Dave Johnson's earlier conception of polling family and friends to get their opinions about products. The difference in this case is that Techwalla is gathering all of the reviews about a particular product or gadget which are in existence. It's possible that your friends and family have had their input in the process.

Funding for Techwalla

It's difficult to find out much about the funding sources for Techwalla so we're assuming that they are coming directly from the talented founder who has an impressive resume as editor. They're not making any press releases as of yet, so we'll be content to wait until they do. The company is still in its infancy, but they certainly do have a remarkable web presence already. While not yet up there with some of the larger review sites, Techwalla is blazing a new trail and so far, they've been leaving a fairly impressive footprint.

The future of Techwalla

The company joined Twitter in September of 2015 and it was a wise step to include social media marketing in their campaigns. We're seeing healthy stats for its new status of nine hundred following, four hundred and forty one followers and forty two likes. While this may not seem like a lot, every component of the overall marketing strategy helps to build the brand with the public.

We expect Techwalla to become more of a household name as their reputation grows. It takes a while for new companies to gain exposure with the public, but this company has managed to secure high rankings with google search engines already. This will direct a steady stream of new traffic to their review pages. We're expecting to see tremendous growth over the next few months, if the current stats are any indication of the trend.

Final thoughts

Techwalla appears to be an up and coming company for providing great information that is easy to find and thorough in its scope. They're on the right track by offering timely info on new tech gadgets and products that people may either want to try, or at least know a little more about. They are a company that is clearly on the move. They have set realistic goals and are proceeding accordingly. So far, they're making great progress and we're already seeing their work show up on popular search engines with little provocation.

It looks as though they have a very healthy marketing campaign going on. It would be no surprise to see this company explode in the upcoming year. One thing is for certain, because of the continuum of new products and gadgets that are coming out in the tech industry, Techwalla will have a constant stream of material to fuel their pages. They've chosen an industry that survives by churning out new and improved editions of their products and services annually. Techwalla's content resources can only increase with time.

Garrett Parker

Written by Garrett Parker

Garrett by trade is a personal finance freelance writer and journalist. With over 10 years experience he's covered businesses, CEOs, and investments. However he does like to take on other topics involving some of his personal interests like automobiles, future technologies, and anything else that could change the world.

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