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Under the Microscope: The 2010 Harley CRD XR1200

The 2010 Harley CRD XR1200

Because of its uncharacteristic handling and unique aesthetic, many refer to the CRD XR1200 as one of their top model picks from any of H-D’s Sportster lines. To focus on appearance for a moment, this bike stood out immensely from those before it. It had a much smoother, sleeker look that gave the mere appearance of speed and power. Its design came directly from the XR-750 flat-track race bike that Harley produced in the seventies, and the entire premise behind the bike is a whole was to offer the public a street bike that not only offered excellent street performance, but steered clear of other Sportsters in a wide variety of ways just to accomplish that goal, says Ultimate Motorcycling.

Now that all that has been said, I guess I am going to just make it a bit simpler for the common folk like myself out there: The CRD XR1200 appears, and I repeat, appears, to be Harley-Davidson’s version of what is commonly referred to as the ‘crotch rocket’. Released in the US in 2009 after much high demand due to the power the bike offered and its styling, it didn’t do so well at first. This caused Harley to drop the model for the 2013 year. According to word of mouth, the bike was simply just too heavy at 550 lbs. to do much of the riding desired, which required a lighter-weight bike. said in 2015 that many of the issues consumers mentioned had been, or were being, rectified. For instance, some thought that Harley’s profile design was a bit weird looking…odd man out, so to speak. But Café Racer Dreams got to work and managed to change some things up, like making the stance of the bike low-sitting and longer, and changing the design so that the gasoline tank seemed to blend right into the seat. Also added was a Ducati Monster headlight, which was a hit. After taking away a bit of the bling, it seemed people were much happier with the bike.

2010 Harley Sportster XR1200: Features and Specs

Just to be consistent in the area of educating the Sportster fans and our loyal readers, here are features and specs for the XR1200:

  • The XR1200 is categorized as a sport bike
  • Great bike for the experience and slightly aggressive rider
  • V-2, four-stroke engine
  • 8-plate wet clutch
  • 90 HP @ 7000 RPMs
  • 10.0:1 compression ratio
  • Belt-driven transmission
  • 2 valves per cylinder
  • 5-speed gearbox
  • Air-cooled
  • ESPFI (Electronic Sequential Port Fuel Injection system)
  • Tubular Steel Frame
  • Suspension in front is 43mm inverted fork; in rear it is coil-over-shocks
  • Double disc front brakes; single disc rear brakes
  • Dry weight of 551 lbs. (250 kg)
  • 86.4 inches in length
  • 5.7 inches of ground clearance
  • Seat height is at 30.1 inches
  • Tank holds 3.51 gallons of gasoline
  • Oil capacity is 0.17 quarts
  • 3 color options: Mirage Orange Pearl, Vivid Black, and Brilliant Silver Denim
  • Electric Starter
  • Handlebars are wide-set for better control and black in color

Most of the bike’s aesthetic was meant to give it a ‘dirt track look’, says Bikez magazine , who also provided the specs above. After all, it was the bike’s initial appearance that brought it into demand in the states, and the power and handling didn’t hurt matters any, either. Basically, every change made, no matter how slight, was meant to make it look more like a race bike that was made street legal, in a nutshell.

What Do Some of the Owners Have to Say?

Reading about a bike and its abilities and specs is one thing, but we all know that talking to other owners is really where the information gets real. Sometimes we like what we hear, and sometimes we don’t, but the fact remains that experience is the best teacher. Well, here are some things that were mentioned by the more experienced when it comes to the 2010 XR1200:

Reasons to Love It

First off, most all who reviewed the bike agreed that it looked incredible, and that its styling was top-notch and up-to-date with the times. They loved the power, and the fact that it provided a smooth ride was an incredible plus, compared to bikes of the past. They also mentioned a firm, dependable suspension and comfortable riding position. They were also impressed with the Ducati Monster headlight, though the name alone was mostly the reason for it. Overall, the best thing about the bike besides the sexier appearance was the power. Most gave good overall reviews, but in the long run, the XR1200 had it setbacks just like it had its benefits.

Reasons You Might Not Love It

Most all that was said about the XR1200 by owners who gave reviews was positive in nature, with little complaints at all. But nonetheless the complaints were there, and they are worth mentioning. After all, you want to know what is potentially wrong with a bike you are interested in, don’t you?

Some just didn’t like the detailing or the quality of the build. A few mentioned that the shocks served more of a visual purpose than a practical one, and that they could have been more effective if they weren’t so ‘sporty’. One reviewer was simply offended by the entire bike, considering it something of an insult when comparing it to the Harley's of old. Others thought that it served better as a racing bike and it should have been on a track where it belonged.

Otherwise, what owners had to say was mostly good, and the complaints seemed to be based more on personal taste than bike flaws.

So, there’s the layout and information on the 2010 Harley XR1200 from the Sportster line. Descended from a racing bike and fashioned for the times, it was a favorite among many and disliked by few. Regardless, this is one bike that you need to ride for yourself to figure out where you stand, so find one and take it for a sp

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