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A Closer Look at The Infinity Series P.01 By J.N. Shapiro

Infinity Series P.01 By J.N. Shapiro

Collective has made the announcement of a new limited edition project of the brand that will offer a very special collection of Josh Shapiro's engine turned dials in a strictly limited edition. The watches in this collection are truly out of this world. If you're not familiar with the Infinity Series P.01 by J.N. Shapiro for Collective watch, then you're in for a real treat. Here are 10 things that you didn't know about the new project that delivers a line of exquisite timepieces

1. The Infinity Series P.01 by J.N. Shapiro features a piece of genuine meteorite

Every once in a while, an innovative material is used in the creation of one-of-a-kind timepieces. Collective and J.N. Shapiro have formed a collaboration to develop a series of watches made of engine-turned meteorite dials. The materials have quite literally been sourced from origins that are outside of this planet, and they've made a journey across the universe to land on earth. A slice of a four-billion-year-old meteorite has been crafted for the dial of each piece in the collection.

2. The P.01 is an extremely rare watch

The P.01 is a part of the Collective's Portfolio Series. This is a new collection and the P.01 is slated to be one of the rarest watches produced. In its totality, there shall be strict limits to only produce 10 examples of the watch. It will be made available to existing members of the club, as well as new ones, but you'll need to join to have the opportunity to make your purchase.

3. The P.01 will be a customized watch

This exclusive watch is one that buyers will have the option of customizing. The available metals will be rose gold, white gold, or steel. It will also be offered in a choice of a few different options for the dial design, as well as nameplate and color customization. The P.01 is set to be one of the most unique watches in the world, and each will have variations in the appearance. It will truly be an exclusive model and with just 10 distributed through the entire world, a rare conversation piece.

4. Each example of the P.01 is a labor of love

Every P.01 is hand-crafted. The artisans that create the dials spend over 150 hours for this component alone. The rarety of the material requires careful and skilled craftsmanship to achieve sheer perfection in the finished product. In addition to this, the hands are also handcrafted along with the serial plate with hundreds of work hours going into the finished product.

5. Shapiro himself hand finishes certain components

As if the copious time spent on the other components of the P.01 were not enough, J.N. Shapiro, the collaborating genius behind the design of this exquisite timepiece provides several hours of work himself. He hand finishes the case to ensure the perfection of each. He is also the master who is in charge of creating the hands, serial plate, and the movement. It is no small wonder that only 10 examples of this time-consuming timepiece are being produced.

6. The movement is exquisite

The focal point of the P.01 of course is the meteorite dial. Coming in second in its beauty is the movement. It is viewable through the large clear display case back that provides an amazing display of the UWD 33.1 hand-wound Uhren Werke Dresden German movement. It beats at 3 Hz providing spectacular aesthetic value when the watch is turned around. There is no bad view of this timepiece thanks to the open design that allows you to see into its very architecture. All this is enclosed in a 33 mm case in the metal of your choice.

7. This watch will only gain in value over time

As a rare collectible from the moment that it is completed, the P.01 is confirmed to be offered for a starting price of $21,500 if you choose the steel metal version. The price, of course, goes up with the type of metal selected. Since there will only be 10 ever made, and each will bear its own unique characteristics, it's a matter of common sense to assume that under the proper care and preservation, the value of each will only decrease in time as each will be distinct as a one of a kind collectible. It doesn't get rarer than that.

8. Each dial is a guilloche style

We have to comment on the uniqueness of this dial. The use of meteorite that is billions of years old adds a mysterious appeal that makes it very special, but beyond that, each slice is engine turned slowly and this means that each piece will be finished with its own distinct characteristics. If you were to compare each member of the collection of 10, there would be variations. Another aspect of the dial that we find intriguing, is the unique use of bordering. The meteorite takes up the entire center section of the watch background, but clever applications of a round white border and applied hours and hour markers, with an inset dial at the bottom, for marvelous contrast is simply exquisite without being gaudy.

9. The watch features a new typeface for the numerals

J.N. Shapiro has discerning sensibilities and a flair for the unique and exclusive. His attention to the smallest details that set his work apart from the rest is nothing short of uncanny. Even the typeface for the Arabic hour numerals is different. It's a new serif that has not yet been seen in a wristwatch.

10. Shapiro was even picky about the kind of meteorite used

Any meteorite would seem impressive, but Shapiro has the knowledge of how difficult some types of rock are to work with. He insisted on a chunk of a meteorite that was composed mostly of nickel and iron because of the decreased chance of fracturing and its ability to be sanded to a smooth finish. He explained that you can't engrave a rock successfully so this must be absent from the authentic meteorite, which meant he spent time, effort, and money to procure it. The end result, a very special collection of just 10 exquisite pieces.

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