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The Most Expensive Bone Fractures To Treat

Bone fractures can be treated either through surgery or by non-surgical methods. Surgical treatments call for more expertise and logistics, and they thus cost more. If you are uninsured and are in need of surgical treatment for a bone fracture, appreciate that the average cost would be 2,500 dollars. With insurance, that amount could go to as low as zero, but premiums for such coverages are expensive. Most Americans opt for the insurance that leaves them with out-of-pocket bills amounting to 4,400 dollars a year for broken bones. 4,400 dollars is pretty difficult to mobilize for folks, but uninsured people often end up with 10,000$ bills when they get caught up in the millions of accidents reported in emergency rooms annually.

Healthcare insurance is definitely a top priority item in most American households, but the majority seems too financially insecure to diligently pay premiums. Unfortunately, Americans get hurt and break their bones far too often to continue ignoring it. Even for the adequately insured, through employment or disciplined saving, bone fractures or breakage can present quite an emergent financial hurdle. The insured, however, suffer the most because they pay close to about twenty and fifty times. For the sake of millions breaking their bones every year, we thought we should brief you on some of the most expensive fractures to fix.

Skull Fractures

If your skull comes into such pressure or impact that it fractures, you must’ve survived more grievous injuries. In fact, you are likely to be knocked out into a nasty concussion. Therefore, treating skull fractures commences at the concussion treatment level before restorative procedures are carried out for the shuttered or fractured skull. A simple concussion could cost up to $19,000 to treat. Therefore, if you suffer the misfortune of incurring a skull fracture, you’ll need to fork out all that money even before you are scanned via CT, MRI and X-rays. You will also need to pay the higher rates for all scans which may go up to:

Arguably, skull fractures are the most expensive bone fractures and breakages to treat in the world. You could fork out well over $30,000 for just tests, scans and concussion treatments. Going the whole way to pay for the hospital stay, restorative surgery and recuperation treatment and therapy could literally bankrupt you and your loved ones. You really do need to get accident insurance covers because this analysis hasn’t even taken into account the costs that you’ll be required to pay for ambulance transportation and the revenue you’ll lose while out on injury.

Spine Fractures

You can find yourself in a situation where your spine is fractured anywhere among the vertebrae. Typical spine fractures cost women about $8,345 to treat while men have to pay about 2,500 dollars less. Spine fractures can cause victims long months in nursing homes and such long-term injuries make it even more expensive to treat victims. Spinal fractures require a great deal of accuracy and confidence to treat and that is why X-ray machines alone can’t diagnose. Patients are put in MRC and CT scans to detect the extent of the damage, and the results are used to determine treatment while reducing the risk of further damages.

Spine fractures often demand surgical treatment for a comprehensive remedy. They are very expensive because they require both specialized equipment and skills to monitor, handle and rehabilitate fractures. The spinal discs may need to be replaced with titanium ones. From the get-go, spinal injuries are expensive to treat because simple CT scans cost from $270 to $5,000. The scans vary in cost depending on the intensity required as well as the caliber of the service provider and the geo-location. Spinal damages also call for extensive physical therapy during the healing and recovering process. They are the type of emergencies that accrue large hospital bed costs because they can keep you in hospital for months. Physical therapy sessions cost between $50 and $350.

These fractures cost more than you may actually pay because they require parental or spousal support which could mean lost income during therapy sessions. Apart from your own loss of time, you will need other people in your life to lose their work time and spend it on your treatment and recovery phase.

Hip Fractures

According to a survey, Cost-of-Illness Analysis, conducted by Canadians, hip fractures are the most expensive and common bone fractures. Statistics indicate that even though men and women are vulnerable to hip breakages, it is women and older populations that break their hip bones the most. For women, their overall hospital cost for broken hips is generally $1,617. Men have to pay about three hundred dollars less. Hip fractures are generally inconvenient, and they hinder personal movement. They are also very common. Hip fractures may call for surgical treatment if the extent of the internal damage is too severe. You’ll definitely need surgery if the hip bone raptures into several chunks. These fractures can be diagnosed by the use of X-ray application. Basic X-ray charges cost in the range of 260-460 dollars depending on the urgency and the caliber of the institution where you will undergo the procedure.

Broken Wrists

As common as broken wrists are, they are extremely expensive to treat. Fortunately, it isn’t nearly as expensive to diagnose broken wrists and fractures as it is diagnosing skull and spinal fractures. Comprehensive wrist X-rays are enough to detect and document the extent of damage incurred through wrist fractures most of the times. It costs up to $500 for X-ray and even more for professional consultation. If you are prescribed to wear a cast, prepare to pay over $2,500 for non-surgical treatment. However, if you’ll require surgery, it means the bones may be broken on several points, and you’ll definitely pay much more. Without any insurance cover, you’ll pay about $10,000 or more for non-surgical diagnosis and treatment. However, if you’ll need to pay for metal hardware and prosthetics, you’ll pay about $11,000 for the hardware and much more for the procedure.

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