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The Ronin 47: A One of a Kind Motorcycle

The Ronin 47

The Ronin 47 motorcycle is not widely recognized by all motorcycle riders. It's a unique brand and model that is exceptionally rare. Upon first glance, it looks remotely familiar, but the brand name doesn't ring a bell for everyone. The bike is recently obscure in all fairness, so don't feel bad if this is the first time you're hearing about it. Here is a preview of the Ronin 47 motorcycle and why it's worth a second look.

History of the Ronin 47

According to Uncrate, Harley-Davidson's Beull 1125 bike was beloved by the team at Ronin Motor Works. When the model was discontinued, the group of guys was not onboard with seeing the magnificent machine go by the wayside. They took it upon themselves to design and build a motorcycle that was based on the HD Buell 1125. They had a few ideas for making changes to improve the original design, but their bike would be based on 1125 nonetheless.

The Magpul Ronin Project

The Ronin 47 concept began in 2009, spearheaded by the Ronin Motor Works founders in collaboration with Magpul Industries Corporation. The concept bike received its design and was manufactured by Ronin Motor Works and tweaked until the engineers were satisfied with its build, according to The 47 ( The respect that Ronin's founders had for the DH model inspired them to continue the legacy of challenging the Status Quo. HD abandoned the bike after a year of production and that's when Ronin took over. The Magpul Ronin Project began as an exercise in design just to see how the revolutionary frame and engine of the Buell 1125R could be used to create a new prototype. After 8 months of work, the Magpul Ronin was completed and introduced to the world at Las Vegas in the 2010 SHOT show.

Specs of the Ronin motorcycle

The Ronin did differ from the 1125 in many aspects. For the suspension system, Ronin installed a custom monoshock linkage. The radiator was mounted in the front, and it received a new ram-air intake and unitized handlebar assembly. It was also granted a high-flow exhaust system and a cast aluminum tail section. The total weight of the bike was reduced by an incredibly 54 pounds over its inspiration. This was an unconventional bike that not everyone could get on board with. It was, however, an interesting concept that drew a great deal of attention from curious onlookers. Ronin gauged the level of interest and deemed it sufficient to engage in a limited production run of the Ronin motorcycle. They settled on a run of just 47 bikes, hence the title, Ronin 47.

What's so special about the Ronin 47?

The Ronin 47 limited edition motorcycle was completely hand-built by the Ronin crew. It didn't require a huge assembly line. With Harley-Davidson liquidating the discontinued bikes as fast as they could offload them, Ronin had to work double-time to acquire 47 donor bikes to use as the base for their special edition Ronin 47s. They acquired the required stock of donor bikes and kept them in storage until the time was right to start production. The Buell's remained in storage for an extended period.

Changes for Ronin

Ronin Motorworks did not come into existence under its current title until 2012. Magpul made the decision to fund a new company called Ronin Motor Works to produce the Buell-inspired Ronin 47 bikes. The project was carried out in Denver, Colorado at a secured location. The team of engineers worked for 20 months in their redesign of the Ronin concept bike and turn it into a production run of hand-built bikes. This began in 2012. After completion of the initial creation, each of the 47 bikes received the refinements that set them apart from the Buell 1125. When the finalizations were made, each bike was released in reverse order by serial numbers that started with 47 down to the number 1. The finalization of the production design was finalized in 2013. The bikes are scheduled for release in lots of 10 in a Back and Gray color scheme, as the original concept bike. The MSRP is set at $38,000 per bike. Each motorcycle will come equipped with a bamboo toolbox.

Motorcycles made by a firearms company

Magpul is the parent company that commissioned the development of the brand Ronin. According to Rideapart, Magpul Industries is best known for its polymer products and firearms. Ronin Motorworks is the motorcycle division of Magpul. This move caused a disturbance in the motorcycle world. The Japanese folklore-inspired bike is considered to be an exceptionally rare motorcycle. Two of the bikes were bespoke editions that were manufactured in a total blackout scheme. The retro-styling with tinted tail lenses and the blacked-out muffler is a sight to behold. Black leather upholstery is provided by Clint Wilkinson, a notable Texas leather craftsman.

Ronin 47 Performance

The Ronin 47 bikes are equipped with a 1,124.9 cc V-twin engine. The bike cranks out 146 horsepower. Combine that with its lightweight 425 pounds, it's punchy with a confirmed speed of 160 miles per hour. It's no doubt going to provide lucky owners with a thrilling experience or two.

How can you get a Ronin 47?

It's going to be a tough proposition to lay your hands on a Ronin 47. The 45 standard editions of the bikes have already been sold. There remains just two of them left. Both of the bespoke Ronins at prices of $46,000 and $50,000. The average price range of the Ronin47s is between $38,000 and $50,000, depending on the selected options and trim.


The Ronin47 motorcycle has been over a decade in the making from its conceptualization to the finished product. The retro-styled bike nearly sold out before all examples were available for retail sale. It's a rare bike that you might want to keep an eye out for. The odds of it increasing in value over time are high.

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